24 July 2019

Level of Mekong, tributaries forecast to rise in coming weeks


- Drought destroying the future of Lao farmers
Low rainfall and high temperatures are destroying the crops of Lao farmers across the country against the backdrop of an ongoing drought in the Southeast Asian region. Analysts say the lowest seasonal rainfall in decades will not only have a severe impact on farmers’ livelihoods but will also affect food security. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr Bounkhuang Khambounheuang told Vientiane Time
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- UN agriculture chief monitors project progress in Laos
A senior United Nations official is visiting Laos with the goal of enhancing the UN-Laos partnership in maintaining food security, generating employment in rural areas, and mitigating the effects of climate change in rural areas.  As part of their mission, the President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Mr Gilbert F. Houngbo, and his delegation are in
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- Level of Mekong, tributaries forecast to rise in coming weeks
The level of the Mekong River - the longest river in Southeast Asia - will increase gradually in the coming weeks after falling to a record rainy-season low that is affecting farmers and businesses. The Meteorology and Hydrology Department issued the forecast on Monday, suggesting that there will be more rainfall at the end of this month and early next month. The rainfall will result in
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- Party leadership approves additional measures to boost economy
The Party Central Committee of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party has resolved to plug loopholes in order to prevent revenue leaks along with imposing harsher penalties on officials involved in financial misappropriation. This was part of the additional measures package the .. More >>>

-  Vientiane People’s Council to debate hot issues
Land disputes, land concession related chemical use, streetlights, wastewater, fulfilment of prosecutors’ orders, and management of the drug addict rehabilitation fund are slated for discussion by the Vientiane People’s Council this week. The council’s general secretariat revealed the meeting agenda to the media last Friday. .. More >>>

- Phongsaly battling African swine fever following another outbreak
Phongsaly authorities are coordinating local efforts to prevent the spread of African swine fever after the most recent outbreak killed 338 pigs in the northern province. So far, 1,000 pigs have died from the disease in Phongsaly, according to provincial authorities. .. More >>>

-  Health minister throws weight behind dengue control campaign
Health officials and medical staff need to be more assiduous in their treatment of dengue patients and in implementing public health measures in order to prevent more deaths. The weather conditions this year could lead to a widespread outbreak if effective measures are not put in place to control the dengue virus. .. More >>>

- Death toll rises to four, two still missing after truck plunges into river
The number of fatalities following an accident in Xayboury province has risen to four and two people are still missing after a passenger transport truck belonging to the Xayaboury hydropower project fell into the Mekong River on Monday morning. ... More >>>


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The early life and times of President Souphanouvong
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