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Chinese paper art skills shared by visiting teacher

Well-known Chinese artist and teacher Ms Cao Xiaoqin is happy and proud to transfer techniques on Chinese paper cutting arts to Lao students.
She offered a four day workshop to teach lessons, knowledge and skills to students in the capital.
Students could learn about the techniques and begin to produce paper art after a short few lessons.
Ms Cao fiest trained students in basic knowledge such as how to best use the materials including cutter and types of paper.

Ms Cao with Chinese traditional paper art patterns as made by her Lao students.                                          --Photos Visith

She then taught students lessons on six types of paper cutting arts.
This included traditional Chinese patterns, traditional Lao patterns, different ethnic group patterns and more contemporary patterns like those from tree leaves or animals and cultural images.
She also used special Chinese paper in the workshops.
Ms Cao was very happy and glad to give lessons to Lao students as well as share Chinese culture with them.
She expressed pleasure that students could produce great results after learning and practicing their skills for a few short days.
Students could produce around 240 pieces or about eight pieces each.
The workshop from May 22-25 saw about 30 students from five study streams of the Lao National Fine Arts Institute taking part.
The workshop was organised via the cooperation of Lao National Institute of Fine Arts and Chinese Culture Center.
At the end of the workshop, all trainees received certificates for the completion of the course.
All trainees were happy and proud to take part on this workshop and to receive certificates from their teacher.
Ms Cao is from Hubei province of China and this is her first time to visit and work in Laos.
She said that she was very happy and glad to be invited to train students in Laos and also pleased with the results of the workshop.
“All students are active and smart. They can learn the lessons and techniques quickly. In addition, they made my work easier than I thought it might be,” Ms Cao said.
“Paper cutting is one of traditional arts of China which is neat and beautiful since the past time to the present; this art has been continued for more than 1,500 years.
“Many people especially skilled artists take it as a job while others do it as a hobby, and it can generate them a considerable income.
“During the training period, each student tried best to pay attention to learn the lessons and gain knowledge and skills as much as possible.”
“They could make them in contemporary arts by mixing with Lao traditional patterns and cultural images which are very beautiful and have unique identity as we can see,” she said with a smile.
“Hopefully, these students can use and extend knowledge and skills they have gained in Chinese paper cutting usefully in the future, as well as to continue to improve and practise their skills.
“I hope they can love, preserve, and maintain these lessons of paper cutting forever. Later they can adapt it into their own Lao paper cutting style so it can become a career or a way to generate income for their life.”
“This is my first time visiting and working in Laos but I am very happy and excited to meet the friendly people here.”
“I can feel real friendship, honesty and generosity of Lao people via these students’ beautiful eyes. “
“Of course, I would like to come back to Laos and meet its friendly and wholehearted people again if there is a chance, even if I must say goodbye for now.”
A closing ceremony for the workshop was held on May 26 at the Lao National Fine Arts Institute attended by the Institute’s Director General, Dr Maysing Chanboutdy, the Director of the Chinese Culture Centre in Vientiane, Ms Ding Qing along with trainers and trainees, teachers and students from the Institute as well as representatives of the media.
On the same day, there was an exhibition featuring the art created by the trainees.
At the event, there was also a certificate presentation session where Ms Cao handed over certificates to her trainees.
The Institute’s director also handovered certificate of merit to Chinese Culture Centre for its support on the workshop, Ms Cao for her training, and all involved bodies who allowed the workshop to happen.
This was the first time that a workshop on Chinese paper cutting had been organised by the two institutions.
It was also considered as an important activity promoting culture and arts exchange between Laos and China and the two institutions in particular.


By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update June 10, 2017 )

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