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Determined student’s efforts rewarded with red diploma 
"Nothing is difficult if you set your mind to it and remember that you won’t achieve anything if you don’t try” says Ms Soudthida Songoppany, the recent proud recipient of a red diploma.
Ms Soudthida, aged 22, is a young lady who met with great success as a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business Management at the National University of Laos, achieving a red diploma in Banking Finance.
Ms Soudthida, or Sally as she is known to her friends and family, was born in 1995 into a family living in Siphoum village, Sanakham district, Vientiane province. As a child, she never imagined she would turn out to be a top student in a faculty at the country’s most prestigious university.

Ms Soudthida (left) and her friend Ms Chanhsamoud Lawsavanh proudly display their red diplomas.

In 2013 she completed upper secondary school in Sanakham district and then secured a place at the Faculty of Economics and Business Management.
After five years of dedicated study, she graduated this year with a red diploma of honour and a Grade Point Average of 3.79.
In the academic year 2015-16, she also graduated in English for Business at Souksavath College in Vientiane with an honours degree and a Grade Point Average of 3.79.
“My study method is to read more, summarise the important points in every subject, and absorb the important essence of a topic. Before every test I read my notes thoroughly and focus on the difficult aspects.”
“In class I always sat at the front and was determined to pay attention when the teacher was talking. I took notes and if I didn’t understand something I would ask the teacher to explain it more clearly.”
 “I had classes between 8am and 4pm from Monday to Friday at the Faculty of Economics and Business Management. In the evenings I studied English for Business at Souksavath College.”
“I focused on trying to understand everything I heard and read in the classroom because that time was limited and then I reviewed the lessons afterwards.”
“One of the most important things is friends. If you have good friends and they are also dedicated students, they will help you with your studies. In the classroom I liked to share my ideas with teachers and answer any questions that teachers put to the class.”
“In my free time, I sell things on the internet to make a bit of money. I also spend time with my friends and sometimes I go home to Vientiane province for a visit and to help my family. I also enjoy going out and about and having new experiences.”
“My dream is to become a businesswoman and gain a lot more experience. The next step on this path is to study for a master’s degree,” Ms Soudthida said.
Ms Chanhsamoud Lawsavanh, 21, who was taking the same course as Ms Soudthida, said “She was well known in the classroom because she was an outstanding and determined student. She liked to answer questions and offer comments.”
“If the rest of us didn’t understand something she would help explain it and would also help us with our revision ahead of tests. She was very friendly and helpful.”
“I also got a red diploma in Banking Finance with a Grade Point Average of 3.82.”
“In class we always sat at the front and paid attention when the teacher was talking to make sure we understood as much as possible,” she added.

By Phomphong Laoin
(Latest Update November 7 , 2017 )

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