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Outstanding student recounts path to certificate of excellence

"When I graduated with a first class honours bachelor degree, I was so pound of what I had achieved in this first step of my teaching career. This milestone has persuaded me to continue to improve myself,” Mr Thongvan Phonexaythip said proudly.

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- Thai boy triumphs after struggling to get an education in Singapore
Children often have problems at school when they move with their parents to another country where a different language is spoken.
Classes can be hard and school is boring if they can’t speak to anyone because of language barriers.. . .More >>>
- Determined student’s efforts rewarded with red diploma 
"Nothing is difficult if you set your mind to it and remember that you won’t achieve anything if you don’t try” says Ms Soudthida Songoppany, the recent proud recipient of a red diploma.. . .More >>>
- Vientiane school honoured for being drug free
Receiving recognition for being drug free shows that Nathien Secondary School in Sangthong district is one of the main allies in Laos’ fight against drug abuse.. . .More >>>
- Singapore childcare centre gives kids a head start
Building children's basic knowledge at an early age and teaching them how to communicate and socialise before starting primary school is very important because it will help them to learn faster.. . .More >>>

- Student compiles dictionary to bring Laos and Indonesia closer
Creating a dictionary is not easy – the writer must have a large vocabulary and a good knowledge of the languages involved - but it was not hard for outstanding Lao student Mr Souphanith Vongsengthong. . . .More >>>
- Certificate of Excellence winner gives tips for success
Create your own target, battle all the obstacles and attempt to achieve your goal - that’s the advice Ms Aliya Pholsena, a recipient of a Certificate of Excellence from the National University of Laos, has for friends who want to emulate her success.. . .More >>>
- Student shares experiences of being awarded top honours certificate
Ms Pharada Vongsolaseune or Da is one of three students from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Department of Social Work and Development of the National University of Laos (NUoL) who graduated with a certificate of excellence in the academic year 2016-17.. . .More >>>
- Scholarship recipient shares experiences of studies in India
After graduating with a Master of Arts in Political Science from a university in India this year, Ms Oliny Inthavong, 24, was very happy to share her experiences to help others considering higher education in India.. . .More >>>
- JDS scholar shares her experiences in Japan
Miss Phonthip Sinbandith, or Ko as she is known to her family and friends, was a stand-out student while studying at the National University of Laos.. . .More >>>
- Businesswoman receives award for contribution to education
Contributing to national development is one of the most important activities for everyone in Laos, including contributions to education and human resource development. . . .More >>>
- Teaching - a career that shapes the country’s future
Every career has a role in the development of the country and society but few are as important as teaching for human resource development, which is crucial for the future of the nation. . .More >>>
- Young man wins Russian scholarship to follow his dreams
Many students dream of a bright future and a great job after graduation and 26-year-old MrAmphaivanhXayaboutis hoping realise his dreams after receiving a Russian government scholarship for atwo-year Master's degree in management. . . .More >>>
- High flying university student graduates with top honours
“When I got my first class honours degree I felt like I had won US$10 million in the lottery. I tried very hard and focused on my studies for four years and finally I was rewarded with a Certificate of Excellence,” says a proud new graduate from the National University of Laos, Saithidet Sengdao. . . .
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- Thongkang Primary School is a model for schools in Laos and across Asean
Thongkang Primary School is an excellent model for schools in Vientiane and the provinces of Laos as well as other Asean countries. . . .More >>>
- Skilful coaches lead athletes to sporting achievement
Lao coaches have been passing on their knowledge and experience at the national and international level for many years and will continue leading sports teams to medal and trophy winning success in the future. . . .More >>>
- Schoolchildren enjoy start to new academic year
Students nationwide, particularly those at primary and secondary level, on Friday enjoyed the first school day of the new academic year after their three-month break. . . .More >>>
- Outstanding primary student happy to return to school
Year 4 Xaymoungkhoun Primary School pupil, Ms Phoutthida Thirakoun, 7, has been rewarded for her consistent academic achievements last year and is happy to be restarting school . . . .More >>>
- Fulbright scholarship awardee recounts her success
Ms Soulivanh Rattanavong, 24, of Nakham village, Sikhottabong district, Vientiane, received a Fulbright Scholarship this year after she was selected by examination for one of four scholarships from the US Congress to study in the United States. She shares her story with Vientiane Times : . . .More >>>
- Outstanding student shares experiences after receiving Japanese scholarship
Mr Soukmano Manivong, was a stand-out student in his year when he studied Environmental Engineering at the National University of Laos (NUoL). Subsequently in 2015 he was selected by examination for a scholarship from Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) to study further in Japan. . . .More >>>
- Homsavan student off to world art contest in Japan
Mr Khamphou Syhalath,11, a year one Homsavan Secondary School student in Hadxayfong district has won the 8-11 years category of “Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2017”. His winning picture named “Toyota Car Rescue Bomb” was inspired by trying to find a solution to the unexploded ordnance (UXO) problem that remains a huge danger for people in the country. . .More >>>
- Lao student boots up for Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship in USA
A 21year-old National University of Laos student is packing her bags for the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship from July 30- August 2 in Anaheim, California, the USA after recently taking out the Microsoft Word 2013 country round. . .More >>>

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