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Leading academic receives Outstanding Researcher Award

Dr Silinthone Sacklokham was one of 14 Lao researchers to receive the Outstanding Researcher Award recently on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the National University of Laos (NUoL).

Dr Silinthone Sacklokham ( second left ) proudly displays her award with other researchers recently to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the National University of Laos.

She was one of four researchers at the Faculty of Agriculture and one of three female researchers in the faculty to be honoured for her work.

Dr Silinthone said the Faculty of Agriculture was proud to have four people bestowed the Outstanding Researcher award.

Dr Silinthone is an Associate Professor in Agricultural Economics at the National University of Laos. She has been a member of the university's Council since 2009 and is Vice Dean of Academic Affairs and International Relations at the Faculty of Agriculture.

Beside her management duties she is a lecturer in agrarian systems, agricultural policies and agribusiness with extensive experience working with Asian, European and Australian centres and universities under joint research and academic programmes and projects.

Her research papers include “Land Policy and Farming Practices in Laos”; “Land Tenure Policies, Deforestation and Agricultural Development in the Lao PDR”; and “L'éradication de l'opium au Laos: les politiques et leurs effets sur l'économie villageoise”.

Her ongoing research focuses on food security in the northern uplands of Laos in collaboration with researchers from Monash University in Australia, and the impact of Chinese agribusiness investment on the livelihood of upland farmers, in collaboration with Yunnan Agricultural University, China, which will be published early next year.

“My paper Eliminating Opium from the Lao PDR: Impoverishment and Threat of Resumption of Poppy Cultivation Following ‘Illusory' Eradication, will also be published early next year to support the eradication of poppy cultivation as well to enhance the growing of other crops to improve rural communities' living conditions,” she explained.

Regarding her outstanding researcher award she said she appreciated being recognised for her 21 years of work at the faculty.

Dr Silinthone is also a member of the Regional Expert Committee of French Speaking Universities.

For academic and research projects she collaborates with international research institutes and centres like CIRAD (France), IRD (France), CSIRO (Australia) and universities in Europe and Australia such as AgroParisTech, Universite Francois-Rabelais-Tour, SupAgro, Czech University of Life Science, University of Sydney, and Monash University, as well as NGOs like Oxfam and Comite de Cooperation avec le Laos.

Dr Silinthone is one of the main founders of the Lao National Research and Policy Forum and some of her previous works include Land Policy and Farming Practices in Laos, Development and Change 2005 at the Institute of Social Studies 2005; Land Tenure Policies, Deforestation and Agricultural Development in the Lao PDR: the case of Vientiane plain in 2008, as well as Rice Marketing Chain in Savannakhet, The Lao Journal of Agricultural and Forestry in 2014; and Household Types as a Tool to Understand Adaptive Capacity: Case Studies from Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh and India.

She has also been recognised for her work in smallholder farmer decision-making and technology adoption in southern Laos, in collaboration with James Cook University of Australia and improving market engagement, postharvest management and productivity of Lao vegetable industries in collaboration with the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Dr Silinthone said she would focus on policy research as much as possible to contribute to the nation's agricultural development, as well as enhance collaboration with regional and international researchers and research centres/institutes to conduct joint research and exchange methodologies.

At the same time, she is committed to research capacity building by including young researchers in research teams and projects.




By Sisouphan Amphonephong
(Latest Update December 24, 2016)

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