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Outstanding primary student happy to return to school

Year 4 Xaymoungkhoun Primary School pupil, Ms Phoutthida Thirakoun, 7, has been rewarded for her consistent academic achievements last year and is happy to be restarting school .

Phoutthida was ranked the top student after recording the highest score in the final exam out of almost 30 children in her class.

Furthermore, during monthly and mid-term exams she performed outstandingly and is a model student in class.

Ms Phoutthida Thirakoun and her mother proudly show the congratulations certificate.

For her constant classroom performance this year she recently received gifts and a district congratulations certificate to certify her success.

But her academic achievements are not an overnight success as the diligent Phoutthida has been studying hard in class since year one.

She told Vientiane Times she really appreciated receiving the district congratulations certificate this year after paying more attention to her lessons.

Phoutthida detailed how listening intently to the teacher's explanation during class and doing her homework regularly were the keys to better grades in the second semester exam.

The seven-year-old already has well developed language abilities for her age with reading being a standout.

She was happy to highlight general knowledge and writing as her best subjects.

I like reading and now I am reading many books. Like other children I look forward to a gift at the end of the semester, she said.

Phoutthida was excited to receive her new uniform and education materials along with meeting friends and teachers at school again for the new term after the three month holiday. She plans to get good grades this academic year and be a model student for others to follow.

Her mother Ms Thongphien Thirakoun expressed delight at her daughter's performance and appreciation for the effort of the school's teachers and principal.

She said Phoutthida was a good student and well behaved as after school she always finished her homework before helping with her mother's work or playing.

To broaden her children's knowledge this new academic year, she has hired an English teacher to give lessons at their home on weekends with the aim of making them fluent in the language.

Away from her studies the precocious seven-year-old likes watching cartoons, reading books and singing to clear her mind.

She also has a keen interest in fashion and one day dreams of participating in the Lao Super Model competition.

Xaymoungkoun School Director, Ms Thongbay Xaymoungkhoun, said 100 percent of primary students passed their final exam last year for which they received district congratulations certificates. The school also presented gifts to the best students to mark their achievements.

This academic year, the school will upgrade the curriculum with improved activities to create better students.

According to the ministry, the exams give students an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and creativity in their subjects while encouraging promising students to study hard and work towards international competitions.

From 2009-2016, a total of 363 outstanding students attended the National Best Students Exams at primary school level. In 2017, some 53 outstanding students are sitting the exams with 17 students tested in literature, 18 in maths and 18 in general knowledge.

Primary school students also sat for selection exams in their respective provinces earlier in the year. The best students were then chosen by provincial education departments to sit the national exams, according to education department sources.

To achieve the ministry's goals, the education sector must strengthen curricula and teaching quality. Schools will also hold special classes for talented students after the national exams in order to bring these students' performance up to international standards.



By Sisouphan Amphonephong
(Latest Update September 2 , 2017 )

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