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Student shares experiences of being awarded top honours certificate
Ms Pharada Vongsolaseune or Da is one of three students from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Department of Social Work and Development of the National University of Laos (NUoL) who graduated with a certificate of excellence in the academic year 2016-17.
Ms Da told Vientiane Times that she was very proud when she received her first class honours degree as she felt she had finally achieved her goal. She worked very hard and focused on her studies so that she could make her parents happy with her success.
The 23-year-old credits her parents for much of her success as they supported her by taking care of her education fees even though they didn’t have much money.
Ms Da was born and lives in Donnoun village of Xaythany district in Vientiane. She is the only child and both her parents are government officials.

Miss PharadaVong solaseune receiving the certificate of excellence.

She began her studies at Sathit Primary School and then moved to the Sathit Secondary School.
Even though she could not attend a private school in Vientiane, she always paid attention to her studies. She was always an outstanding student, ranking among the top three of her class and bagging congratulation certificates every academic year.
“After I graduated from secondary school, I continued my studies at the NUoL in the Faculty of Social Sciences because I love working with people in different areas, and I could use and modify my knowledge for social development,” said Ms Da.
Explaining her techniques for excelling in studies, she said: “I always pay attention to the teachers in class, which makes lessons easier to understand and remember.”
“I usually took notes when the teachers explained things and asked the teachers questions whenever I didn’t understand something. I repeated all lessons every evening or in my free time. I also studied harder and prepared more lessons at the time of examinations.”
She added, “Besides studying in the classroom, I always tried to gain more knowledge by reading economic books in the library because it is related to my field of study.”
While at the NUoL, she participated in a five-day joint project between her faculty and the Republic of Korea in Vientiane province for donating study equipment, restoring schools and joint activities with students in a remote area.
“Time is precious, so I organise it carefully. I have classes in the morning, then I repeat my lessons in the afternoon or when I have free time. I also work as a volunteer in the evening with some organisations to practice my English and working skills. My weekends are spent with my parents and friends,” she said, explaining how she organised her schedule.
“Now that I’ve finished university, I want to continue my Chinese studies there. I hope to work with an international organisation in the social sector to get more experience over the next couple of years as well as continue my studies for a Masters degree at the same time,” Ms Da said.
“You need to set your goals and try your best to achieve them. If you can achieve one thing today, you have to achieve two tomorrow, and then try to achieve as much as you can in the following days. Everyone can be successful in studies but they have to practice and always expand their knowledge,” she added.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update October 21 , 2017 )

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