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Vientiane school honoured for being green, clean and educational

“School is a place to educate children. It’s also a place where their personalities are shaped. If they are educated about environmental conservation and cleanliness they can relay this information to their parents and others in society which can contribute to making our country clean, beautiful and tidy,” said the owner of Mayouly kindergarten, primary and lower secondary school, Ms Mayouly Phommavohane.
Receiving recognition for being environmentally friendly and for having a high standard of education for two successive years demonstrates Vientiane’s Mayouly School’s high standards.

The owner of Mayouly kindergarten, primary and lower secondary school, Ms Mayouly Phommavohane.

The school, which is located in Nonghai village, Hadxaifong district, not only teaches a solid curriculum but also takes part in an environmental conservation programme run by the Vientiane Education and Sports Department.
The programme aims to generate awareness of environmental protection and ensure students are well educated on the topic, said Ms Mayouly.
To receive the green flag and silver plate for being green, clean and having a high standard of education, the school’s teachers and students worked very hard for two years to meet the 40 criteria required by the department.
The first year, the school received a commemorative certificate from the department and in the following year was awarded a green flag and silver plate when they again succeeded.
The qualities they were judged on included the layout and safety of the school building and the ways in which it created a green and clean environment. The school had many trees, plants and green spaces and was kept clean.
The school was also judged on its standard of education and had to prove it was drug free.
Mayouly kindergarten, primary and lower secondary school is the only school in Hadxaifong district to have received recognition under the programme this year.
Ms Mayouly says she is very happy and felt honoured to receive the first green flag and silver plate after she and her team worked so hard to improve their school environment and standard f education.
This is one of several honours which the school has received since it opened in 2008 as a kindergarten.
The school later grew to include primary and lower secondary levels and now has 27 classrooms. It is located on a nearly one hectare site and has 46 teachers.
More than 1,100 children are enrolled at the school.
While the school is monolingual, it offers classes in both Lao and English from kindergarten level when children are taught using pictures and songs, to lower secondary level when they are taught English for four hours a week.
Beside the normal curriculum, the school provides lots of activities to entertain and sharpen the students’ skills, such as sports and gardening.
“Our fees are just 250,000 kip a month and parents may pay a little bit more for lunch,” said Ms Mayouly.
“Even though our school is quite new, lots of parents enrol their child here because of our  high standards,” she added.
Teachers must have at least a high school diploma or a higher level of education but most importantly must enjoy working with children and display diligence in the classroom.
Mayouly School regularly enters students in competitions that are held in Hadxaifong every year, when they always receive at least a commemorative certificate.

By Souksamai Boulom
(Latest Update December 2 , 2017 )

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