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The Greenhouse Gas Effect

Climate change has become a buzz word in Laos. But do people really understand what the term means? This is the second of five articles in Vientiane Times, which explains by means of 10 FACTS the causes and effects of climate change and how Laos is coping with its impacts. Each article incorporates two FACTS. This article focuses on FACT 3 and FACT 4.

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- Climate Change – What does it mean?
When recently a team from Lao National Radio conducted interviews on trees and the environment in Thakhek, Khammuane, monks, school children and market women often mentioned “climate change”. This word which could only be read in scientific magazines some years ago has made it into everyday language. More >>>
- Rainy season marks the abundance of natural mushrooms in Laos
The rains bring the season for rural residents to enjoy collecting a variety of forest products to eat or sell along the country’s roadsides, especially fresh mushrooms and bamboo shoots. More >>>
- How a community in southern Laos takes disaster prevention into its own hands
First come the rains. They make lakes and rivers rise, flooding villages and fields, recounts resident of Kamkok in Xekong province, Mr Bounchang Jingkalieng.More >>>
- Biodiversity Safer inside Protected Areas
Laos is considered the most biodiversity-rich countries in Southeast Asia. However, continued practices of wildlife trade, overhunting and deforestation have endangered its biodiversity and ecosystems.More >>>
- Green shade for students benefit of monk-led planting programme
A senior monk who has witnessed the enormous value of trees believes developing green shade for schools and temples is essential, benefiting people’s lives and the planet. More >>>
- Tigers on the Verge of Extinction
Once upon a time, tigers roamed the woods in Southeast Asia. They helped maintain healthy and well-balanced forest ecosystems. Unlike most other cats, tigers are very fond of water and excellent swimmers.More >>>
- Buarapha Agroforestry greening the nation
Burapha Agroforestry Company Ltd, a Lao-Swedish joint venture operating in Laos, is to plant 600 hectares of eucalyptus and acacia in the capital and two provinces to celebrate Arbor Day (June 1). More >>>
- Five Reasons for the Conservation of Biodiversity
Ecosystems in Laos range from lowland plains to mountainous areas and are home to numerous animals and plants. More >>>
- Ecosystem Services
It is August, the wettest month during the rainy season in Laos. The sky darkens and heavy rain showers hit the Annamite region in Central Lao. Animals and humans seek for shelter and hold out until the rainfall is over. More >>>
- Biodiversity - What it is and why we need it
Human beings depend on biologically diverse and healthy ecosystems for their survival. But what is biodiversity? The term biodiversity is a contraction of the two words “biological diversity” and refers to the variety of life on earth. More >>>
- Forest guards improve village livelihood by protecting gibbons
Their home are subtropical and mountainous forests. Swinging gracefully from tree to tree in the canopy, gibbons are aerial acrobats in Southeast Asian rain forests. More >>>
- Why We Need Bats
Lao Leaf-Nosed Bat (Source: Bounsa-vane Doungboupha)

Different from bigger animals, bats do not play a role in any Lao folk tales. But they are essential to our environment and for a balanced ecosystem. However, the population of bats in Laos has decreased mainly due to habitat destruction and overhunting. This poses a risk to our ecosystems and livelihoods. More >>>
- Adapting crop production to climate change in Savannakhet
The early localised effects of global climate change are increasingly upon us, and Laos is no exception. More >>>
- Killing for Traditional Medicine
Wildlife trade means the sale of wild animals or plants - either alive, dead or as processed parts. It includes food such as fruit and fish, forest products, leather and furs or medicinal plants. Wildlife trade can be legal and does not necessarily harm wild animal and plant populations. More >>>
- Celebrating RAMSAR Convention Day
Anniversary of the signing of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, internationally known as the “Ramsar Convention”, named after the city of Ramsar in Iran where the convention was signed on February 2, 1971 . More >>>
- Temples lead the way in creating green spaces
Planting trees in urban areas is very important because it creates green spaces and helps to preserve the natural environment amid large areas of concrete buildings. More >>>
- Centuries-old Lee fish traps now a thing of the past
Centuries-old Lee traps, or basket-type fish traps fashioned out of wood and bamboo, which have been used by southern fisherman for hundreds of years, are in the process of being removed. More >>>
- Are clean streets nothing but a dream?
Vientiane authorities announced back in 2010 that all roads in the capital would be clean by the year 2015 as part of the city's clean and green strategy, so more than five years later one has to ask, will there be action or only talk? More >>>
- Are clean streets nothing but a dream?
Vientiane authorities announced back in 2010 that all roads in the capital would be clean by the year 2015 as part of the city's clean and green strategy, so more than five years later one has to ask, will there be action or only talk? More >>>
- Locals more aware of natural disasters through CBDRR project
Many years ago grandfather Khamphai considered floods as a natural and inevitable par t of life next to the river so he accepted them, but now he is more aware of the potential loss from flooding. More >>>
- Flood submerges livelihoods across Laos
Consistent heavy rain kept hitting the roofs of people's houses beside the Mung River in Borikhamxay province. Normally, villagers are in bed after midnight, but instead the loudspeaker in the temple grounds kept warning people to be prepared for flooding that could swamp their houses. More >>>
- Fishing futures under question in the lower Mekong basin
Standing at the head of a wooden fishing boat in the middle of the Mekong River where hundreds of fishermen are jostling for the best position to set their nets, a 65 year old fisherman named Mr Thong Ming has high hopes of landing a saleable catch. More >>>
- Laos addresses MRC concerns on hydropower
Senior Lao energy officials told Mekong River Commission (MRC) representatives, international development partners and hydropower experts that Laos has addressed potential impacts of mainstream Mekong projects and will continue to do so.
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