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Breastfeeding room benefits mother and baby

She plans to exclusively breastfeed her first son until he is two years old as she realises that breastmilk can be good for health and immunity as per the World Health Organisation's (WHO) recommendation.

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- Vangvieng setting for Health Ministry, WHO-produced dengue prevention film
Since the start of the rainy season in July of this year, the numbers of cases of dengue has been increasing significantly in several provinces including Vientiane, Champassak, Savannakhet, Saravan, Khammuan and Borikhamxay and the capital.. .. More >>>
- Preventing water-borne diseases in flooded areas nationwide
Many villagers have faced problems accessing clean water following recent heavy rains and fl ooding in Oudomxay province, with concerns that contaminated water will lead to health problems. In addition, southern provinces of Laos also experienced flooding with the recent Sonca storm.
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- Breastfeeding benefits mother and child
Amother, Ms Nong, is very happy to have given birth to her first daughter safely last week. She does not, though, have any experience on how to breastfeed her daughter. To solve this problem, a nurse assists her by pushing her daughter's head towards her breast suck the mothers' Colostrum, which is the milk the mother produces on the first few days after giving birth. This was the health advice she received from the medical staff at Setthathirath Hospital, which was where she gave birth to her daughter last week. .. More >>>
- Prevention as country awaits dengue vaccine
Every year in the wet season, dengue fever is a common and dangerous disease claiming the lives of people in Laos and indeed the whole Asian-Pacific region. Often those who get dengue fever have disregarded the advice from health authorities with respect to prevention of dengue fever. .. More >>>
- Malnutrition rate reduces in a Saravan's village
Malnutrition, in all its forms, includes undernutrition (wasting, stunting, underweight), inadequate vitamins or minerals, overweight, obesity, and resulting diet-related noncommunicable diseases. .. More >>>
- Hepatitis A under control, prevention message persistent
Health officials from the capital and neighbouring Vientiane province will continue to raise awareness and provide preventive and transmission messages on Hepatitis A to the community despite the viral infection rate being brought under control. .. More >>>
- Defending against Dengue dangers on doorstep during three highest-risk months
It is not a new message, but it is one worth repeating when it comes to the perils of the dreaded mosquito-borne virus Dengue. Make sure you and your household is safe as possible from dengue by destroying breeding sources for mosquitoes in the rainy season. .. More >>>
- Monk uses Buddhist teachings to combat smoking
Respected members of society like monks can be important role models in drug control to address the problem of tobacco use in schools and educational institutes. .. More >>>
- Physician heals thyself as doctor shares successful quest to quit
At home, his family advised him to go outside to light up. At work, his colleagues use their hands to cover mouth and nose when passing by. . . More >>>
- Overcoming infertility
A young couple walks through the entrance to the National Mother and Newborn Hospital with anxious faces because they have something important to discuss with a doctor.. . .. More >>>
- Make ‘End Malaria for Good' a shared reality
Malaria still continues to harm or end many lives in Laos and elsewhere each year even though the disease is preventable.
. . .. More >>>
- Depression and its prevention
Even though depression is not a preventable condition, there are still measures that you can take to keep yourself and your loved ones happy, balanced, and stable. With effective preventative measures, you can take steps to address your depression before it becomes a problem. . . .. More >>>
- Typhoid fever alert
Eat well-cooked food, drink boiled water, and keep your home environment clean to prevent disease
While the Ministry of Health is campaigning on the prevention of dengue fever in the upcoming wet season, it's also a time to be alert to the dangers of typhoid fever. . . .. More >>>
- Waste not, want not and WASH - key words for World Water Day
World Water Day is recognised worldwide on March 22 every year and is a timely opportunity to revisit the importance of access to clean water that many of us take for granted. . . .. More >>>
- Medicinal plant, phak ka dao , a new choice for breast cancer treatment
Lao women suffering from breast cancer are more hopeful of survival after the Association of Breast Cancer Disease in Laos found a reduction in the mortality rate through early screening, intervention and diagnosis and consumption of a plant known as phak ka dao , which has traditionally been used in the treatment of disease. . .. More >>>

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