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Coping with allergies

He was always holding a cloth or tissue to clean up a running nose as he suffered for one month. He took medicine three times a day as a pharmacist advised but the condition was not any better and worse at night when the temperature dropped.

. .. More >>>

- Eating fruits, vegetables healthier for digestive system
He likes eating warm dried buffalo skin, nangkhem . He likes fried buffalo tendon, cheun-en . He eats these chewy snacks with beer and sometimes with stronger alcoholic drinks. . .. More >>>
- Tobacco control needs more govt backing to generate revenue and save lives
The launch of a landmark global report on the Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Control confirmed what most governments already know, that higher taxes can generate more revenue and save lives. . .. More >>>
- Remembering those with leprosy, a forgotten disease
World Leprosy Day falls on January 29 this year, originally initiated by Raoul Follereau in 1953 to raise awareness of Leprosy or Hansen's disease; it is one of the oldest diseases known to humankind. . .. More >>>
- Love your children, get them vaccinated
The National Centre for Maternal and Child Health's Expanded Programme of Immunisation under the Ministry of Health is providing free vaccines against measles, rubella and polio, to protect the health of children under nine and women aged 15-45. . .. More >>>
- Get back to good health after giving up smoking
Have you just quit smoking? What are you going to do from now? Caring for your body with a good diet and regular exercise is very necessary. . .. More >>>
- Don't overdo it: The dangers of taking too many tablets
He fainted after taking six tablets, aimed at relieving his sore throat and a cold. The three different kinds of pills he took were bought at a nearby pharmacy, without any advice from a doctor. . .. More >>>
- Seasonal chill brings respiratory disorders
M r Pasith Somphouvanh wraps the sheets closely around the neck of his two-year and eight-month old daughter as she is suffering from a runny nose, a symptom that is all too common when the temperature dips at this time of the year. . .. More >>>
- Health authority's message: ‘If you drink, don't drive'
"Drink, Don't Drive' was the slogan of National No Alcohol Beverages Day that the Ministry of Health promoted this year, aiming to cut the nation's 70 percent of road accidents attributed to alcohol consumption. . .. More >>>
- Children's Hospital boosts level of care
The Children's Hospital in Vientiane is working towards being a fully modernised facility by 2025 and aims to ensure that all patients are impressed by the services it provides. . .. More >>>
- E-cigarettes cause cancer
About 4.3 percent of students, 5 percent of boys and 3.7 percent of girls currently use electronic cigarettes (ECs) in Laos. . .. More >>>
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