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Seasonal chill brings respiratory disorders

As the temperature drops Ms Somphone Viengphadee makes sure to wrap her son up with a thick blanket while he sleeps at night.
Ms Viengphadee’s 13-month old son has been suffering from a runny nose and tonsillitis for two days now.
This month, the weather has transitioned from the rainy season to much cooler temperatures. Many people, especially children, are suffering from respiratory problems and sore throats. Those seeking treatment at hospitals are on the rise.
According to statistics issued by Setthathirath Hospital, about 20 percent of the 500 people who come to the hospital daily suffer from the common cold, a runny nose and a cough.

Take special care of your children when the temperature drops.

Children are more susceptible to colds because they have less immunity.
Director of the Vientiane Health Department, Dr Phonepaseuth Ounaphom, said the number of patients will continue to rise if people don’t take care of family members who are already infected.
He advised that if a person has a cold, he or she should treat it immediately and stay at home. Otherwise, it might get passed on to other family members or colleagues.
He also advised that people should consult a doctor at a hospital for a diagnosis instead of buying medicine themselves at roadside pharmacies.
“The cold virus can be transferred to others by sneezing, coughing or even talking to people,” Dr Phonepaseuth said. “Normally, a person who has a cold should recover within a week if they get treatment.”
Dr Phonepaseuth, who is an epidemiologist, said there is a misconception that people can recover from colds without taking medicines.
“This is a dangerous misconception as a cold can kill you if it takes hold and causes damage to your lungs and you don’t seek medical treatment,” he said.
A resident of Xaysettha district, Ms Somphone, said that when her son visited the doctor, she was advised to make sure she kept the household clean to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.
Precautions include eating only cooked food, drinking boiled water and wearing thick, clean clothes. She was also told to continue breastfeeding her son until he was two years old.
The doctor advises adults and elderly people to engage in regular exercise and eat nutritious food to help build up their immune system, which will in turn fight off the common cold.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update November 4, 2017)

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