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Rescued macaques find home at Lao zoo

Walking in the Lao Zoo at Keun village on the outskirts of Vientiane on a weekday was not a tour in a park, but like a jungle adventure. While the 20-year old zoo might be a little short on amenities for visitors wanting to relax.

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- Dok Khoun brings golden shower of happiness at Pi Mai
In the last two weeks, the trees in front of my house had only leafless branches with no sign that they would blossom but this week, as if signalling Lao New Year, the leafless trees became green and full of cheerful yellow Dok Khoun flowers. More >>>
- Frangipani flowers signal Lao New Year
The national flower of Laos is blooming, with its aroma signaling to all Lao people that Lao New Year is just around the corner.
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- Baskets of salt for a living
Where do you find salt far from the sea? Landlocked Laos produces salt by pumping salty water from an aquifer in Vientiane basin that shares potash deposits with Sakon Nakhon basin of the Khorat Plateau in neighbouring Thailand. More >>>
- Flash light market: another Luang Prabang attraction
Everything is dark at the Luang Prabang market with many small flash lights moving up, down and around while birds chatter in the predawn as negotiation goes on between buyers and sellers very early in the morning from 4am. More >>>
- Xaythany farmers reap rewards of mechanised rice growing
Two people are working on an open tractor-like planting machine, one driving and the other preparing trays of green rice seedlings.
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- A tolerant woman steadily leaves poverty behind
In the southernmost part of Laos, on a rural island in Khong district, Champassak province, Khamaophoumeo village is now famous for the noodles it produces. More >>>
- Funeral traditions remain unchanged
A large group of women carrying sharp objects and different sized pieces of wood walk slowly behind a vehicle carrying a coffin that contains the body of a person who rec ently died. They head towards a cemetery in thick forest in a rural area of Naxaithong district in Vientiane. Such a sight would seem strange to younger folk who have grown up in a big city. More >>>
- Life remains a struggle for retired soldier
A new life began for a more than 70-year old former soldier when his retirement from the army some years ago saw him struggling to find a way to make a living and survive. More >>>
- Coffee lifestyle in Vietnam
Some people laugh loudly when gossiping about their other friends, couples flirt with each other sweetly, while others sit sl owly sipping their coffee and reading online information on their smart phones. More >>>
- Films bring joy to remote areas
Schoolchildren and all the other people living in remote areas in the northern provinces had the opportunity recently to see the films from the Vientianale International Film Festival, many of which made them burst out with laughter. More >>>

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