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Young finance graduate carves out a living in home decor business

Seeing people making furniture is not unfamiliar to Ms Saykeo who has been around woodworkers since she was just a little girl as furniture making is her family's business.

. More >>>

- Selling textiles ensures a sufficient family life
Selling various kinds of textiles for more than nine years has delivered a better life for the family of Ms Orlaphin Sayasone, who lives in Lakjeth village, Pakxe district, Champassak province. . More >>>
- Youth group leads the way in clean-up campaign
Litter still poses a huge issue for the health of Lao people as well as spoiling the country's natural beauty but it's difficult to motivate people to care about cleanliness as many people are ignorant about the damaging effects of garbage. . More >>>
- Young fisherman helps his family achieve their dream
Born into a family of four children, Mr Souksakhone, 25, is the eldest child of the Kitthilath family in May village, Keo-oudom district, Vientiane province, and is now set on fulfilling his family's dream of building a home of their own by way of fishing. . More >>>
- Cycling becoming a popular trend in Vientiane
City dwellers are serious about their work and studies during the week, but when it comes time to relax, many turn their eyes to sport to keep in shape and enjoy their free time with friends. . More >>>
- Sinxay Award caps off writer's contribution to literature
An early love of reading inspired a lecturer at the University of Health Sciences to be a creative writer who has just been rewarded for her contribution to Lao literature. . More >>>
- Twine products mean big business for rural artisans
A woman uses a knife to cut a vine into small, thin pieces and then prepares the material for its transformation into twine. Once she has the twine, she begins the weaving process to produce cloth or other products for sale. . More >>>
- Lao female entrepreneurs, students seek business acumen in Japan
TOKYO (Kyodo) -- A recent visit to Japan sparked an entrepreneurial spirit in Phonepaserth Luangsivongsa, a college senior living in Laos, inspiring her plans to sell local specialty goods in a “one village, one product” style. . More >>>
- Farming family reaps rewards of perseverance
When the rainy season comes to an end in October, farmers turn their attention to other crops after harvesting their rice.
. More >>>
- Mung Kha La to promote Lao dishes to local eaters
Delicious, clean and polite is how you would describe the dining experience served by Mung Kha La, a popular catering service based out of Houay Hon g village. . More >>>
- Selling banana leaves sets family on road out of poverty
Development doesn't necessarily mean that everything has to change; it also means that rural people can work their way out of poverty and old traditions can be preserved. But it is a hard task as it is not easy to change people's lifestyle and skills. . More >>>
- Traditional rattan shoots sprout flourishing business
Forest products are very familiar to Lao traditions, especially using them as ingredients in local foods and the popularity has continued from the past until the present. . More >>>
- Young Lao music pioneer is proud of her success
Ms Phonmany Xaisavath, otherwise known in the entertainment industry as Mini Angel, is a young lady who is a prominent singer, radio DJ and businesswoman. She recently gained popularity after launching her first single, Khoybormannangfar. More >>>
- Social media entrepreneur promotes Lao culture
Former Miss Laos Thidalad Vongsili has been inspired to create Stickers for the Line messaging app that promotes Lao culture to people using their smartphones. . More >>>
- Innovative football method gives blind players a shot at the game
Playing football with a bell inside the ball is a new sport to Laos which is attracting many blind players who would also like the chance to play the world's most popular sport despite being visually impaired. . More >>>
- From handicrafts stage to fashion star
Since getting his first chance on the catwalk at the Lao Handicrafts Festival last year, local model Mr Sayaveth Phanpaseuth has gone on to find fame in the fashion industry and now attends many entertainment related events.
. More >>>
- Retiree adds spice to her life with snack making
We all need something to do when we retire because hanging around the house with nothing constructive to do is boring and a waste of time. . More >>>
- Parents a driving force in Lao sports development
Parents' encouragement in involving their children in sports is a vital part of the development of sports in Laos. . More >>>
- Local favourites ready to tempt passersby
With the upgrade of Road No. 11 from Vientiane to the outlying Sangthong district more restaurants are popping up along the road to tempt hungry residents of the capital with good food and a relaxing atmosphere. . More >>>
- Young man goes underwater to keep tourist site clean
When you travel through the countryside, especially alongside rivers, you might see boys in the water wearing glass face masks and carrying home-made spear guns to catch fishing and other aquatic life. . More >>>
- Local waterfall food is more delicious
Vientiane residents are currently enjoying visits to waterfalls with their friends and family to relax on weekends. . More >>>

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