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Young artist sees profile, popularity rising on path to prosperity with pixels

Mr Hathaphom Vikhamsao, 23, first fell in love with drawing when he was a child.
Now the young artist known to friends and family as Mr Choy and his work are becoming increasingly known after his profile of popular singer Anita won popularity.

. More >>>

- Teenage labourer’s load eased thanks to motorised pulley
In the past you might have seen men carrying 50kg sacks of fish feed down the steep slope of a riverbank or carrying up heavy baskets of fish, which seems like really arduous work given that each day they would carry about 100 sacks.
. More >>>
- Creating stunning fashion accessories from bamboo scraps
While most of us would only see bamboo scraps, one enterprising Vientiane woman has used them to make fashion accessories such as handbags which are now even being exported.. More >>>
- Australian transport minister shines spotlight on road safety
“Standing here in the magnificent Sydney Opera House, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge behind me, it gives me great pleasure to take part in launching the Fourth UN Global Road Safety Week, on behalf of the World Health Organisation’s Western Pacific Region. . More >>>
- A war that ended 40 years ago, kills my child today
“That day at my mother’s house at 12 noon, we had a baci where our relatives gathered. My children and some others were playing outside the house when suddenly there was an explosion – it was a bombie and my daughter…” At this point Mr Chong Ber Lee was overwhelmed with emotion and was unable to continue. His feelings were too painful to suppress as he relived the thought that he had lost his 9-year-old daughter forever.. More >>>
- Family planning a challenge for Lao couples
Young Lao couples still lack understanding of family planning which is a cause of unwanted pregnancies through use low use of contraception, creating added stress for already struggling families. . More >>>
- Restaurant worker dazzles with photographic skills
His love of photography led a man from LuangPrabang province to move to Vientiane in hopes of one day making a name for himself by entering his photos in contests and exhibitions. . More >>>
- Saravan locals raising the bar on the humble spring onion
While eating organic vegetables that are free of chemicals is becoming increasingly popular around the world, it’s nothing new to many rural people in Laos who have been traditionally gardening this way for eons. . More >>>
- School leaver makes the grade with concrete
After finishing secondary school, many students hope to further their education at a reputable institution such as the National University of Laos. But that’s just not possible for all of them because they may not be able to afford it or cannot get a place. . More >>>
- Pioneer uses silk to bring prosperity to local community         
Mulberry trees, silkworms, silk and silk textiles have been closely interwoven with the life of the Lao people for hundreds of years. They are not only symbolic of Laos, but create job opportunities and generate income for weavers, helping them to live above the poverty line. . More >>>
- Naps and firecrackers among realities of late nights on board lake for amputee fisherman
To those born or growing up close to a river, the lifestyle of a fisherman is a familiar one.
Some people just do for subsistence while others can create a business enterprise as well.. More >>>

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