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Skilled artisan shines in silverware trade

Making a silver bowl is not easy because the whole process takes a month, so if you don't really like it or you're not a patient person this is not the job for you.

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- Hinboun, a paradise for fishing and food
Rivers are like a paradise for people in the rural areas of Laos; they are the places where farmers go to relax after tending to their crops and also a source of many delicious foods and fish. . More >>>
- Temple chanting restores faith at start of New Year
Despite the cool night air and a shower of rain, thousands of people including children and students enjoyed taking part in overnight chanting sessions held at temples around the country at the start of the New Year. . More >>>
- Farmer sweetens family's life with sugar
People have a wide variety of jobs, but one rural resident has adopted a lifestyle that closely resembles that of his parents by growing sugarcane that he uses to make luscious lumps of brown sugar. . More >>>
- Artisan discovers silver lining in life
While many people are content to have a good job or business with a stable income they often forget what's important in life. . More >>>
- Year of the Rooster: success is on the cards but be careful with money
As we say farewell to the year 2016, the Year of the Monkey, and look forward to 2017, the Year of the Rooster, some of you may not know what it's in store for those who will be born this year. . More >>>
- Designer raises the bar on local fashion
Locally well-known designer Khamphao is riding a fashion wave of success by utilising his talents to create unique pieces for the public. . More >>>
- More lives at risk after accidents on the roads
His two legs are swathed in white bandages and his right arm has a drip attached; Mr Chan lies on a bed at Mithtaphap Hospital, crying and mumbling to himself as he waits for his broken legs to be operated on after a road accident.
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- Young finance graduate carves out a living in home decor business
Seeing people making furniture is not unfamiliar to Ms Saykeo who has been around woodworkers since she was just a little girl as furniture making is her family's business. . More >>>
- Selling textiles ensures a sufficient family life
Selling various kinds of textiles for more than nine years has delivered a better life for the family of Ms Orlaphin Sayasone, who lives in Lakjeth village, Pakxe district, Champassak province. . More >>>
- Youth group leads the way in clean-up campaign
Litter still poses a huge issue for the health of Lao people as well as spoiling the country's natural beauty but it's difficult to motivate people to care about cleanliness as many people are ignorant about the damaging effects of garbage. . More >>>
- Young fisherman helps his family achieve their dream
Born into a family of four children, Mr Souksakhone, 25, is the eldest child of the Kitthilath family in May village, Keo-oudom district, Vientiane province, and is now set on fulfilling his family's dream of building a home of their own by way of fishing. . More >>>
- Cycling becoming a popular trend in Vientiane
City dwellers are serious about their work and studies during the week, but when it comes time to relax, many turn their eyes to sport to keep in shape and enjoy their free time with friends. . More >>>
- Sinxay Award caps off writer's contribution to literature
An early love of reading inspired a lecturer at the University of Health Sciences to be a creative writer who has just been rewarded for her contribution to Lao literature. . More >>>
- Twine products mean big business for rural artisans
A woman uses a knife to cut a vine into small, thin pieces and then prepares the material for its transformation into twine. Once she has the twine, she begins the weaving process to produce cloth or other products for sale. . More >>>
- Lao female entrepreneurs, students seek business acumen in Japan
TOKYO (Kyodo) -- A recent visit to Japan sparked an entrepreneurial spirit in Phonepaserth Luangsivongsa, a college senior living in Laos, inspiring her plans to sell local specialty goods in a “one village, one product” style. . More >>>

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