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Luang Prabang paper proprietor thriving two and a half decades on

A well-known product of Luang Prabang, Sa-paper is an attractive asset of the province appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

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- Costumed soft toys touch hearts of animal lovers
"Having a hobby one truly enjoys is much better than sitting at home all day doing nothing and getting bored,” says Ms Anourak Douangdahak, who spends her days making soft toys in the form of animals. More >>>
- Lunar eclipse brings pleasant end of Lent  
A beautiful blood red moon illuminated the night sky as the sun set on the last day of Buddhist Lent on Wednesday evening.More >>>
- Additionally, insect infestations are predicted to destroy some rice crops throughout the country
It was hard to predict what is going to happen behind this lunar eclipse but vendors and festival goers who came were satisfied that at least the full moon brought a bright sky, unlike last year when people were soaked with rain and vendors lost money as a result. More >>>
- Skilled artisan saves timber from toss
Aprecious commodity in the hands of skilled artisans, valuable timber off cuts and ot he rwise unsuitable pieces of wood for carpentry are all too often wasted by being burnt or left in the elements to rot. More >>>
- Elderly people need special care
Do you have parents over 60 years old? If yes, it is necessary for you to take special care of them due to older people having different needs than the younger generation. More >>>
- Vat Simeuang: the liveliest temple in Vientiane
A woman of medium build kneels before an image of the Buddha and lifts up a fair sized stone weighing several kilos, until it is level with her head. More >>>
- South Korea 70 years ago, much like present day rural Laos
Seventy years ago, the South Korean people's lives were much like the present day way of life in the ethnic Lao groups of southern Xekong province. More >>>
- Former hunters lay down their guns in the name of conservation
If one day we find ourselves in a country with no wildlife, our children will no longer have the privilege of experiencing the world's wonders and tourists will not come to visit our exotic land; thus we must do everything we can to protect wildlife from becoming extinct.More >>>
- Disabled dog versus stealthy cobra snake
Villagers have found one of their cattle dead, with suspicions of a cobra attack being the cause as snakes had been frequently spotted in the village. More >>>
- Countryside days catching crabs yield cries of joy and pain
“Jep khee, jep khee ” is not a pleasant term to hear in Laos, translating roughly to “shit! that hurts!” in English but it is an accurate reflection of the pain young people feel when they are bitten whilst hunting for rice paddy crabs. More >>>

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