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Marketing efforts promote smith’s work to the hilt

She is not strictly a knifemaker herself, but Ms Douangchay Xaymany has developed a sustainable income from her efforts, getting grips on blades and helping artisans to carve out a growing slice of the market.

Mr Ole Xaymany promotes knives for sale at an organic market in Vientiane.

She helps add value to knives and other sharp metal items by putting the finishing touches on blades produced by Dongkalao Smith Group in Dongkalao village, Sikhottabong district and offering them for sale.
She also helps the group get their products to market, helping customers select the right knife for the task.
Ms Douangchay observed that during the five years of the partnership with the Dongkalao Smith Group, her family has developed a sustainable income.
Members of Dongkalao Smith Group benefits from Ms Douangchay and her husband’s active work on marketing each day.
The high quality metal products from Dongkalao Smith Group are now increasingly popular among the public.
The products consist of knives, axe, shovels, forks and other forged items.
Every day, Ms Douangchay and her husband Mr Ole set up shop to sell products at trade fairs and markets.
Regularly, they bring products to sell at organic markets at Chao Fangum Park in Sikhottabong district, at Xaysettha Park in Xaysettha district and at Huayhong market in Chanthabouly district.
They also sell their products at a market held at Chao Fangum Park in the capital every Monday and Thursday afternoon.
They sell products at Xaysettha Park and at Huayhong market every Monday and Saturday morning.
Most products Ms Douangchay purchases from the group await their extra touch.
Then she and her husband will add detail and finish to these products.
Their contributions include sharpening blades with a grindstone and developing hilts with attractive features to win over customers.
Making knives in this way can increase the value of products.
“Most people like good quality of products. Dongkalao Smith Group is always one of the best of many choices available to customers if they want to buy blades for use of their households,” she said.
Adding delicacy and beauty on improving is other marketing tactics to encourage customers to buy products from Dongkalao Smith Group as Ms Doungchay have done it today. 
As smith dealer, Ms Douangchay said that raw materials to make products must be good quality as per the agreement signed before starting their cooperation.
In addition, Ms Douangchay and smiths from the group always consult on making new design products to target increased sales each month.
The cost of products starts from 5,000kip to one million kip depending on size, design and pattern.
Since Ms Douangchay has become a dealer for selling products from Dongkalao smith group, she has seen her household income grow steadily.
In addition, many smiths’ living standards and productivity are also improved as they can concentrate on their efforts knowing marketing is under control.
They produce more and more products, as many as they can everyday while marketing efforts are ably led by Ms Douangchay. 
Today, she receives many orders from customers, passing them on to the smiths who are working hard. 
The shared efforts mean that each smith in the group has an essential contribution that is rewarded, drawing improved income for their efforts everyday.
“If we have a sustainable jobs, it means that we can have a sustainable income,” she said.  

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update June 9, 2017)


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