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Senior citizen shares experience of surviving kidney disease

Eighty-year-old Somsy Sidalasouk was once given up for dead when he remained unconscious for several days because of his kidney disease, but he miraculously survived and is hale and hearty today.
Some attributed the turnaround to good luck but Mr Somsy believes he is alive and happy because he strictly follows the instructions of his doctors. He is keen to share his experiences with the public so that others affected by the same disease can benefit from what he went through.
Mr Somsy said he learnt about the extent of his health problems from his family after he recovered because he doesn't remember much about the time he was unconscious.

Mr Somsy talking about his health.

"In the evening of January 13 this year, I suddenly fell sick and my body became very cold and I started shaking. I was suffering a lot and I couldn’t talk to anyone. This made my family, especially my wife and children, very nervous, shocked and sad," he said.
He was unconscious when he was taken to Mahosot hospital in Vientiane at midnight. The doctors said he had gastrophathy and gave him emergency medicines but these worked for only a short time. His symptoms stopped for a while and he got better for some time, but when the medicine stopped working, he became very sick again. His condition worsened as his stomach was swollen and he couldn’t eat or urinate.
Mr Somsy's children then decided to take him to the Udon Thani provincial hospital in Thailand. But because of his old age and serious condition, almost everyone, including his wife and children, thought he would die.
The doctors said he had a serious kidney disease and he had a 50 percent chance of survival. They asked his children if they were sure they wanted to have Mr Somsy treated at the hospital, and the children initially hesitated before deciding to sign the documents for going ahead with his treatment.
Fortunately, he survived because the doctors diagnosed the real problem and provided the right treatment. An operation was performed while he was still unconscious. To the relief of everyone, he regained consciousness after five days. Mr Somsy was discharged from the hospital after a few more days.
Eleven months after his operation, he still has to take medicines and strictly follow the instructions of the doctors, especially on what to eat and drink. During the first three months after he was discharged from hospital, he had to return twice a week for dialysis.
Fortunately, after this period, the doctors found he was much better and told him that he didn’t undergo dialysis any longer. The doctors also said he had recovered quickly when compared to other patients of the same age with the same disease.
Now, Mr Somsy has to meet the doctors only twice a month for blood tests. Besides taking two types of pills three times a day, he also exercises two times, drinks a lot of water, eats only healthy food, and has enough relax. He can’t eat everything he likes or wants to, but eats only those foods that do not affect his disease kidney. The doctors advised him to eat only the white part of eggs, vegetable and fruits, and to avoid all strongly flavoured food with a lot of salt and spices. He can eat pork but isn't allowed to eat beef and poultry, and he cannot drink alcohol or soft drinks.
Mr Somsy's wife and children are happy that he is healthy again.
The octogenarian was born in Borikhaxay province and now lives in Naxay village of Xaysettha district in Vientiane. Many people visit him to learn from his experience of surviving a serious disease.
Unfortunately, some patients being treated for the same disease don’t follow the instructions of their doctors and have to go to hospital often for dialysis. In the worst cases, some eat and drink things that are prohibited by doctors and their condition worsens.
The wife of Mr Somsy, Mrs Bounmy, said she was very nervous when her husband was unconscious. “When he was very sick, I was shocked and sad. I didn’t know what to do to help him because I couldn’t be with him all the time at the hospital but our children were with him all through. I only tried to pray as much as possible for him,” she said.
“Fortunately, after five days, the children called to tell me that he was conscious and I was so happy. It is good that since he left the hospital, he strictly follows the instructions of the doctors. This was not the first time he underwent an operation because he had three operations earlier.”
Ms Bounmy added, “Fortunately, he takes good care of his health and he recovered quickly. His ears and eyes work better than many others of the same age. The doctors and many people have said it is rare to find someone who survived such a serious illness and recovered quickly. Of course, it is very important to follow instructions and take good care of our health.”

By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update December 7, 2017)


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