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Singer, music label chief finds extra fame in restaurant game

Ms Khambang Phonvisai is an active, ambitious and experienced vocalist who has been singing for many years.

She is happy and proud to own both a restaurant and music label as family firms that she can manage in addition to her vocal duties.

Ms Khambang offers up a popular dish.
--Photos Visith

With her husband, she is the owner and proprietor of Nutpop 2 restaurant in Pakthang village, Sikhottabong district in Vientiane, now open for more than two years.

She is also the head honcho of music label NP Records, named after the restaurant and launched to promote Lao folk music.

Ms Khambang admits to having adored arts and music including singing since she was a child.

Since then, she has continuously performed in restaurants and at many events.

In 2012 she put out her first album, and since then she has released more and a great many singles besides.

In addition to singing, she had been working in the restaurant industry to gain experience and skills as well as earn some extra income for herself and family.

She discovered that opening a restaurant might be the right move for a performer like her as she eagerly wanted to serve and entertain fans at the same time.

Now the owner of Nutpop 2, she has enjoyed realising her dream of managing the venue and entertaining customers through her music.

However, she has remained hungry for more challenges, as NP Records keeps busy introducing more performers to the public.

Besides her day job as a restaurant manager and director of a music label, she also continues to improve her vocals and music production skills.

The restaurant has live music performances daily, and Ms Khambang leads other singers to delight the diners.

The lineup of NP Records includes popular singer Mr Tom Nattakone, a regular performer at the restaurant.

Ms Khambang believes the dining trade will not impede her singing and music label management duties.

Rather, it ought to help to promote performances and the label's music separately and as a complete package.

Besides restaurant management, she and other singers work to produce and rehearse music and tracks for their fans in daylight hours.

In the evening they sing their tunes, entertaining those patrons who come to eat at the venue.

Ms Khambang admits to adoring juggling the venue and music label, and she is trying her best to manage it all by herself and with family support.

She said she is thrilled and proud as she wanted to have a business which would help her family to make a more stable and constant income for the future.

“I enjoy owning and managing this restaurant and music label with my family because these businesses can grow together at the same time.”

“They are ventures that I have dreamed of undertaking for a long time,” she added.

“I learned a lot until I was sure I could do them myself,” Ms Khambang said.

“Other business may have been promising, but it might have kept me from entertaining which I love very much.

“So I looked for something to keep me close to music and singing.

“Owning a restaurant and music label has proved to be the best for me among the choices available.

“In the beginning, it was not easy to handle everything but I and my family have tried our best to satisfy customers by being sincere, providing excellent service, and offering clean and high-quality cuisine at reasonable prices.

“We also welcome all comments from customers for further improvements.

“Fortunately, the number of clients is increasing, and we appreciate them all for coming.

“So, I would like to ask our entertainment industry friends, music fans, and everyone to support our business.”

Nutpop 2 restaurant is not far from Vientiane city centre.

It is open daily from the morning until midnight and mainly serves Lao dishes, though select international fare is also available.

There are indoor and outdoor areas with plenty of seating available.

The outdoors has a good view of the surroundings while the inside has romantic lighting and plenty of atmosphere, coupled with ample music and karaoke.

The restaurant welcomes all ages.

In the evening it is particularly popular with middle-aged to older people as it allows diners to eat, drink, and sing the classics or new hits all at the same time.

At present, the restaurant is offering special promotions.

It has many menu items and drinks to savour.

The owners, waiters and waitresses, singers and musicians are always ready to welcome and entertain.

Ms Khambang promised the restaurant would be more modern and improved in all aspects in the future and if possible, she would consider opening additional branches.

“Everyone can eat, drink and sing here. We will warmly welcome and entertain you as well as we possibly can.”

By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update October 2, 2017)


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