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Students exuberant over International Children’s Day

Like children in other countries around the world, children in Laos enjoyed the celebrations for International Children’s Day held on Thursday nationwide.
The celebrations were colourful, meaningful and also lively, starting at the beginning of the week, they are still ongoing in some areas.
Schools, the government, international organisations and the private sector all recognise the importance of children as well as International Children’s Day holding a variety of activities to mark the celebrations of this important occasion.
Meanwhile children throughout the country have been eagerly looking forward to celebrate their day.
The children are always very happy with the celebrations, thanking parents and administrators for letting the children celebrate their day’s activities which are held only once a year.

A group of primary school students take part in a cultural performance.     --Photos Visith

The celebrations in each area may have different activities planned depending on the conditions and facilities of each hosting organisation.
However, the celebrations in all areas are important and share the same meaning and purpose such as aiming to celebrate children; making them happy, educating them to be more active, intelligent, brave, diligent, grateful and healthy; and also encourage them to love each other, adults and the nation and to become good citizens when they grow up.
For these reasons, there were many activities held to officially mark International Children’s Day on the grounds of the Vientiane Department of Education and Sports on Tuesday.
Hundreds of children enjoyed taking part in activities including cultural and arts performances which attracted a large number of people.
The department’s grounds were crowded with groups of children taking part in the event as well as those who took turns in showcasing their talent on stage to their parents.
Activities included an official ceremony to review the history and importance of International Children’s Day, cultural and arts performances, tree planting, traditional sport competitions, drawing and reading.
All participating children joyfully took part in the activities around the grounds including visiting educational exhibition booths, getting free food and milk and supporting their favorite teams competing in various sports.
The event invited groups of students representing nine districts in Vientiane while different organisations took turns to go on the stage to entertain the children with various programmes of cultural and arts performances.
The performances featured traditional dance and folk singing, and a mini fashion show presented by kindergarten and primary school students from around Vientiane.
Many of the exhibition booths were installed to highlight the works of organisations in education development and educational materials and works, schools activities, and lifestyle of children.
These activities were also held to mark the celebrations for National Arbor Day which on June 1 as well.
The event was organised by the department and was attended by Vice Vientiane Mayor, Mr Sihoun Sitthileuxay, Director of Vientiane Education and Sports Department, Mr Xomphou Keopanya, officials, teachers, students, parents, and children.
A student of year 3 of Daraphone Primary School, Ms Phetmany Sengsoulichan, said that she was very glad to take part in this year’s event.
“I came here with my teachers and classmates. I am so happy and excited because there are hundreds of schoolchildren from around Vientiane here,” she said.
“I have done many things already such as drawing, reading story books, watching cultural performances and I enjoy it all very much. Of course, I will continue to do more because there are so many interesting activities to do here today.”
Another year 5 student from a primary school in Pakthang village, Sikhottabong district Mr Sayphasin Sibounhueang, said that the event was very meaningful to him and that he enjoyed it quite a bit.
“This is a really special time for us. As all children here, I am very happy to be here with classmates and parents.  I have met many new friends and we have been doing so many activities together!” he said smiling.
 “The celebration has been very fun. All of the activities are for children. I especially enjoyed visiting booths and receiving free items like candy and milk.”
“I have also been receiving so many lessons on friendship and gratefulness. I would love it if this celebration was held again next year!”


By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update June 3, 2017)


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