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Tailoring doll’s clothes sews up a sustainable income
Skills in tailoring doll’s clothes is a task that can raise enough income for a family to eat and helps pay the bills.
Ms Chansamone Xaypanya, 50, sews doll’s clothes in Xaysomboun village of Xaythany district in the capital.
She began this career receiving orders of 1,000 dresses from local factory per day.
More experienced hands receive more than 2,000 dresses per day. 
She receives 1,000 uncompleted doll’s clothes every morning from the factory, tailoring the pieces as per the factory’s advice.
Cutting off waste thread and cotton will help make these products more attractive.

Pink doll dress.

The doll’s clothes consist of dresses, trousers and shirts.
There are many different colours and styles each month.
She explains that the most difficult aspect of doing this work is there are many points of thread and cotton per dress, trousers and shirt to be cut.
After some years experience, she can finish cutting thread from a doll’s dress in just one minute per dress.
She completes trousers and shirts within 30 seconds.
Every day, she begins work on the doll’s clothes around 9am after receiving material from the factory.
She starts cooking dinner for her family at 4pm.
After having dinner, Ms Chansamone’s daughter and husband will help cutting over-part of thread and cotton of dress, trouser and shirt of doll while watching television together before going to bed around 10 pm.
Her daughters and husband help her to cut material after they return home from school or work.
That means her work will be finished early.
After daily work is completed, she will send them back to the factory and welcome more work to proceed again day by day.
“I learnt of this career from my friends in same village,” she said.
“This career is in some ways easy, not too serious. I have freedom because I can do it at my home.
“I don’t worry time away and I also don’t have to invest too much of my own money.
“This job doesn’t use too much energy and I don’t feel lonely when I am doing this work at home after my husband and my daughters go to work or school.
“This work can also make enough income for my family.
“This job allows my family to enjoy time working together on a common goal. It also strengthens the family relationship.
“I can earn money, about 1.5 million per month from tailoring doll’s clothes and it is enough income to help my family buy enough food and rice to eat daily.
“Some people might think that this may be tedious but I still love it.”

By Viengdavanh Banphahaksa
(Latest Update June 12, 2017)


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