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Tasty pork snack brings home the bacon for Vientiane housewife

Ms Hiengkoun keeps smiling as her regular customers arrive to buy the popular savoury pork snack yormou at her house, giving her a monthly profit of about 6 million kip.

This amount means that her family can live above the poverty line, eat healthy meals and wear nice clothes, as targeted by the government in its effort to raise the whole population out of poverty.

You may be interested to know how she has achieved this success and is able to earn a sustainable income. Ms Hiengkoun, or Nok, can be considered lucky because she was born into a family of yormou makers in Phonxay village, Xaysettha district, Vientiane.

Yormou is ready to serve.

She watched her parents making yormou when she was a young girl and that was one of her first childhood memories. Then she took up the trade when she got married.

But she does things a little differently from her parents. Her parents made only yormou but Ms Hiengkoun makes other kinds of pork snacks as well so that her customers have more choice. Her wares include sommou , sweet sausage, sour sausage and dried shredded pork. Every step of the preparation process follows traditional methods and ensures cleanliness.

She also packages the snacks more attractively than her parents did and makes an attempt to improve every aspect so as to keep her customers satisfied.

Over 50 years in the business, her family has had a steady income due to a regular stream of customers, including Lao, Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese, who usually buy her products at her shop in Phonxay village.

She spends about 3 million kip a day on the ingredients she needs.

She buys fresh pork, vegetable oil, charcoal, banana leaves, pork fat, fish sauce, sugar, baking powder, potato starch, white pepper, black pepper, ice, and plastic string to tie up the packages.

How to make yormou :

1. Mix fish sauce, baking powder, sugar, potato starch, white pepper and water and stir them thoroughly, then mix them in with the minced pork.

2. Put the mixture into a sealed plastic bag and keep it in a fridge for at least four hours.

3. Then put it into the freezer for about 45 minutes so that the pork is half frozen or contains small pieces of ice.

4. Put it into a food processor and process until the pork turns pink. Then add black pepper and continue to spin for a short time.

5. Shape the mixture into a loaf, which can be whatever size you like, and wrap it in clean banana leaves. Finally, wrap it in foil and cook over hot charcoal for 30 minutes. Then soak it in clean water before putting it the fridge. The finished product is now ready to eat or to sell. Enjoy!


By Times Reporters
(Latest Update April 1, 2017)


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