What should we do to erase racial discrimination?

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed on March 21every year.

.. More >>>

- What should be done to prevent outbreaks of measles-rubella?
The measles-rubella virus is potentially dangerous spreading through contact with droplets from an infected person’s .. More >>>
- Lotteries can cause more harm than good
I want to raise the issue of lottery selling. It is a complex problem that could have serious consequences for the Lao people if the government doesn’t act to do something about the situation soon. .. More >>>

- How will local communities benefit from a scheme to manage river fish stocks in Savannakhet?
A new project is beginning in Savannakhet province looking at community engagement to encourage the conservation .. More >>>
- What can be done to prevent the spread of blue ear disease in pigs?
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is warning farmers about an outbreak of ‘porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome’, better known as blue ear disease, which has been detected in pigs in Luang Prabang .. More >>>
- Road accident drama exposes pervasive autocracy
A road accident that has become notorious for the outrageous behaviour of a senior off-duty police officer who pulled a gun on a young soldier following the collision of their pick-up trucks has resulted in widespread public condemnation. People from all walks of life have criticised the police colonel for his aggressive and rude attitude toward the young soldier. The men did not know each other before the accident, which occurred in Vientiane earlier this month... More >>>
- What do you think of phone use and smoking when driving?
Over 1,000 people were killed on Lao roads in 2018.  While speed and alcohol have long been acknowledged as major causes of the worst road tragedies.. More >>>
- How can we be more mindful of social media misuse?
The government has warned social media users and publishers that reporting or sharing false information in.. More >>>
- What do you think of the proposed tax on businesses that produce pollution?
In support of the government’s Green Growth Strategy, industries that produce pollution may have to pay an additional tax. .. More >>>
- What are your thoughts on the new water supply for Hadxaifong and Pakngum districts?
A new water supply facility has opened in Hadxaifong district, to distribute water to one village in Hadxaifong and .. More >>>
- How do you rate the Vientiane book festival?
More than 2,000 children from schools in Vientiane are visiting and taking part in the Vientiane Book Festival from March 7-17 at the World Trade Center. Over 200 booths are selling books, which have been provided by Lao and foreign publishers. Vientiane Times went along to ask students, teachers and bookstall attendants what they saw as being the benefits for themselves and for young people... More >>>
- What can we do to enhance the role of women in society?
On International Women’s Day, Vientiane Times turned to the younger generation to get their opinions on the progress being made by women in achieving greater recognition and respect... More >>>
- Are tighter regulations and penalties around tobacco use a good thing?
The government has issued a new decree imposing heavier fines and penalties for those who violate the regulations and laws on tobacco control. All cigarette packets, including imported ones, must carry health warnings including images, although many still don’t... More >>>
- Five things I can do to help women and girls in the workplace
Every year around International Women‘s Day  we see a dramatic rise in articles on how the world would/could change for the better if women received their due share of access to nutrition, health services, educational opportunities, employment prospects etc.... More >>>
- What can be done to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and help those living with HIV?
The Ministry of Health and the Centre for HIV/AIDS and STI this week held an event to distribute information on the impacts of HIV and ways to prevent infection, which was attended by young people and officials... More >>>
- What are you doing to protect Laos’ wildlife?
World Wildlife Day on March 3 each year highlights the importance of protecting the diversity of the planet’s animal kingdom..... More >>>
- What can be done to clear the city’s blocked drains and prevent flooding?
Blocked drains during a storm last week resulted in flooded roads. On one busy road that had rapidly rising waters, one man stood out from the rest when he stood in the dirty water and tried to clear a storm water drain of mud and litter. His actions were praiseworthy and set a good example to the rest of us... More >>>
- Laos needs to improve regional road links
Border roads linking Laos to Vietnam have steadily improved over the years but they are still not wide enough to accommodate the many large trucks that enter the country via our eastern neighbour. Trucks have become bigger and bigger but Laos’ roads, even the new ones, remain too narrow to accommodate them. At least in countries such as Vietnam and Thailand the trucks are large but the roads are wide enough to carry the heaviest freight... More >>>

- How did you enjoy the Xayaboury elephant festival?
Xayaboury province’s annual Elephant Festival came to an end on Thursday. The spectacular event featured 70 elephants, who performed 20 shows. Thousands of people flocked to the festival which included activities throughout the day and evening. Vientiane Times went along to enjoy the fun and find out what visitors thought about it. .. More >>>
- An insight into strengthening Lao-German relations
Vice-Minister of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and a member of the German parliament, Mr Norbert Barthle, is in Vientiane this week to boost relations and cooperation between Laos and Germany. A senior journalist at Vientiane Times conducted a written interview with the German vice-minister... More >>>
- What can be done to improve sales of organically farmed produce?
Even though organic farming is on the rise, growers are unable to meet demand as there aren’t enough markets selling organic produce. Growers struggle to produce a wide variety of organically grown fruit and vegetables despite consumer demand.  Vientiane Times asked some members of the public for their thoughts on the matter.
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- Eradicating nepotism in civil service recruitment
Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith recently warned ministries and provincial and district administrations to put a stop to nepotism when it comes to recruiting civil servants. The warning came after the government acknowledged that instances  of hiring the relatives of or people close to senior state officials for jobs in state departments, without taking their qualifications into account, were detrimental  to public service delivery.  .. More >>>
- How are you enjoying the new road and how can it be maintained?
A new road running from the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge through to Dongphosy and Huaymarkhiew was recently completed. This road follows the Mekong River through Hadxaifong district and links directly to the 450 Road and Thanalaeng train station. Vientiane Times went to have a look and ask some locals what they think of it.
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- Is it good to impose new guidelines for Lao-foreign marriages?
There have been frequent allegations by Lao nationals that they have been physically and mentally harassed by.. More >>>
- Laos needs regional cooperation to realise its land-bridge dream
A UN official in charge of helping landlocked nations around the world to fulfil their development potential has asked Thailand .. More >>>
- What do you think about the special solidarity between Laos and Vietnam? 
Laos and Vietnam share a border of more than 2,000 kilometres and enjoy a deep and close relationship. With Vietnam’s new president currently in Laos on a goodwill visit
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- Police officer’s road accident will help public to understand the regulations
The involvement of a man purported to be a police Lieutenant Colonel in a drink driving case last week has been a hot topic on social media.
Large numbers of people have posted comments about the irresponsible behaviour of the so-called police officer who was filmed crashing his pick-up into a motorbike and then driving away from the scene of the accident. Film footage showed him to be extremely intoxicated.....More >>>
- How are you affected by ongoing road works?
The 9.4km road from the Tanmixay crossroads in Xaythany district to the Sikeuth junction in Naxaithong district is being widened and resurfaced, but the work is taking far longer than expected. Local residents and business .. More >>>
- What do you think about the law restricting the sale of alcohol? 
To comply with the Law on Alcoholic Beverages enacted in 2014, shops and individuals selling..... More >>>
- Road construction should take needs of local people into consideration
The government is always working to improve people’s quality of life, while also making sweeping changes .. More >>>
- Will the new, stronger penalties help to curb drunk driving?
Authorities have introduced harsher penalties for traffic offences in which alcohol has played a part... More >>>
- How can we make Laos a more attractive tourist destination?
Despite Visit Laos Year 2018 being a successful campaign and high expectations occurring for .. More >>>
- How will you maintain the standard of your award-winning tourism services?
As part of a recent meeting to assess the outcomes of last year’s Visit Laos Year 2018 campaign, Deputy Prime Minister Dr Sonexay Siphandone presented Lao PDR
.. More >>>
- How can state officials set an example in obeying traffic regulations?
Vientiane authorities have proposed that Party and state officials should set an example in complying with the rules of the road and that those breaking the rules should be subject to an additional penalty... More >>>
- What’s the best way to prevent diarrhoea infections?
Hot weather can make the spread of certain infections like diarrhoea more likely. Last year,.. More >>>
- What are you doing to ensure success during Visit Laos-China Year 2019?
The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism held a national tourism meeting this week .. More >>>
- What can we do to protect ourselves on-line?
Social media is used by all sorts of people in all sorts of settings. Laws are in place to regulate its use, .. More >>>
- What can be done to make visitors feel welcome during Visit Laos-China Year?
It is now Visit Laos-China Year and Laos stands ready to welcome a large number of visitors. Vientiane Times asked some government officials and local residents what they plan to do to help people have an enjoyable stay. .. More >>>
- What were the government’s main successes last year and what should be the goals in 2019?
Laos is developing year by year and investment means change is happening everywhere in the country. Vientiane Times hit the town to talk with people about what they thought of the changes fostered by the government last year and what they hope to see achieved in 2019... More >>>
- Do you approve of snitching on people who dump rubbish on roadsides?
Mr Sitthiphone, an official in Xayaboury province: Public mobilisation to assist authorities in their work is a very good idea... More >>>
- What steps do you take to prevent cancer?
Millions of people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer every day. World Cancer Day on February 4 raises awareness about the terrible impacts .. More >>>
- What can be done to reduce air pollution and improve air quality? 
Air pollution is a problem increasingly faced by many countries. Bangkok and other cities often see levels of particulate matter in the air rise to unsafe levels... More >>>
- Dealing with pollution as urbanisation spreads in Asia
PHNOM PENH (Rasmei Kampuchea Daily/ANN) -- Governments should think about a regional mechanism to deal with toxic air. .. More >>>

- What can be done to keep trucks out of the city centre during rush hour?
Peak traffic hours at the start and close of business and schools each day is when traffic congestion is at its worst. Trucks and other vehicles carrying freight have been banned from Vientiane’s streets during business hours to help ease the problem... More >>>
- Higher education system in Laos: Opportunities and challenges
Higher education systems are critical in modern societies for the contributions they make to innovation and wealth creation. These systems, which comprise public and private colleges and universities, support human endeavour of all kinds, including in areas of human resource development, scientific and technological discovery, and the introduction of new ideas to a society. . More >>>
- How will you celebrate Vietnamese and Chinese New Year?
Vietnamese people celebrate the New Year based on the lunisolar calendar (calculating both the motions of earth around the sun and of the moon around earth). Tet is generally celebrated on the same day as Chinese New Year, except when the one-hour time difference.. More >>>
- How can agriculture in Champassak province be improved?
Agriculture is essential for producing sufficient produce to meet market demand, especially with the current increase in tourism... More >>>
- What should be done to promote Lao food?
Laos has a variety of traditional foods that are nutritious, delicious and unique on the world stage.  .. More >>>
- How should compensation payouts to people affected by the planned expressway be managed?
A 15.2 km, four-lane expressway to be built by China’s Nolico and a Lao company at a cost of US$200 million (1,710.5 billion kip).. More >>>
- What are the benefits of food festivals?
The Lao Food Festival, which took place at Chao Anouvong Park in Vientiane last week, attracted thousands of people who visited the many stalls and bought various products. The festival featured hundreds of stalls displaying food, drinks and handicrafts from all parts of Laos. Vientiane Times went along and asked the organisers and some exhibitors about the benefits of such events... More >>>
- Tourism developments should comply with the law
All tourist site developments must comply with zoning laws so that investment avenues for investors remain transparent and the natural environment is protected. .
More >>>
- What’s important to you when choosing ingredients for cooking?
The 14th Lao Food Festival is taking place near the Mekong River at Chao Anouvong Park. Organised by the Lao Women’s Union and the Lao Business Women’s Association, more than 160 stalls are selling some of the best foods and produce to be found in Laos and other countries. Vientiane Times went along to learn some of the secrets of Lao cuisine. The festival continues until Saturday... More >>>
- World Leprosy Day demands end to discrimination, stigma and prejudice
Every year, we observe World Leprosy Day on the last Sunday in January, which this year is January 27, when health experts will call for an end to discrimination, stigma and prejudice. Leprosy, or Hansen’s disease, is caused by Mycobacterium leprae. Transmission is via droplets from the nose and mouth of untreated patients with severe symptoms. However, leprosy is not highly infectious... More >>>
- Visit Laos-China Year, a great opportunity to showcase nation’s charm
Visit Laos-China Year 2019 is a golden opportunity for Laos to showcase its many attractions and benefit from tourism in many ways... More >>>
- What can we do to preserve trees instead of felling them for industrial purposes?
The 5th Lao Wood Furniture Fair took place recently in Vientiane, hosted by the Lao Furniture Association .. More >>>
- Tourism should be top of Laos’ development agenda
I recently went to Luang Prabang province to cover a news event. In addition to reporting, I got to visit places that .. More >>>

- What’s it like working on a tea plantation?
Beautiful Pakxong district in Champassak province is gaining notoriety for the quality of its tea and coffee. .. More >>>
- What is it like serving in the military?
January 20 is Lao People’s Army Day and this year the military celebrated its 70th birthday. Recently, the army organised a trade fair in Vientiane exhibiting many of the products and goods it manufactures. .. More >>>
- What has impressed you most about Laos during your holiday here?
As this is Visit Laos-China Year, the government is working to attract more Chinese visitors. Vientiane Times went out and about to ask Chinese tourists what they liked about Laos and what services could be improved... More >>>
- How does tourism benefit you?
With tourism on the upsurge in Laos and one of the country’s main income earners, staff from the Tourism Marketing Department,.. More >>>

- Coordination key for tackling issue of illegal foreign workers in Laos
Deputy Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone said last week authorities from the labour and social welfare sector across the country should speed up the registration of illegal foreign workers.  .. More >>>

- How can we ensure the flood recovery budget is put to good use?
The government has approved a special budget of 500 billion kip to repair infrastructure that was damaged in last year’s floods .. More >>>
- What part do you play in sustaining the natural beauty of visitor attractions?
Laos’ scenic wonders continues to be a major draw card for international visitors. .. More >>>
- Will increasing the tax on cigarettes help to curb smoking?
The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has increased the tax on cigarettes, hoping to encourage people to quit and deter young people from taking up smoking, which is a waste of money as well as causing serious health problems. The tax will increase from 500 kip to 600 kip, and the price of an imported packet of cigarettes must not be less than 4,000 kip. .. More >>>
- Maximising the benefits of Visit Laos-China Year
Lao and Chinese authorities are drawing up detailed plans for activities during Visit Laos-China Year 2019, the first time Laos has partnered with another country in such an event. It seems that this initiative is widely welcomed, especially by tour and service operators. This is because their businesses stand to directly benefit from the expected influx of visitors from China and beyond.. More >>>
- What do you think of the army’s trade fair?
To mark the 70th anniversary of the Lao People’s Army on January 20, army personnel from 43 units staged an exhibition of the goods they produce, with members of the public attending the event from January 4-9. Vientiane Times went along to learn people’s thoughts about the work of the army. .. More >>>
- Police who use position for personal gain should be disciplined
The case of a well-known Lao businessman who was fined over a dubious traffic offence has been a hot topic on social media after.. More >>>
- What should be done to prevent the harmful use of chemicals?
It seems that many farmers and business operators aren’t fully aware of the harm that can be caused by the chemicals they use. Although chemicals are potentially dangerous to humans and animals, their use on crops is widespread because they speed up growth .. More >>>
- No takers for products made by soldiers
Some products for use in the kitchen, made by army personnel, had no takers at the annual military market which ended in Vientiane yesterday, although many people said they appreciated the quality of the products... More >>>
- What are your thoughts on the importance of blood donations?
Every year the demand for blood increases among hospital patients, with the negative blood types being the hardest to obtain. This means.. More >>>
- What is needed to put Saravan on the tourism map?
Reporters are visiting Saravan to learn about the province’s tourist attractions, with the trip organised by the .. More >>>
- What can be done to ensure better repair of roads?
Many roads are in urgent need of repair, especially after the heavy rains last year washed out large sections. But the Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department says it does not have enough money to fund road repairs in all nine districts of the city. .. More >>>
- How can the skills of the Lao workforce be improved?
Laos’ membership in the Asean Economic Community brings easier access to trade, services, investment, labour and other aspects of regional connectivity. But it also means that workers from other Asean countries can penetrate Laos’ job market.. More >>>
- What are your personal goals and what are your hopes for Laos in 2019?
Lao people nationwide and people around the world have celebrated the start of a new year with hopes of greater achievements in life... More >>>
- How does meditation at New Year benefit young people?
While for some young people New Year is just an excuse to party, others prefer to reflect on the year just past, plan for 2019, .. More >>>
- Is it a good idea to modernise the payment of government officials’ salaries? The government is considering overhauling the way it pays officials so they get their wages on time and is mulling the idea of paying salaries via the use of bank transfers and ATM cards. Vientiane Times asked people for their opinions on this new system. .. More >>>
- What will you do to celebrate the New Year?
To welcome the New Year, with 2019 making an entry on Tuesday, many people are planning celebrations with friends and family while others will pray at a temple. Vientiane Times asked around to find out how people plan to usher in the New Year. .. More >>>
- What’s your opinion of the development of tourism in Xieng Khuang?
Xieng Khuang province lies in the northeast of Laos and has an abundance of tourist attractions including many of historical interest... More >>>
- What can be done to reduce the risk of fires?
Some 177 fires have been recorded around the country this year, killing six people, injuring six others and causing over 33 billion kip in damage. Authorities say many houses and commercial buildings have poor wiring and are planning tougher regulations and standards to reduce the risk of fires. Vientiane Times asked members of the public what safety precautions should be taken... More >>>
- How is your family important to you?
The family is the fundamental unit of Lao society and most people believe spending time with their family is essential to forge strong bonds. .. More >>>
- How can we prevent the indiscriminate dumping of rubbish?
Despite attempts by the authorities to keep Laos clean, the situation seems only to be getting worse, as evidenced by the many places in .. More >>>
- What do you think of acrobatics in Laos?
Ms Vongphet, an official with the Lao Performing Artists’ Association, Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism: This is the first time Lao.. More >>>
- How do Asian Development Bank projects benefit Laos?
Many communities in Laos need better infrastructure, jobs, education and healthcare.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) contributes a lot of assistance in this regard with Oudomxay being one of the beneficiary provinces. Vientiane Times went to the province and asked some local residents what they thought about ADB-funded projects... More >>>
- What are your thoughts on tourism development in Oudomxay?
Oudomxay province is in the northwest of Laos and has an abundance of tourist attractions. .. More >>>
- What does solidarity mean to you?
Solidarity is an important part of what it means to care about people and humanity.  It is through a sense of solidarity that generous things for other.. More >>>
- What do you think of Laos’ success at the Miss Universe pageant?
Ms Binly Duangpaserth, a vendor in Xaythany district: I saw something on facebook but I wasn’t sure what the news was because it was shared with .. More >>>
- Should the Health Insurance Fund cover annual health checks?
A debate at the National Assembly on the draft Law on Health Insurance, which includes the Health Insurance Fund, .. More >>>
- What are your impressions of ecotourism in Pakxong district?
Mystic Mountain Homestay and Coffee in Pakxong district offers visitors accommodation on a coffee farm that is a base for trekking and visiting
.. More >>>

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