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Animal husbandry helps rural family have a better life

Working in the office and waiting for a salary each month was not enough for one family to meet monthly payments, which forced Mr Somvang Manbounmy to rear animals to earn more money as well.
Each day, Mr Somvang wakes up early to feed and take care of his chickens before taking a bath, putting on his uniform and going to work.  
Animal husbandry is a choice to earn a living. Mr Somvang’s family rear native chickens for sale and personal consumption, which provides them with important income to  provide them with better living standards.
Working is necessary for everyone to earn a living and add more income. Mr Somvang’s family, who live in Hinheup Neua village, Hinheup district, Vientiane province, choose to rear native chickens for sale to ensure they have enough money each month and to become models in the community.
Since 1997, he has reared pigs and native chicken for sale, which proved a good job to earn money. But in 2013 he had to stop rearing animals because

Rearing native chickens for sale and personal consumption helps Mr Somvang’s family earn more money.  

his two children moved to Vientiane to study so he had a labor shortage.
Mr Somvang is a civil servant official in the Agriculture and Forestry Department so after he stopped rearing pigs and native chickens his salary was not enough to pay bills each month.
In 2014, he thought must do something to earn more money. He initially decided to rear 60 native chickens and let them hatch by themselves, but it was not enough so he decided to buy two egg incubators. The number of his native flock increased year by year, and he now has more than 300 chickens and gets between 60 to 70 eggs per day.
Mr Somvang said he could sell about 500 kg of chickens each month and earn between 5 to 6 million kip.
Normally, he transports the animals to local markets to sell, and sometimes merchants go directly to his farm so it is quite convenient for him.
He said that native chicken tasted delicious and people liked to eat it, so rearing chickens for sale was a good job to provide better standards of living for his family.
Mr Somvang added that it was not difficult to rear native chickens, but the most important thing was to enjoy the job, because it was not as convenient as working in an office.
He cleans the chicken coop once a week to prevent diseases and he will not raise chickens from outside areas.
In the future he will rear more native chickens to increase his family’s income, but he urged the sector concerned to find a market for everyone to rear chickens for sale.
He is ready to give advice to anyone wanting to learn techniques to rear native chickens because it will help everyone have better living standards like his family.
Mr Somvang’s family has worked hard for many years and like to rear native chicken, which has helped them to become a model in the community.
Now his family is happy because they have enough money to send the children to study, make payments each month, and save some in the bank.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update July 1 , 2017 )

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