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Chicken farm helps rural family rise above poverty

Every family has different ways of earning a living and bettering their lot in life. Mrs Kongthong Vongphaylot in Xayaboury province chose to rear laying hens and sell their eggs to earn money.
Many families do all manner of things to make a living, including growing crops, rearing animals, and running some kind of service or business.

Laying hens kept by Mrs Kongthong have boosted the family’s savings.

Keeping laying hens is important work for Mrs Kongthong’s family and has set them on the path to prosperity so they have become a model household in Senglai village, Paklai district.
The family began keeping hens in 2005 and ever since the venture has enabled them to improve their living standards step by step. They have worked hard in hopes of saving as much money as possible.
Previously people in the village bought eggs imported from Thailand and although they were cheap they weren’t good quality. So Mrs Kongthong decided to keep laying hens herself and become a supplier of good quality eggs.
To begin with, it was quite difficult for the family because they weren’t familiar with this kind of work and had no experience.
She said they had some suitable land so she learnt how to build a chicken coop, how to rear the hens and how to feed them by reading books and asking other people who had some experience.
She also got advice from agriculture and forestry technicians in the district and became confident that she could be successful.
After that her family decided to borrow some money from the Agriculture Promotion Bank to add to their own money to buy 200 laying hens and the necessary materials to house them. Altogether they spent about 20 million kip.
After keeping the hens for 15 days they started to lay eggs. Every day Mrs Kongthong collected more than 150 eggs and earned about 99,000 kip from selling them. Very soon she had pocketed nearly 3 million kip.
Mrs Kongthong said traders came directly to her farm to buy eggs and it was easy for her family to sell them and also take some to Paklai market.
Flushed with success and seeing the strong market demand, she decided to keep another 1,500 hens and increased the number year by year.
By 2011, she had 5,500 hens and had spent more than 500 million kip. She also hired five workers to help out on the farm.
Last year, she had 7,000 hens and was able to provide at least 5,000 eggs a day for market sale, earning about 3 million kip. On average, each month she earned about 90 million kip.
She is now experimenting with making organic fertiliser from chicken droppings which she mixes with cassava waste and also sells this. If her latest venture goes well it will provide the family with another source of income.
Mrs Kongthong also keeps other poultry and fish for the family’s meals which helps to cut household food expenses.
After the family’s hard work, perseverance and solidarity, their success is clear for everyone to see and they richly deserve the accolade of a model family in Senglai village.
They are happy with their achievement and the wealth it has brought.
In the future Mts Kongthong plans to buy even more hens and to improve the organic fertiliser so that it is better quality. 
She is happy to teach her methods to others in the community so that they too can enjoy better living standards, just as her family now does.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update May 6 , 2017 )

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