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Dried river weed earns extra income for remote area family

Water is a valuable resource for the lives of people and animals and it is a place for Mrs Bouakham Sythoumma's family to earn money by producing dried river weed sheets to sell.

Mrs Bouakham's family lives in Muangkham village, Chomphet district, Luang Prabang province. Like many families in the community, they work as farmers, but after they have finished growing rice each year they use the time to produce dried river weed sheet to earn more money.

Luang Prabang province produces many kinds of native foods and it is popular for tourists who want to eat it. This is becoming an important for local people to produce a variety of native foods to sell to earn money.

Dried river weed sheet is one kind of food that has a delicious taste and it has become an item local families have started to produce for sale.

Mrs Bouakham's family have produced dried river weed sheets for many years, which has improved their living standards step by step.

She said her family had grown rice for many years but they started to produce dried river weed sheet to sell and they were certified as a model family in the community.

She started to make dried river weed sheet in 1990 and has since invested about one million kip to buy material and ingredients so she could produce between 100 to 150 sheets per day.

Mrs Bouakham said dried river weed sheets were good to sell so district officials set up a group in the village, where villagers were sent to be trained about techniques to produce in Nambark village to guarantee villagers could make quality, good-tasting and hygienically dried river weed sheet.

She said training techniques to produce dried river weed sheet were not difficult because she was experienced in making it, but it could help her learn to further improve the quality of her product.

Now, her family can produce about 250 dried river weed sheets per day. Each sheet has an average sale price of 2,500 kip, making the family an average monthly income of about 12 million kip per month and helping to improve their living standards.

Dried river weed sheets can only be produced five months a year from January to May, when the water is clean and there is an abundance of the plant.

Producing dried river weed sheets has helped Mrs Bouakham's family have better living conditions compared to when they only grew rice.

She added that her family would not stop growing rice because everyone still eats the staple. All people in the family have enough rice to consume all year round.

River weed supplements their income to allow them to earn more money.

Mrs Bouakham said that it was not difficult to produce dried river weed sheets and anyone could make it if they knew the technique.

She added that now she wa s experienced in producing dried river weed, so she was ready to teach other people if they wa nted to sell it to help everyone have the same income as achieved in her family.

Her family will continue to produce dried water weed sheets as long as they remain popular as an appropriate way to surpass poverty.




By Times Reporters
(Latest Update July 29 , 2017 )

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