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Farmer proves everyone can have a better life

Mixing farming and animal husbandry has helped farmers in remote areas to produce sufficient food for their families as well as a surplus for sale. Mr Samlan Poyphanit is one such farmer whose family's income and living standards improved after he adopted this approach.

Many families in remote areas across the nation have been engaged in agriculture and rearing animals for hundreds of years. In the past, however, this was only to meet their own needs because they usually had no access to roads leading to markets where they could sell their produce.

Growing rice for sale helps Mr Samlan's family have a better life.

Since the government set the target of developing the country and improving living standards, basic infrastructure in many places has improved, especially following the construction of numerous roads.

Convenient access to these roads has helped villagers transport their goods to nearby markets, and also encouraged them to grow a variety crops for sale to earn more money.

Mr Samlan is one such farmer from Hinlat village in Sanamxay district, Attapeu province. He has been farming and rearing animals as a livelihood for many years.

In 1990, the infrastructure of Hinlat village was in a poor condition and Mr Samlan's family had virtually no monthly income.

He said that now the infrastructure in his area has improved considerably, especially roads that can be used to access many places. This makes it convenient for him to travel to nearby markets with his produce.

In 1991, the authorities completed the construction of an irrigation system for his community and this helped Mr Samlan's family to grow rice on two hectares during both the wet and dry seasons. The family produced eight tonnes of rice in one year, enough to have a surplus after meeting its own needs.

After earning money from the surplus, his family decided to grow rice on two more hectares.

The family also bought cows, buffaloes, pigs and poultry, and the number of animals increased year by year. Soon, they could send some of the animals for sale in nearby markets.

In 2010, Mr Samlan decided to take a loan of 25 million kip from Nayoby bank to expand his rice fields by two more hectares, taking the total area for his rice crop to six hectares.

He bought 19 more cows, and he now has 29 cows and 25 buffaloes. He also grows teak trees for sale on 15 hectares.

Mr Samlan said technicians from the Agriculture and Forestry Division in Sanamxay district advised him on farming techniques, especially the use of dung to replace chemical fertilisers so that his rice is chemical-free.

The technicians also gave him tips on rearing animals, especially the prevention of diseases, and this helped increase the number of animals year by year.

Mr Samlan earns more than 70 million kip a year by selling rice and animals and this helped improve his family's living standards.

He said he will continue to grow rice and rear animals for sale because this is the right way for his family to earn a living. He added that if possible, he will get more land to grow rice and increase the number of his animals to earn more money.

Although he has to work hard from morning till evening every day, tending to his rice fields and looking after his animals, Mr Samlan said he is happy.

Now, Mr Samlan's family has become a model for the community because of his hard work and dedication.

He said his community still has enough land to grow crops and rear animals so that all families in the area can benefit.

He is ready to give advice and share tips and techniques for farming and rearing animals if anyone is interested because this will help everyone to have a better life and also develop the community.

Mr Samlan said he hopes Sanamxay district will be able to eradicate poverty soon and everyone will have sufficient food and a surplus to earn some money.


By Times Reporters
(Latest Update September , 2017 )

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