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Champassak weavers hit a snag in finding markets

 As he politely answered a customer’s question about the quality of the sinh woven by the Saphai Handicraft Weaving Group, which were on display at the That Luang festival in Vientiane....

.   More >>>

- Traditional straw mats boost income for villagers in Khammuan
Buckling under the weight of two heavy loads of straw balanced on her shoulders, Ms Muan Vannalath hurries to put her load down as she arrives home. .   More >>>
Handicrafts and herbal products boost rural incomes
Weaving and the manufacture of herbal products are emerging as important avenues for unemployed women in Savannakhet province to supplement their families’ monthly income..   More >>>
Healthy juice drink lends vigour, helps Saravan folk line pockets
or a long time, maoberries, or wild blackcurrants, known in Laos as “mak mao” have been a favourite fruit with people throughout the country. .   More >>>
Lao artisan making fans to blow poverty away 
Without having  careful observation of this paper fan, you may use it only for relieving the heat..   More >>>
Bamboo products provide sustainable source of income for Sangthong artisans
She takes a seat and slowly explains the background of the bamboo products that are popular among customers today in Vientiane.
For almost 10 years, Ms Bountom Hongvilay has been engaged in making bamboo handicrafts and furniture, helping her to understand the needs of customers over a period of time..   More >>>
Broom making sweeps poverty away
"If your home has some dust or garbage and needs cleaning, some of you may use a vacuum cleaner to do the job. But a vacuum cleaner may be an expensive purchase for people on low incomes. .   More >>>

Rural family reaps rewards of farming
Rearing animals and growing crops not only allows people to produce sufficient food for consumption but these products can also be sold, which was key for Mr Sangvan Phapasert's family in increasing their income and moving out of poverty. .   More >>>

Coffee farming energises fortunes of rural family
Waking up early to care for his coffee trees has become the normal routine for Mr Phouthone Simthaphasert because he knows this has helped his family to escape poverty and have better living standards. .   More >>>
- Raising porkers helps rural families to bring home the bacon
Rearing pigs for sale is helping people living in rural areas of Laos to earn more money and improve the living standards of their families. .   More >>>
- Rearing fish for sale a sound investment
Everyone has a different way of earning a living depending on their skills, and Mrs Somlan Bounmychit's family chose to breed fish for their personal consumption and sale so they could have better living standards. .   More >>>
- Farmer proves everyone can have a better life
Mixing farming and animal husbandry has helped farmers in remote areas to produce sufficient food for their families as well as a surplus for sale. Mr Samlan Poyphanit is one such farmer whose family's income and living standards improved after he adopted this approach. .   More >>>
- Bamboo, mangoes yield healthy profit for enterprising woman
At one time she didn't know anything about farming but Ms Souphaluck Phobubpha now grows bamboo and mangoes for sale and owns the Nakham bamboo garden in Vientiane province. .   More >>>
- Organic vegetables help remote family to move out of poverty
Slash and burn cultivation was not the right way to improve the living standards of Mr Bounyort Keosavat's family so they has to replace their crops with organic vegetables to sell to help them have better lives. .   More >>>
- Local woman creates value through weaving
On the outskirts of the capital, a woman is working consistently to help her family have a better living standard thanks to the weaving skills she inherited from her parents since her own childhood. .   More >>>
- Raising livestock helps remote area family to escape the poverty trap
People in remote areas nationwide have been working in animal husbandry and agricultural production for many centuries, and animals and crops remain crucial because selling them is a way many families can earn money. .   More >>>
- Dried river weed earns extra income for remote area family
Water is a valuable resource for the lives of people and animals and it is a place for Mrs Bouakham Sythoumma's family to earn money by producing dried river weed sheets to sell. .   More >>>
- Mushrooms can help households to earn income
Working as trader selling variety goods at home was not the right way to earn a living for Mr Bounthom Phankhamsao's family, so they instead started growing mushrooms to sell, which has given them a better life. .   More >>>
- Coffee helps remote family banish poverty
Growing rice was difficult and unsuitable to improve living standards for Mr Bounkuay Manyvong's family, so they instead decided to grow coffee to sell which was the right job for them to earn money. .   More >>>
- Weaving group faces marketing challenge
Ms Chansamay Sorsaengsouliyan politely answers a customer's question about the quality, and the background, of the cotton woven napkins she is displaying at her booth at Lao-ITECC, in Vientiane. Ms Chansamay, is a member of the Lao Silk and Cotton Handicraft Group in Khamyard village, Xanasomboun district, Champassak province. The province is located in the south of Laos some 700 km from Vientiane. .   More >>>

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