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Mushrooms can help households to earn income

Working as trader selling variety goods at home was not the right way to earn a living for Mr Bounthom Phankhamsao's family, so they instead started growing mushrooms to sell, which has given them a better life.

Everyone has different ways to e arn a living. Some like to grow a variety of crops for sale and personal consumption, but Mr Bounthom's family choose to grow nanglom, nangfa and khonkhao mushrooms to sell. Their living conditions are now changed dramatically and they have become a model family in the community.

Mr Bounthom lives in Nabong village, Pakngum district, Vientiane. He used to sell variety crops in front of his house for many years, but this was insufficient and he could not improve his family's living standards so he had an idea to change jobs.

Nang Lom mushrooms produced at Mr Bounthom's farm.

He said he liked to work in agricultural production so it was on his mind all the time and he hoped he would one day he have a chance to grow crops for sale.

In 2012, he saw his friends train how to grow crops in Salakham village so he thought it would be a good opportunity for his family if he could learn techniques to grow mushrooms. He attended the training and stopped selling goods and started to grow mushrooms instead.

Initially, he built two mushroom growing huts and bought mushrooms to grow with a cost of about 20 million kip. He now has 12 mushroom growing huts.

He sells his mushrooms in many hotels, restaurants and markets around Vientiane city, earning between 30 to 40 million kip per month.

His income from selling mushrooms helps improve his family's living standards.

Like his family, many people may not have experience in growing mushrooms, but it was not diffic ult to learn from other people with experience, he said.

He said he saw many patient and hard-working gardeners and farmers, and it would not be difficult for them to improve their living standards if they took advice and learned techniques from technicians.

Growing mushrooms is similar t o other crops, because they need checking to prevent pest damage.

Now he stays happy because he likes his job and is happy to get up early to che ck for pests that will destroy his mushrooms.

He said now he was experienced in growing oyster mushrooms he was ready to teach other people because it would help everyone in the community gain income and improve living standards, like his family had done.

In the future, he plans to build more mushroom growing huts to grow more mushrooms because it is good job for his family to earn money.

Deputy Head of Nabong village, Mr Khanty Duangboutpha said villagers in the community were encouraged to work in agricultural production and animal husbandry to earn a living, especially since there were 22 families growing mushrooms for sale.

He said Mr Bounthom had a model business to grow nanglom, nangfa and khonkhao mushrooms because he could sell about 200 to 300 kg per day and earn about 30 to 40 million kip per month.

Mr Khanty added that village officials were ready to help if anyone wanted to learn how to grow mushrooms, and Mr Bounthom's family was also ready to offer advice.



By Times Reporters
(Latest Update July 22 , 2017 )

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