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Pig farming helps Savannakhet family to rise above poverty

People in remote areas nationwide are slowly emerging from poverty, with animal husbandry often proving to be the mainstay in the provision of a sustainable income.
People in remote areas have been rearing animals for many centuries so continued help in this field is one way to help improve their living conditions. It provides them with sufficient food for their needs, as well as animals they can sell.
Many places still have enough land to rear animals and grow crops, and this has enabled Mr Somlit Khounphanya and his family to keep pigs, which they sell to augment their income.
Mr Somlit lives in Oudomxay village, Phin district in Savannakhet province. He decided he wanted to boost his finances like other

Rearing pigs for sale has helped Mr Somlit’s family to achieve a better standard of living. 

families around him and set his sights on pig rearing. He proved successful in the venture and is now regarded as a model producer in the community.
The whole-hearted backing of everyone in the family was an important factor in Mr Somlit’s success and their enthusiasm and hard work paid off as they saw their earnings grow.
Last year, he dug two fishponds and uses the fish for family consumption, which helps to reduce the household’s daily food bill.
He then built two pig sheds and bought 300 piglets. After 90 days he could take them to market and sold them for about 1.7 million kip each, which was good money.
Rearing pigs proved to be so profitable that Mr Somlit’s family intends to keep the farm going and hopes to earn even more money if vendors are still willing to buy the animals.
They hope to become entirely self-sufficient and have enough money for their daily needs, and to eventually become wealthy.
He plans to build three more pig sheds and will crossbreed the animals as this will help to cut the cost of buying piglets.
He bought two male and two female pigs and will buy 100 more female pigs so that he has enough piglets to rear and then sell.
Mr Somlit also plans to raise 500 chickens which are very popular with consumers and sell for a good price, bringing him in more money.
Mr Somlit still has some empty land so he will grow chillies, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, garlic and citronella. This means he won’t need to buy these vegetables, thus cutting his expenditure even further.
He also grows fruit trees which feed his family but if yields are good he plans to grow more and sell the fruit. 
To begin with, he had no experience of pig rearing so he learned about it from his friends and others with some knowledge of the field, and also read books on the subject. Most importantly he was painstaking in his efforts to make a success of the venture and care for his animals.
After working so hard, Mr Somlit’s family hopes that their farm will some day supply pork for Phin district and they can also sell their animals in neighbouring districts.
He said his farm is now a place that can teach other people in the community so that everyone can benefit and follow his example, in the hope that they too will improve their lot in life.


By Times Reporters
(Latest Update April 29 , 2017 )

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