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Raising porkers helps rural families to bring home the bacon

Rearing pigs for sale is helping people living in rural areas of Laos to earn more money and improve the living standards of their families.

One such person is Mrs Bounlay Chamlounsiri, from Meuangkhao village in Kaenthao district, Xayaboury province, whose earnings have helped her family escape the clutches of poverty.

Like many others, her household has also succeeded in augmenting their incomes by rearing fish for sale.

Before 2005, Mrs Bounlay's family grew rice on their land, ran a small business selling goods and kept just five pigs which they sold to earn some extra money.

Rearing pigs for sale helps to improve the income and living standards of Mrs Bounlay and her family.

At that time her family's monthly income was very low.

After consulting members of her family and local officials about rearing pigs for sale, she sought help from people who had experience in this field.

She learnt the proper techniques for raising pigs from technicians and books.

In 2009, she decided to raise the stakes, investing in 15 piglets.

She earned a good sum by selling them after just four months.

She then decided to buy one male and six female pigs for reproduction purposes so that she could make more money.

Now she has 16 female and two male pigs and can produce about 320 piglets every year.

Some piglets are sold immediately while others are reared on her farm until they become bigger.

Mrs Bounlay's family also breeds fish and poultry for personal consumption and sale and also grows sweetcorn to feed the pigs.

On average, her family earns about 430 million kip a year.

She said traders now come directly to her farm to buy fish and piglets, and this has helped cut expenditure on transporting produce to market.

Mrs Bounlay said so many households are now interested in rearing pigs that she sometimes cannot immediately meet their demands.

After working hard for several years to rear pigs, her family is increasingly pleased with the monthly income generated because it is enough to take care of all their needs and even save some money.

Her family has become a model for other residents of Meuangkhao village, and many are keen to learn from them.

Mrs Bounlay said in the future the household plans to expand its business by keeping more pigs and learning new techniques to rear the animals because this will help add to their earnings.

She said that pigsties should always be kept clean to prevent diseases.

People rearing pigs must take proper care of the animals and learn new methods from technicians to prevent infectious diseases that can kill the animals, she said.

Mr Bounlay said her family is ready to advise others who are seriously considering rearing pigs for sale.

If more rural and remote residen ts can follow the example of Mrs Bounlay's family, they will be able to have better living standards, and the nation will achieve its goal of eradic ating poverty.


By Meuangkham Norladeth
(Latest Update September 16 , 2017 )

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