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Rearing fish for sale a sound investment

Everyone has a different way of earning a living depending on their skills, and Mrs Somlan Bounmychit's family chose to breed fish for their personal consumption and sale so they could have better living standards.

Improving the living standards of everyone is part of the policy of the government, and officials nationwide must work harder to help people in villages to earn a living and move out of poverty.

Rearing fish for sale can help Mrs Somlan's family have a better life.

Mrs Somlan's family, from Baeng village in Lamam district, Xekong province, had been rearing fish for many years but mostly to meet their own needs, with only a small surplus for sale.

She had considered many ways to earn a living and help her family have a better life. In 2011, Mrs Somlan's family decided to raise fish for sale because they had the skills and liked doing it.

Besides, her land was suitable for rearing fish because water from a stream passed through it all year round.

In 2011, members of her family dug two fishponds and bought 1,000 fingerlings. In just four months, she concluded this was the best way to earn more money for her family.

Mrs Somlan decided to take a loan of 50 million kip from the Lao Development Bank and dug six more fishponds and built six concrete sinks for fish breeding.

She then bought 10,000 fingerlings to rear and male and female fish for breeding, producing more fish that could be sold in local markets.

In 2012, she dug three more fishponds and built 11 more concrete sinks, helping her produce more than 2,700,000 fingerings. She was able to sell 28,800 kg of fish per year and earn more than 570 million kip per year. This helped her repay all her bank loans.

Mrs Somlan said although she has experience in rearing fish, she attended a training course under a Laos-Japan project.

She explained that she always takes interest in learning new techniques for rearing and taking care of fish, as well as frog and fish breeding, as this helps her family business to grow.

Traders now come directly to Mrs Somlan to buy fish from her ponds and she does not need to transport the fish to the markets. This has helped cut her transport costs.

Mrs Somlan said in the future, she plans to expand her business by digging more fishponds and learning new techniques for rearing fish from the authorities, especially ways to produce food for the fish and to improve the environment of her fishponds.

She has plans to produce enough fish to meet the needs of local markets and the traders who buy from her directly.

Mrs Somlan's family has become a model for the residents of Baeng village through their hard work over many years and this also fits in with the policy of the government.

If more people can emulate the success of Mrs Somlan's family, it will help the government to achieve its goal of eradicating poverty.

Mrs Somlan says she is now living a happy live after working hard for many years and is ready to give advice to anyone who wants to rear fish to improve their living standards.


By Times Reporters
(Latest Update September 9 , 2017 )

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