8 January 2019

Comply with environmental regulations or have licence revoked, Chinese farming firm warned   

- Construction of 15-km Vientiane expressway edges closer
Construction of an expressway linking the city centre to the outskirts is expected to begin next month, a senior government official has said.
The 15.2 km expressway is expected to ease congestion and meet the capital’s growing need for faster and smoother transportation. China’s Nolico company and a Lao company are jointly investing in the US$200 million (more than 1,710.5 billion kip) project.
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- Labour officials mull foreign worker regulations
The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and other government bodies yesterday held a brainstorming session on the draft of a labour regulation that addresses the issue of foreign workers in Laos who don’t have legal documentation. The meeting was attended by Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Dr Khampheng Saysompheng, Deputy Minister of Public Security, Major General Sinthavong Xayakone,
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 Comply with environmental regulations or have licence revoked, Chinese farming firm warned  
The Vientiane People’s Council has adopted measures demanding that a Chinese farming firm comply with environmental regulations or face the prospect of its investment licence being revoked. The council’s resolution was adopted after the company, which was granted 160 hectares of land to grow bananas, sweetcorn and other crops in
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- Laos, partners plough on with nutrition policies
Laos and its development partners are continuing to address challenges and build cooperation to drive implementation of the nation’s food-based nutrition policies and plans. Representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Nutrition Secretariat and the Food Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations . . More >>>

- More anaesthetists needed to meet patient demand
The nation has to bolster the number of anaesthetists to treat patients before, during and after surgery, as well as in resuscitation, pain management and intensive care, a leader in the field says. President of the Lao Society of Anaesthesiologists, Dr Khamsay Detleuxay, made the remarks recently after ...  More >>>

- Lao, Chinese doctors prescribe further cooperation in herbal medicine
Lao and Chinese doctors will continue to cooperate in medicinal plant development, aiming to produce high-quality medicines to create more curative options alongside modern medicine. The cooperative efforts were discussed last week between the two delegations, led by Deputy Minister of Health, ...  More >>>

- Road repairs will cost over 1,200 billion kip, govt says
The government estimates it will need at least 1,200 billion kip to repair and upgrade roads across the country this year, especially National Road 13, the main arterial highway running from north to south. A senior official at the road administration division of the Department of Roads, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, ..  More >>>

- New project to improve nutrition for women and girls in Phongsaly
Around 77,000 villagers in Phongsaly province are set to benefit from a development project titled Sustainable Change Achieved through Linking Improved Nutrition and ...  More >>>


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Chandaly to take leading role in Lao-Chinese film
Lao actress Ms Chandaly Sitpraxay will star as the female lead in the new Lao-Chinese film “Sabaidee Pathetlao”, which is being made to promote Visit Laos-China Year 2019.. ... More >>>

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Three teams confirmed for Lao Premier League 2019
Currently, Lao Toyota FC, Police FC and Young Elephant FC have officially registered with the Lao Football Federation (LFF) to compete in the Pepsi Lao Premier League 2019. ... More >>>

Newest address for fine dining in Vientiane
Khao poon cheo khing - noodles served with a ginger sauce – is becoming popular in Vientiane as it is both a tasty dish as well as healthy. This dish is a huge hit, especially at lunch time, with office-goers, families and friends.. ...
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Orphaned schoolgirl gets scholarship to pursue her dreams
Ms Tadam Vongphakdy, 18, a promising student from a modest background, has won a scholarship from SCG’s Sharing the Dream Project sponsored by SCG Lao.
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Fast, furious, wheel smokin’ Lao driver claims Thai drift title
Whatever your chosen endeavour, it’s not easy to be successful in every contest. Winners know they must work hard for many years to develop their skills to reach their targets and dreams. ... More >>>

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Oudomxay’s improving infrastructure supporting rural communities’ road to sustainable tourism
Oudomxay province is one of the most beautiful places in Laos. ... More >>>

Bokeo weaver keeps Tai Leu traditions alive
Mrs Buaphat Thammaseng, 56, who lives in Tonpheung district, Bokeo province, loves to preserve the traditional garments worn by the Tai Leu ethnic group, which are symbolic of the province. She herself is a member of this ethnic group, which is one of the largest in the province. ... More >>>