April 13, 2018

trict bus inspections in place across Vientiane for Pi Mai Lao

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The Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year) holiday takes place from April 14 to 16. The Prime Minister’s Office has announced that April 17-18 will be an additional public holiday, meaning there will be no issues of the Vientiane Times from April 14-18. The next issue will be on Thursday April 19. The board of management and staff wish all our readers and customers a very happy and prosperous Pi Mai Lao and we hope everyone enjoys the 2561 Pi Mai Lao celebrations.

- President extends best wishes for Lao New Year
President Bounnhang Vorachit has offered his best wishes to all Lao citizens and foreigners living in Laos as well as people of Lao origin living overseas on the occasion of Lao New Year (Pi Mai Lao) which will be celebrated from April 14 to 16. Delivering an address in Vientiane this week, Mr Bounnhang called on all Lao people to strengthen their unity in addressing the difficulties and challenges that hinder the country’s development.... More >>>

Ministry hails provincial support in promoting khaen heritage
Provincial leaders from across the country visited Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism officials in Vientiane on Wednesday to celebrate the recognition of Khaen music as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco). . . More >>>

Strict bus inspections in place across Vientiane for Pi Mai Lao
Vientiane authorities are establishing technical inspection stations for vehicles and drivers at the Southern and Northern Bus Terminals. This move aims to provide additional safety to passengers during  Pi Mai Lao. The Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department’s transportation management division head Mr Sivone Subthavy told Vientiane Times
. . More >>>

- Provinces prepare colourful activities to celebrate Lao New Year
Provinces across the country are preparing colourful activities to celebrate the Lao New Year during April 14-16. Savannkhet province has prepared several activities, which are different from the ones organised in past years, to attract domestic and international visitors, an official said. The official, who asked not to be named, told Vientiane Times on Wednesday, ...More >>>

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- Capital’s authorities, Honda dealer help riders focus on safety awareness
Vientiane authorities and Honda New Chip Xeng Co., Ltd are continuing their its Safety Drive Caravan during Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year), with aims to reduce the rising number of road accidents. This year, 200 students from Tanmixay, Nongduang and Donnoun Secondary Schools attended the caravan. The event started from That Luang, travelled along Kaysone Phomvihane Road to Donnoun, Patouxay Monument ... More >>>

- Officials debate draft of medical licence regulation
The Ministry of Health and other government bodies on Monday held a brainstorming session on the draft regulation for the licensing and registration system of health practitioners to ensure treatment quality. The draft of the regulation is being drawn up for licensing systems aiming to strengthen organisational capacity and develop a healthcare professional council...More >>>

- Over 300 killed in road accidents in 2018’s first three months
More than 300 people have died in road accidents around the country in the first three months of the year, with property worth more than 24 billion kip damaged in the incidents. According to a report from the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security, a total of 313 people died in the accidents from January to March, with many of the crashes attributed to speeding and drunk driving...More >>>

- Hospital emergency teams at the ready for Lao New Year risks
Hospitals in the capital will have 24-hour emergency teams on standby to treat any accident victims during Pi Mai Lao from April 13-17, according to health authorities.
At present,  Mittaphab, Setthathirath, Children’s, Mother and Child Health, Vientiane, and Mahosot hospitals are making preparations to treat the expected influx of patients involved in road accidents over the Lao New Year,  a hospital official said....More >>>


Improved school curriculums teach children about nutrition
Under- and malnutrition are recognised in Laos as significant public health and development challenges, with annual economic costs to the country estimated at 2.4 percent of Gross Domestic Product.. . .... More >>>


Khaen plays integral role in Lao culture 
The sound of the khaen has been an inherent part of Laos for thousands of years. Today, wherever there are Lao people, there is always the sound of the khaen. .. More >>>


Learned Luang Prabang lad leads the way to national exam
While everyone has high hopes or dreams of being number one in their field it is not always the case for many of us. But one teenager is studying hard trying to be the best student in the nation. .. .. . . . . More >>>


Blind stool maker crafts his own determined path through life
While life has a way of throwing up all sorts of challenges for us in the pursuit of our dreams, perhaps the best test of character is how we deal with any misfortunes which befall us... More >>>


Thirteen elephants knocking on heaven’s door
Thirteen elephants handed over to Elephant Conservation Centre by Lao government.

. . More >>>


Wall exhibit breaks down barriers to Vientiane’s past
While Laos’ convoluted history is often just studied in textbooks, today’s generation can now sample a part of it from the 16th century for themselves – the Vientiane city wall.


Dried meat snacks a tasty treat

Today, many people are looking for the highest standard when it comes to food products, which is why businesses are striving to produce top quality products to boost their sales. . . More >>>


Almsgiving - a tradition worth preserving
Almsgiving is a fine tradition that Lao people have practised every day around the country since ancient times, so much so that it has become a reflection of the country’s culture. ... .
More >>>



Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam agree to expand cooperation
The leaders of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam signed a joint declaration at the 10th Development Triangle Area Summit in Hanoi last month committing the three countries to fully expand cooperation beyond their border provinces. .. .. More >>>


Fuel oil suppliers fill up ahead of the festive break
Almost all petrol retailers in Laos have reported adequate stocks of gasoline and related fuel oils at their stations for the Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year) holidays...
. More >>>


Lao New Year, the biggest, most colourful festival
International residents and  visitors to Laos shouldn’t miss the festivities for Pi Mai Lao or the Lao New Year, which will be celebrated April 14-16..More >>>


Thai  Lao New Year celebrations: Close ties and shared culture
Songkran (Thai New Year) or Pi Mai Lao (Lao New Year) is one of the most special occasions of the year, widely celebrated across many countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand and the Laos..
.More >>>

World news

Militants break cordon as Indian-controlled Kashmir violence claims 5
Indian army troopers gather near the site of a gunfight in village Khudwani of Kulgam district, 59 km south of Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian-controlled Kashmir.

SRINAGAR, Indian-controlled Kashmir (Xinhua) -- At least four...More >>>


Laos-Vietnam special solidarity becomes priceless legacy
Laos-Vietnams relations have been marked by an unalloyed solidarity that is rare around the globe. The rare relationship has become a priceless legacy of the two nations.
. .More >>>


What is your impression on Lao Khaen music’s certification by UNESCO as part of the ‘Intangible cultural heritage of humanity’?
Certified under Unesco’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ mantle, Lao Khaen music is being widely celebrated.
A parade was held ... More >>>


Muay Lao duo set for Myanmar action

Two of the nation’s best Muay Lao exponents are set to take part in a traditional muay kick-boxing tournament in Myanmar on April 29....More >>>

Dining Out

Seafood buffet a perennial hit in Vientiane
Seafood buffets are a huge hit with diners in Vientiane, especially families and groups of friends, even though they aren’t easy to find in the capital’s restaurants. . . More >>>


Upcoming e-Library expected to provide faster, more accessible information
A quick glance into the library and one might not see many people there. But nowadays that’s not such a strange sight because fewer people enjoy reading books at the library. ... .
More >>>

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