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August 8, 2017

Villagers along Xebangfay river warned on rising water

Top stories

1. Laos among Asean, partners progressing regional cooperation in Philippines
The nation is making remarkable progress by way of Asean-centered cooperation, frameworks between the 10-member bloc and dialogue partners, and initiatives in the lower Mekong basin. . . More >>>

2. Real estate continues onward expansion in nation capital
The entry of foreign investors to Laos has resulted in a boom in real estate business in the Asian nation, notably in the capital Vientiane. . . More >>>

3. Villagers along Xebangfay river warned on rising water
Villagers living along Xebangfay River in Khammuan province have been warned to stay alert and to keep a close eye on rising water levels after the river was recorded above the danger level. . . More >>>

4. Laos, Korea cooperate on labour
The country is set to benefit from improved law enactment, policy and labour skills development via the Laos–Korea Policy Consultation project (LKPCP) as provided by the government of the Republic of Korea (ROK). . . More >>>

5. Lao Front prepares 67th anniversary celebrations
The Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) has unveiled its plans to celebrate its 67th anniversary on August 13 with the aim of promoting the organisation's role to the public. . . More >>>

Home news

- Savannakhet bridge upgrades improve regional transport
Regional travel and transportation on the National Road No 9 in Savannakhet provin ce is expected to be smoother after the reconstruction of two bridges. . . More >>>

- Pay taxes or face measures, enterprises warned
Vientiane authorities in charge have warned tax-avoiding enterprises in the capital to pay dues or face measures that could include revocation of their business licenses. . .More >>>

- Paediatricians provide better service as Korean assists
The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology under the Hanyang University of South Korea will continue to improve medical skills for Lao paediatricians to make sure they can provide better service for children in the years to come. . . More >>>


Planned Dokkhoun Hawaii flower scheme to provide tourist attraction in Laos
Agroup of Lao people and their friends plan to see a roadside by the capital's Mekong Riverside lined with Dokkhoun Hawaii trees (Rain Shower flower tree) to create cool shade in a tourism hot spot. More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Raising livestock helps remote area family to escape the poverty trap
People in remote areas nationwide have been working in animal husbandry and agricultural production for many centuries, and animals and crops remain crucial because selling them is a way many families can earn money. . .   . .. .. . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Holy Buddhist Lent marks a fine time to take a break from drinking alcohol
Many people around the country have made a plan to stop drinking alcohol during the Buddhist Lent period and they believe it will help them to be healthier, happier, and save money as well. ...More >>>


Community Rangers - Heroes of the Unique Limestone Karst Forest in Laos
Hin Nam Nor National Protected Area, situated in the Bualapha District of Khammuan Province, is one of the last remaining wilderness karst areas in Southeast Asia. . . More >>>




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Savan Dry Port keen to link with Belt, Road
Savan Dry Port owned by the Lao government and operated by Savan Logistics Company Limited in the Savan Park (Zone C) is keen to align with the China's One. . . More >>>


Excitement builds as Lao Super Model final nears
With only two episodes remaining before the Lao Super Model 2017 final on August 18, the excitement is building among contestants and fans of the show. . .More >>>


Lao PM message marking Asean's 50 years, two decades of nation's membership
The year 2017 is a historic one, marking the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Association of Southeast Asian . . .More >>>

World news

Park creates income for poor villages in Sichuan
Sichuan province, China :Yonghe Modern Agriculture Park in Fujiang district covers 55 administrative villages including 11 poor villages of Yongxing, Hesha and Renlibut poverty is now declining. . . More >>>


Should leading officials be faster to return surplus state cars?
Leading officials nationwide have prepared to return surplus state cars, previously provided for use in state affairs, in line with Prime Ministerial Decree No. . . More >>>


National petanque team confident ahead of SEA Games in KL
The Lao petanque team is confident of winning a gold medal at 29th SEA Games in Malaysia this month following friendly matches in Vientiane against former Thailand national team players. . . More >>>


Breastfeeding benefits mother and child Amother, Ms Nong, is very happy to have given birth to her first daughter safely last week. She does not, though, have any experience on how to breastfeed her daughter. To solve this problem, a nurse assists her by pushing her daughter's head towards her breast suck the mothers' Colostrum. . . More >>>


Young businessman celebrates decade on air with Lao Star
Amid a strongly growing economy, the number of enterprises is on the rise in Laos, a land-locked country with a population of almost 7 million people. . .More >>>


Homsavan student off to world art contest in Japan
Mr Khamphou Syhalath,11, a year one Homsavan Secondary School student in Hadxayfong district has won the 8-11 years category of “Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2017”. . . .... .More >>>

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