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September 12, 2017

Govt stresses need to reform state-owned enterprises

Top stories

1. Govt aiming for 7 percent growth in 2018
The government will pursue Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth of 7 percent in 2018, amounting to 149,471 billion kip, a minister has said.
. . More >>>

2. Administrative court draft closer as Vietnam, Luxembourg lend assistance
A discussion of administrative procedures under law saw senior legal experts from the Ministry of Justice, People's Supreme Court, National Assembly, Public Prosecutor, and State Inspection Authority joined by academics and experts from Vietnam and Luxembourg at a meeting in the capital last week. . . More >>>

3. Govt stresses need to reform state-owned enterprises
T he government has stressed the need to further improve and reform state-owned enterprises to make their operations more efficient and profitable. . . More >>>

4. Hundreds storm PS to demand return of money
Hundreds of people who had deposited money with PS Lao Enterprise yesterday stormed the company's offices in Xaythany district demanding to withdraw their money, a senior police officer has said. . . More >>>

5. Public call for solutions to persistent problems
Members of the National Assembly and the Vientiane People's Council recently debated various issues put forward by the public and are waiting for the authorities to come up with solutions. . . More >>>

6. Overseas workers in need of more support
The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare needs to create greater understanding amongst officials about policies allowing Lao workers to travel to Asean countries and further abroad for employment. . . More >>>

Home news

- University of Health Sciences exam results to be announced this month
Ass essment of exams for entry to the University of Health Sciences (UHS) will be completed by the end of this month after examinations were held on July 28-29. . . More >>>

- Power company dedicates 7.4 billion kip to education
The hydropower project NNP1 has invested more than 7.4 billion kip (US$900,000) in scholarships, adult literacy, vocational training programmes and school infrastructure improvements to improve the education of students in the NNP1 project area. . . More >>>

- Lao Front officials beef up on children's issues
Lao Front for National Construction (LFNC) officials from Vientiane and the provinces gathered in Vientiane yesterday to learn more about issues affecting children, including nutrition, health, sanitation, protection, and early childhood education. . . More >>>


Make time to visit some of Thailand's fascinating places
If you are planning to visit or spend your holiday in Thailand, these places may be good choices for you to consider. . . . More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Rearing fish for sale a sound investment
Everyone has a different way of earning a living depending on their skills, and Mrs Somlan Bounmychit's family chose to breed fish for their personal consumption and sale so they could have better living standards. . .   . .. .. . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Hor Khaosalark festival: preserving tradition with basket offerings
Yesterday morning, people nationwide enjoyed visiting their village temples to present bamboo baskets of offerings to monks and novices on the day of Boun Hor Khaosalark or Hor Khaosalark festival. More >>>


Ministry delegation explores environmental education in Germany
Let's join in relates to a No Plastic! initiative in the city of Bonn, Germany. This tagline became the daily motto of a Lao Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MoNRE) delegation exploring environmental education. . More >>>


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Declining output at mines causes export shortfall
The government expects that the export value of mineral commodities, including copper, gold, metal and silver, will fall short of the target after output at mines has dropped this year. . . More >>>


Film workshop looking to unearth young media talent
Mind Media Company in collaboration with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has conducted the MoJo (Mobile Phone Journalist) weekend workshop to show young people how to make documentaries. . .More >>>


Steak a hit with Lao diners
European cuisine is available in Vientiane and other provinces of Laos, at street food stalls and high end restaurants that cater to varying tastes and budgets. . More >>>

World news

China's cultural reputation strong in Jiangxi province
Beijing, China: Jiangxi is a province that has a strong cultural identity and is one of China's most advanced areas economically, it was revealed to the world last Friday. . . More >>>


Will the revised charges for the Vientiane People's Road Fund be sufficient to improve the city's roads?
Vientiane authorities have revised vehicle owners' contribution to the Vientiane People's Road Fund by reducing the fees charged for some vehicles while increasing others.. . More >>>


Laos face China after early loss at U-16 Women's Championship
Laos faces another strong opponent in China at 5pm on Wednesday after losing 0-3 to their Thai hosts in the first match of the AFC U-16 Women's Championship in Chonburi province, Thailand on Sunday. . . More >>>


Make dengue control your regular routine
At least twice a day, the Vientiane Health Department sprays insecticide in local communities to prevent dengue fever outbreaks in the wet season. . . More >>>


Organic crops eating into veggie sales
Organic croppers serving the capital's markets are shifting produce in increasing volumes, generating significant incomes for households and local communities. ..More >>>


Skilful coaches lead athletes to sporting achievement
Lao coaches have been passing on their knowledge and experience at the national and international level for many years and will continue leading sports teams to medal and trophy winning success in the future. . .

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