12 September 2018 Govt turns off pumps for new fuel importers, exporters  
All generous people, who wish to donate money to the floodedvictims in Sanamxay district, Attapeu province, can transfer it via the BCEL's bank account of the Fund Assistance to Disaster Victims, Ministry of Labour and Social WelfareKip: 010-110-001-508-937-001Baht: 010-110-201-508-937-001US$: 010-110-101-508-937-001Swift Code: COEBLALA For more information:+856-20 556-224-77+856-20 222-385-55 +856-20 222-193-55 +856-20 995-428-69 Another way is people can donate money easily on the BCEL One Heart in BCEL One application.

- Nation facing food security challenges following extreme weather
Laos’ attempts to strengthen food security are facing major challenges after almost 600 irrigation projects were .. More >>>

Floods claim more lives
The body of a man was recovered from Huaythahao Lake in Kaenghaed village, Xaybouly district, Savannakhet .. More >>>

Govt turns off pumps for new fuel importers, exporters
The government will not consider new investment proposals from businesses wanting to set up fuel import/export ...  More >>>

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- Prepare for further floods, make recovery plan, DPM tells Oudomxay
Prepare to cope with further flooding in the coming days and draw up a recovery plan to help the thousands of villagers suffering from previous floods, the Deputy Prime Minister told Oudomxay .More >>>

Minister highlights plans to protect the rights of elderly people
Laos has made strides in developing its social security system in recent years, allowing older persons to access their rights and benefits.... More >>>

- Forestry experts discuss rosewood conservation
Lao officials and representatives of international organisations are meeting in Vientiane to discuss the conservation of genetic diversity in rosewood, towards more resilient livelihoods in the Mekong region... More >>>

- Govt officials get lessons in mineral resource development
Some 50 officials fromthe Ministry of Energy and Mines are attending a training course on mineral resource development... More >>>

- NUOL partners with other universities to improve plastic waste disposal
Lao officials and their development partners met in Vientiane on Monday to discuss the SEA Plastic Edu Erasmus + Project to reduce plastic garbage, as well as make plans for the future of the project..More >>>


Boat trip offers new challenges in the rainy season

After many weeks of rain, there’s been so much flooding in Laos that it’s hard to travel anywhere unimpeded. This year, widespread flooding has caused problems throughout the country and thousands of people have lost their .. .... More >>>


BNK Financial Group’s volunteers brighten Lao school

Well known as one of the biggest private companies operating in the Republic of Korea, BNK Financial Group has deployed some of its staff to add a creative flourish to the latest aid efforts at Phonpapao Primary School in Sisattanak district, Vientiane... More >>>


Lao Fashion Week 2018 kicks off with night party

A Night Party to kick off Lao Fashion Week 2018 and celebrate the fifth anniversary of the sparkling event attracted a glitzy crowd of people involved in the world of fashion.... More >>>


Champa Lanxang’s silver jewellery shines bright

Silver jewellery has long been a favourite among Lao people and there are hundreds of shops across the country selling such items, but not every outlet provides high quality silver items at reasonable prices.... More >>>

world news

Korea searches for 50 foreigners possibly exposed to MERS

South Korea (The Korea Herald) -- South Korean health authorities are searching for some 50 foreign nationals who may have been in contact with the recently confirmed Middle East respiratory syndrome patient,... More >>>


France offers diversity of cooperation with Laos

The historical ties between France and Laos make the two countries special partners in a variety of important fields. France assists Laos in its development through support for urban and rural development, the health sector, and the preservation of heritage. .... More >>>


What can we do to support intellectual property rights?

The end product of human innovation is recognised through intellectual property rights, which are accorded to the individuals and groups who use their creative qualities to create a product that is unique and .. More >>>


More boxers squaring up for National Games action
Almost 100 male and female boxers from provinces and ministries are set to compete across various weight divisions at the 11th National Games in Xieng Khuang from November 11-21.  .. More >>>

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Savannakhet’s tasty chicken a tempting treat for travellers
Anyone heading to southern Laos should make a point of stopping off at one of the many roadside stalls selling grilled chicken in the Xeno area of Savannakhet province.  .... More >>>


Upcoming e-Library expected to provide faster, more accessible information
A quick glance into the library and one might not see many people there. But nowadays that’s not such a strange sight because fewer people enjoy reading books at the library. ... More >>>


Laos’ first ever cholera vaccination drive underway in flood-hit Sanamxay district
The Ministry of Health with support from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched the first ever cholera vaccination campaign in Laos targeting flood-affected communities. ... More >>>


Photographers suffering death by smartphone
Under a broad expanse of sky and standing in stately splendour, the imposing Patuxay Monument is one of the most iconic landmarks in Vientiane. It attracts many visitors throughout the day, who not only climb the staircase inside the monument but stroll through the .... More >>>


Lao computer whizz proves Microsoft Office skills in US contest

Somsith Phonphakdy, 18, has become one of the top 10 contestants in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Champions 2018 held in the United States..... More >>>


National heroine proud to serve national development effort 

Ms Phaengphone Khanthayongthong is the 92nd person to be named a national hero and has become the 23rd woman in Laos to be honoured with this title. This recognition of her valour.... More >>>


Gardener her love for traditional trees species

Ms Manivanh Chanthalangsy is a diligent gardener whose love and quest to preserve traditional plant and tree species encouraged her to start a conservation campaign from her Chantha garden.  By growing these endemic varieties ... More >>>


August 23, a day of national pride

The overturning of the old administration on Uprising Day, or administrative power seizure day, on August 23, 1975, and the declaration of independence on October 12, 1945, were two major historic events for Laos after the country had been under.... More >>>


Tapioca factory creates jobs in Vientiane province

The Hinheup Cassava Flour Factory in Vientiane province is installing a second machine to ensure sufficient production to meet customer demand in the years to come.... More >>>


Boun Hor Khaopadapdin, a time to feed hungry spirits

Boun Hor Khaopadapdin is a festival during which Lao people ‘feed’ the spirits with handmade food packets, reflecting their love, respect and gratitude for their deceased ancestors and guardians..... More >>>