A visit to the idyllic surroundings of Nadeer Farm

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A place that exists in complete harmony with nature, Nadeer Farm allows visitors to explore the life of animals, culture and the concept of conservation.
Nadeer Farm is a new visitor attraction in Vientiane that opened to the public on December 2, 2017, celebrated as Lao National Day, and gives visitors a glimpse into the lives of animals and the traditions of ethnic people.
Youngsters can learn a lot at the farm, which has about 30 animal species and an exhibit featuring some classic and old vehicles. The exhibition site also showcases the traditions and lifestyle of ethnic people.
Located at Nakhounnoy village in Naxaithong district, the farm was developed by Mr Khamphat Boulom, who operated a consulting company for 18 years and vocational and driving schools for 16 years.

Visitors feed ostriches.

He built the farm by himself after dividing his total property of 15 hectares into two separate sections. The first zone with five hectares was used for a zoo, exhibitions and a picnic site. The second zone consisting of 10 hectares was set aside for growing crops and a agro-tourism project to be developed in future. The first zone is now open to visitors.
Every visitor has to buy a ticket, with prices ranging from 17,000 kip for an adult to 10,000 kip for children. But kids with a height lower than 70 cm are allowed in free.
The farm’s entrance has two large statues of standing deer. On passing through the gates, people come to an area decorated with dried sweet corn and some crops hung along both sides of a path. Many people usually stop at this point to take photos.
The walking paths inside the farm are decorated with handmade items. A member of the staff said the decorations are changed frequently to make the farm look different and attractive. 
Animal tour
The zoo is where the visitors can get a close look at about 30 types of animals, including native and imported species. They include ostriches, crocodiles, rabbits, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, buffalos, imported horses, mice and peafowl.
The ostriches are the first animals one sees on entering the zoo. The horses are a small species, but visitors can ride them. The porcupines look very friendly and there are many small and big deer.
It seems there are more deer than other animals in the zoo.
While touring this part of the farm, visitors can use their entry ticket to get some treats to feed the animals. 
The Director of Nadeer Farm, Mr Khamphat Boulom, recently told reporters from Vientiane Times that he plans to add native horses, elephants and tigers to the zoo. 
Exhibition site
After watching the animals, visitors can go to the exhibition site that features some old and classic vehicles and equipment.
This site has been divided into several sections, including the one where vehicles are exhibited, a building with some old equipment, and a cultural and traditional exhibition area next to the building.       
The developer has created an artwork consisting of cars crashed into a wall and converted an old car into a chicken coop.
The cultural and traditional exhibition area features a traditional mortar that Lao people used to mill paddy in the past and a loom used by ethnic people to produce clothes. This style of weaving continues to be ptacticed even today. Visitors can take a close look at some weaving equipment and traditional techniques used in producing handmade textiles.
Picnic site
The farm has a lot of huts for visitors who want to take a rest after walking around the area and enjoy their lunch. The huts can be used free of cost and visitors can order food and drinks from a restaurant within the farm. They are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks into the farm.
The investor plans to build a swimming pool. He also plans to create a site for adults with a karaoke room and a fishing spot im the second zone. “Visitors can enjoy singing songs, drinking and fishing,” he said.
The agricultural zone is not open to the public. Here, the developer has dug ponds and planted some trees and crops. 
Mr Khamphat said any investor who decides to get involved in a tourism project is someone who loves this work very much because the economic returns take many years.  
How to get there
Visitors can reach the farm using one of two roads. Those who start from  central Vientiane can take Road 13 North towardsNaxaithong district. The distance to be covered is 23 km.
Suburban residents can get to the farm via the Thangon area in Xaythany district, though the drive will be longer as they will have to travel 32 km. 
Besides Nadeer Farm, the Suan Pueksa flower garden in Naxaithong and Phutawen Farm in Thaphabath district, Borikhamxay province, are other options for visitors.

By Times Reporters
(Latest Update May 8, 2018)

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