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Asean media soak up Jiangxi’s natural and cultural attractions

Some 19 Asean media personnel recently got to savour the natural charms of the Huangyuan Ridge Scenic Area in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi province, China.
The visit was part of the “Jointly Building 21st Century Maritime Silk Road” programme in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces, China, from April 17-27 organised by the Asean-China Centre and State Council Information Office.
A highlight of the trip was climbing the many steps to the top of a mountain and seeing a pristine waterfall with ‘green water’ along with tranquil forests under sunny skies near Jiujiang City in Jiangxi province.
The Asean contingent was not disappointed after their 2 km climb up the mountain marvelling at the scenery. On the walk they came across many Chinese people both young and old keen to experience the fresh mountain air and waterfall. There was also a zipline and platform in the tree canopy for those who were more adventurous.
And of course no visit to a tourist attraction would be complete without local souvenirs which were readily available at stalls around the waterfall.

Visitors admire the ‘green water’ at the Three-stepped Falls on Lushan Mountain last Saturday.

Each day, hundreds of people are attracted to the waterfall and the Asean media group could see why – it’s a beautiful and invigorating place where visitors can get some healthy exercise while walking through the forest as birdsong rings out.
The appropriately named Three-stepped Falls at Lushan Mountain in Lushan National Park is a well-known tourist attraction both in China and abroad, appealing to innumerable visitors on account of its natural scenery and cultural heritage.
Lushan lies to the south of Jiujiang City. From this vantage point you can see to the south China’s longest river, the Yangtze River, to the north is the Tengwang Pavilion, to the east is the Beijing-Kowloon railway and to the west lies China’s largest freshwater lake, Poyang Lake.
The Asean media group also took in the quiet charms of the Huangyuan Ridge Scenic Area arriving by cable car before reaching a village with many traditional houses made of timber, bamboo and stone.
Here the group gained firsthand knowledge of the local people’s lifestyle and culture, especially the interesting architecture and the delicious food.
The Huangyuan Ridge Scenic Area covers 15 square kilometres and is a combination of cable car aerial viewing, ancient villages, flowers in terraced fields, and folk culture. The area is named Huangling because of the bamboo over the ridge. Huangling is over 500 years old and is a typical mountain village that preserves the traditions of days gone by.
The pleasant and interesting surrounds encouraged members of the visiting media group to do some shopping for souvenirs such as ceramic vases and traditional storybooks.
The area is popular among Chinese visitors for its pleasant winter weather, lack of pollution and array of local traditional handicrafts for sale.  Young people also take advantage of its peace and quiet for their studies.
Another feature of the Huangyuan Ridge Scenic Area is that many of the streets are made of stone, harking back to a more laidback era before concrete and asphalt.
The group then went to watch an ‘acrobatic drama’ called Dream Journey at the Exhibition Hall of the Development Zone, Expo Area of Ancient Kiln & Folk Cultures in Jingdezhen before visiting other culturally significant venues.
Following their visit to Hunan and Jiangxi provinces last month, Asean reporters now have a better understanding of the “Jointly Building 21st  Century Maritime Silk Road” programme and also some of the region’s rich natural and cultural attractions.


By Sangkhomsay Bubphanouvong
(Latest Update May 6, 2017)

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