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Best regards to beautiful Yunnan

 A Lao media delegation recently attended a workshop on advertising media and mass media in Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan, China, where they also visited many places of interest.
The delegation comprised 17 media staff from Vientiane and six northern provinces, including two reporters from Vientiane Times, Mr Panyasith Sensouphon and Ms Chansamone Xaypanya.
This was the first visit to the area for most of the group, and everyone enjoyed it very much.
Although in Kunming for only a short time and spending several days at the workshop, they packed in many activities and visited many larndmarks in the city. They were delighted to explore the fascinating sights and observe the remarkable development of Kunming.
Mr Panyasith and Ms Chansamone described some of their experiences during their stay.

A media delegation visits the Stone Forest on the outskirts of Kunming.   --Photos Panyasith

They visited many places related to mass media such as companies and groups that publish and distribute daily newspapers. They talked to magazine editors and toured an international radio-television station and Yunnan television station.
They also went to companies involved in commerce and investment in energy and mines, and rode on a high speed train.
Sightseeing trips took them to several beautiful and popular places such as the Stone Forest and the Culture Garden.
The Culture Garden houses exhibits relating to the various ethnic groups in Yunnan province. Visitors can learn about their different lifestyles, house decor, and traditonal dress, as well as seeing samples of their plays, songs, artwork, cultural performances and literature.
Each ethnic group has its own unique and beautiful traditions which is of great interest to visitors.
Mr Panyasith said that, along with other members of the delegation, he was delighted to attend the workshop and to see so many places of interest in Yunnan province, especially in Kunming.
“It was a great pleasure for our delegation. We learned a lot about media techniques and modern devices, and many things about development in China, especially in Yunnan. We also visited many places including the Stone Forest and Culture Garden which were very beautiful. I liked all the places we visited,” he said.
“The organising committee was very helpful in many ways by taking care of all our needs, including transport and accommodation, so that we were very comfortable,” he added.
“The workshop was very helpful in many respects and enabled our group to learn about and better understand the role of the media in China, especially in terms of advertising and circulating information and news to the general public. There was a focus on the goals of the Party and state in modern times, which closely relate to China’s socio-economic development, its strategic partnership countries, and development partnership countries.”
“One of the outstanding things is the Silk Road project and development cooperation involving other countries. This includes cooperation on policy, transport connections, commerce and investment, as well as the use of each other’s currency. The project closely involves everyone involved in the One Belt, One Road initiative, which is receiving global support.”
“We would like to thank the organising committee for inviting us and providing the workshop. Of course, we will use what we have learnt to inform our citizens so that people in Laos and China understand more about our relations and cooperation. If we have the chance, we will come here again.”
The delegation visited Kunming from June 29 to July 11. During the workshop, Lao participants learned about the guidelines for China’s international cooperation, Laos-China cooperation, China’s infrastructure and characteristics of advertising media and mass media including radio and television, print media, electronic devices and social media devices, as well as ways to handle every situation encountered in social and other forms of media.
Yunnan is located in the far southwest of China. It spans approximately 394,000 square kilometres and has a population of 47 million and 26 ethnic groups.
Yunnan is a beautiful province surrounded by mountains, with many rivers and streams, and shares a border with Laos.
Yunnan has high elevations in the northwest and low elevations in the southeast.
The province is rich in natural resources and has the largest diversity of plant life in China. It has a variety of visitor attractions which everyone should see and its people are friendly and welcoming.

By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update October 24, 2017)

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