China’s tropical Hainan out to lure more visitors to the island

One of the activities that families living in a city like Vientiane like to do is find a nice place to relax on holiday.
Of course, going to the sea is becoming an increasingly popular choice for residents of the land-locked capital and destinations in Thailand and Vietnam are often popular choices.

The most revered statue in Sanya, the southernmost city in Hainan province is Guanyin of Nanshan which is always crowded with people, particularly on special Buddisht days.

But Lao holidaymakers shouldn’t underestimate the incredible attractions on offer in China with Hainan province a great place for a tropical island vacation.
Recently, Hainan United Airlines Travel Group Company Limited invited 20 government officials and businesses from Vientiane to visit tourist sites and promote cooperation between the people of Vientiane and Hainan province.
Hainan is an island and the southernmost province of China famed for its beautiful beaches at Sanya, popular boiled chicken and rice dishes, and the tallest Guanyin statue in the world (an important figure in north Asian Mahayana Buddhism).
During the visit, government officials from Vientiane and Haikou city, which is the capital of Hainan province, discussed cooperation for reciprocal tourism promotion aiming to boost the number of visitors to both locations.
Then the fun began for the Lao delegation as they visited some of the most popular tourist attractions in Hainan province.
Haikou Movie Town
Movie Town Haikou opened under a joint venture between Feng Xiaogang and Huayi Brothers Media Group in 2013 and was completed in 2015.
The town, about 8 kilometres south of Haikou, has been created from the ground up with movie studios, guest apartments and administration buildings. It is also located beside the popular Mission Hills Haikou Golf Resort which is frequented by professional golfers from around the world.
Movie Town Haikou was created as a motion picture and television filming location and tourist attraction. Construction is still underway with accommodation, movie sets and accompanying filming facilities being added.
Beautiful Sanya Beaches
Sanya is the southernmost city of Hainan province with a latitude similar to Vientiane meaning it enjoys a tropical climate and its beautiful beaches are an alluring drawcard for local and foreign visitors, particularly those from European countries.
The Haikou Tourism Development Commission reported that in the 2010 census, the population of Sanya was over 680,000 inhabitants with the city renowned for its tropical climate and emergence as a popular tourist destination, also serving as the training site of the Chinese national beach volleyball team. It has been nicknamed ‘China’s Florida’, drawing a large number of retirees from Northeast China during winter.
In recent years, Sanya’s growing popularity has seen numerous international hotel chains establishing themselves in the area and there are now over 100 hotels, ranging from global brands to locally managed resorts.
Guanyin of Nanshan
The Guanyin of Nanshan is a 108-metre statue of the bodhisattva Guanyin, sited on the south coast of Hainan island near the Nanshan Temple of Sanya, the oldest temple in the province.
The statue has three sides, including one facing inland and the other two facing the South China Sea, to represent blessing and protection by Guanyin of China and the whole world.
The statue took six years to build and was enshrined on April 24, 2005, with the participation of 108 eminent monks from various Buddhist groups in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and tens of thousands of pilgrims. The delegation also included monks from the Theravada and Vajrayana traditions.
The Haikou Tourism Development Commission told the Lao delegation about plans to make the island-based province even more appealing so increasing numbers of international tourists around the region would consider the destination in their future travel plans.



By Souknilundon Southivongnorath
(Latest Update May 31, 2018)

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