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Great scenery while cruising on Nam Ngum reservoir

Cruising might be your best choice if you are planning to visit Nam Ngum reservoir, a popular destination not far from Vientiane’s city centre.
Nam Ngum is a great place to see stunning scenery while travelling on the river, and the green valley is enhanced by the presence of the vast, spectacular lake and neighbouring islands.
Cruising is very popular for visitors, because it is very exciting and visitors can enjoy sitting on a ship and looking out over the natural scenery in the cool, fresh air.
Being among the beauty of natural scenery will make your time more special and meaningful, and even the food and drink will seem tastier than normal.

The boats carry visitors around the dam.                                                            --Photos Visith

It is a good atmosphere for people who like to eat, drink, sing and be entertained on the ship while at the same time appreciating the view of Nam Ngum reservoir.
Visitors also can get a taste of local life as you cruise around the lake’s islands and fishing villages of Nam Ngum reservoir.
Many families and groups of people like to cruise here each day, especially on weekend or holidays when they want to have a relaxing moment from their busy days in the city.
The reservoir is very large, beautiful, quiet, and charming with surrounding islands and a natural atmosphere.
Visitors should not miss the chance to see the surrounding islands and support the local villagers who sell their handicrafts each day.
Many people stay overnight or spend few nights at the reservoir because it has available accommodation and facilities for visitors.
Cruise services, however, are only available during the day. It is possible for visitors to do full-day private tour of Nam Ngum reservoir by leaving the city centre in the morning and getting here in the afternoon after having lunch on the boat.
This writer recently visited the reservoir with colleagues and a cruise was included in our activities.
We had a great time on the ship and enjoyed looking over the lake and islands, taking photos of the stunning view, and practicing swimming.
It was my first time visiting and being on a cruise here but I found it a really exciting and interesting place with great natural scenery.
I saw many groups of people, including some who had visited many times and others who were enjoying their first visit.
They all were happy visiting and enjoying different activities, particularly the cruise which was even more special and exciting than the others.
It is easy to find the boat and the price is reasonable. There are many boats providing services here and they also have a Karaoke machine, so people can have drink and sing while traveling around the lake.
Some boats have a slide so visitors can slide from the roof of the ship into the water to swim around while the boat takes a break or stops.
The number of passengers depends on each boat’s capacity and each service charges per hour. Prices are between 200,000-350,000 kip an hour, and it depends which boat you choose as to whether it is one floor or two and whether there is a slide.
Meals are not included in the fee so customers will have to prepare their own food and drink for the voyage.
The largest body of water in the country, Nam Ngum reservoir is located in the Keo-oudom district, Vientiane province, about 90 km north of Vientiane.
Nam Ngum Dam, is a hydroelectric dam on the Nam Ngum river, a major tributary of the Mekong in Laos. It was the first hydropower dam built in Laos and its catchment covers a large area.
The Nam Ngum river is one of the country’s major rivers and offers a vast hydropower potential from various possible sites.
Most of the electricity produced by the plant is supplied to Electricite du Laos for domestic consumption, while some is exported to other countries.
The dam is very beneficial for both the country and its people. By contributing to the processing, agricultural and communication industries, and educational development, the dam has increased economic growth and improved the living and working conditions of the people in Laos.
It has also become a tourism attraction and is becoming more popular every day.
If you have never been to Nam Ngum reservoir, do not hesitate to make plans to search and experience its stunning scenery and excitement which will welcome everyone who visits.
Everyone can visit the lake at any time of year, and each season has a different atmosphere and surrounding environment, but hot days are the best for those looking to cool off by swimming.  

By VisithTeppalath
(Latest Update June 17, 2017)

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