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Scenic site a popular tourism attraction in Sangthong

A scenic site near the border between Sikhottabong and Sangthong districts in Vientiane is becoming a popular spot for people from the capital to organise picnics on the weekend.

This spot is also well-known in Lao language as Chout Xomview , which means when visitors stand on the Mekong Riverbank they will see the beauty of nature, especially in the evening.

Some small food shops located at the Chout Xomview area which serve food and drinks for visitors.

To reach the site, visitors can travel by motorbike or car along Road No. 11 which runs from the Kaoliew traffic lights in Sikhay village, Sikhottabong district, about 35km to reach the scenic site. After passing the border between the Sikhottabong and Sangthong districts you will see the area on the left side of the road.

Before reaching this scenic site, people can also take a few minutes to visit the Huaynamsay cascade located on the right side of the road opposite Vat Thampha.

According to officials from the Information, Culture and Tourism office in Sangthong district, nowadays the Chout Xomview area has become the most popular tourist attraction in the district after being developed in mid-2015 and now features small shops to serve food and drinks to visitors.

The district authority is planning to enhance more areas along the Mekong Riverbank near Chout Xomview for people to take a short break and takes photos of the beautiful views.

Sangthong district is also well-known as the home soil of national hero Comrade Sithong who was born in August 9, 1925 and joined the Lao Issara army on January 8, 1947. The national hero fought until his death on the battlefield in central Vientiane on December 15, 1960. Nowadays, the name of Sithong still lives in the memory of Lao people, especially those in Sangthong district.

Nowadays, Vientiane has many attractions for local and foreign visitors to enjoy, including Buddha Park, also known as Vat Xieng Khuan, which is located in Hadxaifong district. The park features over 200 elaborately designed religious statues and sculptures.

Another must-see is the That Luang Stupa, the country's revered national symbol along with Hor Phra Keo - a stunning Buddhist temple near the Presidential Palace.

And don't forget to visit the night market near the Mekong River at Chao Anouvong Park opposite Vat Chan Temple for some wonderful shopping opportunities.

Luckily the people of Vientiane have the best of both worlds there are plenty of shopping opportunities in the city centre and also some countryside oases on the outskirts.

Many of these are not far away at all, such as Hin Khan Na waterfall, Tad Moun waterfall and Nam Xuang waterfall, which are all in Naxaithong district.

Vientiane officially had 51 tourism sites as of 2016, consisting of 25 natural, 17 cultural and 9 historical sites, according to a report from the Tourism Development Department under the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism.

To promote Visit Laos Year 2018, a campaign is raising awareness about the importance of tourism to the country, not only to attract foreign visitors, but also encouraging domestic tourists to explore their own nation.

According to the 2016 tourism statistical report, the number of foreign visitor arrivals to Laos was more than 4.2 million, with about 1.6 million coming to Vientiane alone. Tourist arrivals are expected to reach about 4.8 million by the end of this year, 5.2 million by the end of 2018, and reach 7.5 million by 2025.


By Sisay Vilaysack
(Latest Update July 28, 2017)

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