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Ezbuylao.com ‘a trading bridge between Laos and Vietnam’

As an online retailer and with e-commerce booming in many countries around the world, CKC Global Company is optimistic aboutbusiness opportunities in Laos.
Online trading is a bridge between enterprises of a country and businesses in other countries around the globe.
There are giant e-commerce companies that have been successful in this online trading such as America’s Amazon and China’s Alibaba. Utilising a benefit-sharing model, the companies have brought benefits to customers around the globe.

Observing this business potential, CKC Global Company has introduced and utilised this economic benefit-sharing model into Laos by establishing its online e-commerce website ‘Ezbuylao.com’.
Established in 2007, the company - previously called CKC Vietnam - is now recognised by enterprises in Laos as a company with effective multi-branched services.
CKC Global has an advisory council whose members comprise leading Vietnamese specialists on policymaking, finance, and the economy to help formulate its strategies to ensure effective operations and the delivery of excellent services.
CKC has also been supported and highly valued by experts of Vietnam’s State Banking Strategy Institute.
Having modern biotechnology of industry 4.0 capabilities has been a solid foundation for CKC Global. The technology is an important key for each enterprise to access the global market. For this reason, the website ‘ezbuylao.com’ of CKC has been developed and widely known in Laos. Dozens of foreign enterprises previously invested in this type of business in Laos, but they failed.
CKC Global is among the first initiating e-commerce or online commerce in Laos that utilisesthe economic benefit-sharing model with a policy toreturn money to consumers through a loyalty programme.
‘Ezbuylao.com’is aninternational-standard e-commerce website. It offers an ‘EZ’ online wallet to facilitate cashless payments replacing cash transactions, which ensures security for customers.
Currently, ‘Ezbuylao.com’ is a leading e-commerce website in Laos because it has successfully changed Lao consumers’behaviour from cash payments to online cashless payments via biotechnology 4.0. Consequently, ‘Ezbuylao.com’ is a significant investment area of the CKC Global Company.
Businesses advertisers with ‘Ezbuylao.com’ have found it an effective channel to promote their brands and sell their products while customers purchasing goods via the website have enjoyed its convenient purchasing experience.
More importantly, customers can earn points from various product categories on the website, which will be returned as cash as part of the loyalty scheme.
After 1 year of market research, Since 2017, CKC Global has officially introduced ezbuylao a system of price and benefit policies of businesses and individuals participating in the sharing economy model. CKC Global always keeps improving its technologies and services to meet the changing and growing needsof the Lao market.
After entering the Lao market three years ago, Ezbuylaohas contributed to the growing online trade in Laos, allowingenterprises to connect with customers.
Mrs LamphaiKhounphia, the operator of a spa business whose office is located in Sisattanak district, Vientiane described the benefits her company gained after advertising with the website.
“I have been (advertised business services) withEzbuylao for a long time. Ezbuylao has brought me good benefits,” she said.
“Customers visiting us were pleased with our attention and convenient payment we offered through the online wallet ‘EZ’ of Ezbuylao.”
“My business has accumulated points(through the loyalty scheme) that will be returned to us so we will have some funds for additional investment. When I shareEzbuylao to new customers, they like and trust it. This has reflected in the fact that Ezbuylao has contributed to and making the Lao market move lively.”
A customer of Ezbuylao, Mr SoulaphonVongxaya shared his experience and delight, saying “I have learnt that Ezbuylaois an online e-commerce website bringing benefits to users. Its policy of returning money to customershas helped us to save.”
“For example, we spent the money we gotto fill up our car. If there is no loyalty programme, we have to spend additional money.”
The confidence and satisfaction displayed by enterprises and customers have been an inspiration of Ezbuylaoto improve its services further, bringing even greater benefits to the communitiy.
Director of CKC Global, Mr Nguyen Ngoc Duy stated, “From 2020on, the company will continue to introduce several promotional policies to express our gratitude to the Ezbuylao community.”
“In addition, CKC Global, with its technological strength, will continue to draw up a plans to improve its know-how further and invest in many areas such as health, education, real estate and so on …in Laos to enable Vietnamese enterprises and individual communities to access the Lao market faster.”
“On the other hand, Lao enterprises also have the opportunity to expand their investment into Vietnam. We also plan to expand (our business) to the Myanmarese, Cambodian and Thai markets in the next three years.”
In addition to the Ezbuylao website, CKC Global continues to havebusiness success with Laolott.com – an online lottery in Laos, and laoexpress.net.
With its business expansion model, CKC Global has demonstrated its desire to access international markets followingthe plan of the company’s executives.
During the Business Network International (BNI) Conference Laos 2019, representatives of the CKC Global presented about the business model and vision of the company.
CKC Global’s visionwas widely supported by its business partners and businesspeople at BNI Laos.
Currently, CKC Global’s online trading website is also present in the Vietnamese market, and numerous enterprises there have joined.
In early April, the Ezbuylao online trading website will be officially launched in Vietnam.
In the near future, economic benefit-sharing model in general and online trading in particular will become a trading bridge between Lao and Vietnamese businesses. This will be an excellent opportunity for companies to work together to achieve shared development goals.

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(Latest Update March 24, 2020)

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