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Help curb dengue spread, health sector asks public

Health Authorities are urging people to clear potential mosquito breeding sites around their homes and workplaces to help control the spread of dengue fever.

Activities are focused on long-term prevention rather than solely treatment and are vital to combating the disease, a senior official from the Vientiane Health Department said.

The Health Authorities has called to the public to join prevention efforts as they reported on known infection numbers.

As of April 3 2020, a total of 260 people had been diagnosed with dengue fever in the capital this year, with no fatalities recorded.

Reporting cases were the capital's districts of Xaythany (75), Sangthong (35), Xaysetha (34), Sisattanak (25), Naxaithong (22), Sikhottabong (22), Hadxaifong (19), Pakngum (15) and Chanthaboury (13), according to a report from the Vientiane Health Department.

A health official from the Epidemiology Division under the Vientiane Health Department informed Vientiane Times of plans to the fight against dengue fever and preventing future epidemics in the target districts of the capital.

He said although dengue fever infections have not yet seen an increase, health experts have convened urgent meetings every Monday to discuss interventions to be undertaken in the prevention fight.

Village heads, associations, charities, and monks are also crucial in the battle to prevent dengue fever, he said

In particular, local communities need to keep their surroundings clean while focusing on killing mosquitoes and their larvae inside and near these areas.

Authorities have been raising public awareness as one of the main strategies to reduce the risk of dengue transmission, he added.

Every household should throw out any water that collects in jars, vases, and dishes and should cover such vessels to prevent more water from filling them yet again.

Schools, hospitals, factories, hotels, restaurants, tourist facilities, and offices should organise cleaning activities to remove any sources of stagnant water to slow mosquito breeding.

Over recent years, the Lao health ministry has urged the public to follow the rules, including covering both indoor and outdoor water containers and draining and cleaning outdoor containers to prevent the disease.

By Phetpoxay Sengpaseuth
(Latest Update April 7, 2020)

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