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How should growers get ready for their rainy season crop planting?

The rainy season has begun and agriculturists nationwide are starting to plant their wet seasonal crops. Agricultural products are a main source of income for the county and people. They are mainly grown during the rainy season and each year the concerned sectors alert people to be on time with their sowing. Vientiane Times asked some members of public for some ways agriculturists should prepare themselves for getting ready on time with seasonal planting.

Farmers in Vientiane province plant the wet season rice.

Ms Buasy Xaiyalath, a resident of Sikhottabong district, Vientiane: I think people, particularly famers should get ready to plant their crops on time. It’s necessary to be on time because most of their agriculture production is based on natural conditions. Many areas or villages don’t have irrigation systems and they rely only on rain water for their crops. It means that their crops are at risk of insufficient water. In addition, agriculturists should also have a good system of taking care and protecting their crops from pests throughout the season. In previous years, there were some problems with agriculture happening in many parts of country. If they don’t have a good system to manage their crops, they may not get  the yields they expect. Of course, authorities and concerned sectors should work together to assist agriculturists on this matter by finding a good way to prevent such problems.

Mr Kone, an employee of Sisattanak district, Vientiane: The rainy season has now started and agriculturists nationwide are beginning to plant their crops. As we know, agricultural products are very important for us because   farmers nationwide consume and can sell them. Now is the right time for sowing and agriculturists should be on time with preparing their growing areas and seeds. If possible, for ensuring that they will get good outputs, they should also try to change the form of production from natural methods to more modernised or industrial methods. Otherwise, it’s also important to have a good system to protect their crops from such enemies as insects and pests. Previously, in some areas there was an outbreak of insects which ate or damaged many crops. So, agriculturists should be aware and have a good care and protection for their crops.

Mr Khamchith, a resident of Luag Prabang province: People in my village mainly deal with farming. During the rainy season we plant rice, cassava, chilli, eggplant and other crops. We have been preparing for this season and now we will start to plant the rice seedlings. Unfortunately we mainly wait for rain because there isn’t a sufficient irrigation channel. There are only some small irrigation dams here. Of course, we previously faced problems when the rain didn’t come for a long time and we needed assistance from authorities. However, this year, I hope there isn’t any problems with our production. And more importantly, we hope to get a good yield. However, I would like authorities and concerned sectors to closely help agriculturists on monitoring incidents and solving problems which may happen with our crops throughout this season.

Mr Savath Inthavong, a resident of Xayaboury province: I live in a rural area where people enjoy growing rainy season crops. We have started our farming and we are very happy with our progress here. The authorities always encourage us to grow crops such as sweetcorn, Job’s tear, fruit and beans, and each year some people increase the number of their growing areas and products. They also (the government) assist us in many ways when we have problems with our crops. We grow rice to eat and the other crops to sell. Unfortunately, there isn’t an irrigation system here and our work depends on the rain. In some years the rain comes regularly and we will have good yields but in some years when the rain doesn’t come regularly it has negative impacts and we get less output. I think, authorities especially in the concerned sectors should consider this matter and try to find solutions to help us more by building irrigation dams and channels.  Of course, all agriculturists should be aware on preventing problems that may occur at any time including flood and drought.



By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update June 7, 2021)

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