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Is it wise to control prices of products during Lao New Year?

Vendors are being warned not to unnecessarily increase the prices of products during the upcoming Lao New Year festivities. In this regard, authorities are leaving no stone unturned to inspect and monitor prices in Vientiane and other provinces of the country. Vientiane Times asked some people to air their thoughts on this matter.


Mr Bounxuay Keophasouk, a resident of Chanthabouly district, Vientiane: It is indeed good news that officials are warning vendors to not illegally enhance prices of products, and are trying to control the
prices of products in the country. I have noticed that around every festival, especially the Lao New Year, the prices of products
skyrocket. The prices of food items including vegetables, fruits, pork, and beef are on the rise as vendors are illegally increasing the prices. It is not a happy feeling when prices are hiked as we have to spend more. The rise in prices of essential food items increases the cost of living, which is a huge problem, especially for those living  below the poverty line. People across the country are worried and want the authorities to strike hard to keep the prices in check. I think authorities should check markets on a daily basis so that vendors do not take advantage of the festive season.

Ms Khamxien Vongmany a resident ofXaysettha district, Vientiane: I think it’s necessary to control the prices of products during the New Year, as some vendors like to illegally jack up the prices of all products. We should congratulate authorities that they are working towards controlling the prices of products during the Lao New Year. I
am worried about the rising prices and this will impact the celebrations. In the past, vendors would increase prices of products and there were no officials around to stop them. Their argument was that during the New Year the demand for products leads to a rise in prices. People complained about this issue to the authorities, who decided to crack down. This year authorities are trying to make the vendors fall in
line and, if any, are found violating rules they will be punished as per the laws of the land.

Mr Phongphan Buachaleun, a resident of Sikhottabong district, Vientiane: Like others, I am not happy with the rising prices during the New
Year. It wouldn’t be nice if everything, including food items, are more expensive than usual. Before the prices really shoot up, the authorities should look into this matter. In addition, I think the cost of living is already high. Generally, our country has put in place apt controlling measures, but vendors continue to illegally
increase prices of goods during festivals to suit their vested interests. Effective implementation of laws to keep the rising prices
in check is the need of the hour. Everyone should join hands and report people who are overpricing products. If we can control the prices it will help reduce the cost of living in these already difficult times.

Mr Vanxay, a resident of Savannakhet province:
I agree that vendors overpricing their products should be warned and penalised. Vendors across the country are wont to increasing prices during festive seasons, including the Lao New Year, which is round the corner. This is an important issue and the officials concerned should step in to rectify the situation. Controlling the prices of products is important as New Year should be enjoyed by everyone from high to
low income groups. Many people are complaining that everything in our country is becoming expensive by the day, however, the incomes are not increasing in tandem. It is only fair to let people have a good time on this auspicious occasion. Lets all do our bit to keep the prices in check. 




By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update April 12, 2021)

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