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Power of solidarity to overcome Covid-19

Let’s not pour blame on people infected with Covid-19, while making it clear that people who have the virus should behave responsibly in ways that do not pass on the infection to others. 
After the notorious 59th case of the virus was identified, the unseen pathogen quickly spread through Vientiane. People were unable to protect themselves because they did not know who had the virus and who didn’t.
In the wake of case No. 59, the virus spread to others who had frequented the same places. A large number of people in Vientiane were upset to learn of the spread of the virus. The government introduced new measures to bring the outbreak under control and a lockdown was ordered in Vientiane for 14 days from April 22-May 5 in a bid to reduce people to people contact and slow infection.
This was quickly followed by lockdowns in all of the provinces, with people banned from travelling to Vientiane unless really necessary. If people need to come to Vientiane, they must get permission from the Covid-19 taskforce in their province to leave the area.  
After news of the outbreak broke, people immediately took to social media to voice their opinions, especially on Facebook. The numerous posts reflected both positive and negative responses to the situation.
Some people got into arguments, while some attempted to sway opinion about the alleged spreaders of the virus in Laos, trying to shed a positive light on the circumstances. Others circulated fake news on social media, creating insecurity across the country.
Of course, we all recognise that social media is a vital source of information in this digital age when everyone is connected through various advanced forms of ICT. But this means we are subject to both true and false information, and it is essential that we carefully consider everything we read, including video clips, photos and voiceovers.
We are Lao and must fight shoulder to shoulder yet again to battle the Covid-19 virus so that we all get through this difficult and challenging time for the benefit of ourselves and our country. If we all work together, we can stop the outbreak in its tracks and help Laos return to normal as soon as possible.
We must bolster our cohesive solidarity right across the country so that people in every corner of the nation feel we are fighting Covid-19 together, by complying with the Prime Minister’s Order on reinforcement measures concerning containment, prevention and a comprehensive response to the Covid-19 outbreak.
If we join forces to implement this Order, the difficult situation that we find ourselves in will pass very quickly.
Our solidarity at this difficult time is very important. All Lao people need to work together and help family members, neighbours and friends by educating and talking to them so they are persuaded of the best ways to steer clear of the virus. We must do this to limit the number of infections and control the spread of the virus.
Last year when the pandemic struck, people of all Lao ethnic groups did well in following the Prime Minister’s Order and international organisations congratulated us on our success in keeping the virus in check.
Up until April 20 this year the number of infections remained below 100, while in other countries with much larger populations, cases were in the hundreds or thousands. We were proud of what we did to protect people from the virus. Nobody died and the virus was kept at bay because of our cohesive solidarity in standing firm against it. 
Congratulations to all those who have strictly complied with the Order and are actively informing and educating others, including family members and friends, about ways to prevent the spread of the virus and limit the number of infections.
Once again our cohesive solidarity will overcome Covid-19 and we will survive this difficult situation together and emerge relatively unscathed as soon as possible. Keep going everyone!


By Editorial Desk
(Latest Update May 6, 2021)

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