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What are your concerns while staying at home amid the lockdown?

People are asked to stay and work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown in order to avoid the risk of viral infection and spread. However, many people say that they worry about many problems that happen in life while staying at home during the lockdown. Vientiane Times asked some members of public for what concerns they have.

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Mr Bounchan Vongmisouk, a resident of Xaysettha district, Vientiane: For me, it’s good to stay in at home during the lockdown because it’s safer than going outside or going in to work. But I am worried about the increase of payments that I wouldn’t be able to avoid such as the electricity and water will charge more than working at the office because I and other members of the family have to stay in all the time and use more. So, I would like the government or involved sectors to consider this matter and find a good solution to help people during the lockdown. Of course, if possible there should be a policy on offering at price reducution for using electricity and water like our neighbouring countries do to help their people.

Ms Kai, a resident of Sikhottabong district, Vientiane: During the lockdown I am afraid the payments within my family will increase as we have to stay in together for a long time and we spent much money on buying food and other things we use on a daily basis. Meanwhile, the income of our family is decreased because we can’t go out to work to earn money. In addition, the prices of products in the markets seem to rise these days because most of people stay in and don’t go out to shop or some people buy a big amount of products to stock at home or for resale as they are afraid of the shortage of products and food if the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown continues. I would like authorities to regularly check the prices of products for ensuring the vendors don’t increase the prices illegally.

Mr Somxay Khammany, a resident of Sisatanak district, Vientiane: As well as other families, my family has many members and we use a lot of electricity and water each day. We also spend more money to buy food and things at the market because we don’t want to go out every day, or many times a day. Children also don’t go to school and they always ask to buy things they like, snacks or toys. I am also worried about poor people or families, that are in a worse situation because they have to stay in and don’t have money to buy their food or pay their bills. They will need assistance from the government and society indeed. However, people should be economical, or be careful with the way they spend money during this situation, they also need take care of themselves and keep social distancing while outside and at home in order stay healthy and  safe. Otherwise, I hopefully, the covid-19 spread in our country stops soon and the situation returns to normal, so the lockdown will end and we can go out or go to work.

Ms Lanoy, a resident of Savannakhet province: Just like other people elsewhere, the big problem for my family during the lockdown is the bills because we use much electricity and water each day. On top if that, the weather is very hot and we need to use more air conditioning and fans and also use more water. However, we realise that staying in is the only way of protecting ourselves from the spreading virus. We strictly follow the rules and measures of Covid-19 to help control the virus. I think, everyone should be aware and budget within their family. If they’re not careful how they spend money, it will put them in a worse situation. I have heard that there has been an announcement about the reduction of electricity payments during these months offered by the government and the utility owners. We should thank them. Of course, if possible there should also be a reduction in the price of water supply and products too.



By Visith Teppalath
(Latest Update May 19, 2021)

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