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What do you think about measures to ease the payment of road tax and other fees?

The government is delaying the payment of road tax and other fees due to the effects of the pandemic. The deadline for the payment of annual road tax has been extended until June 30, after which motorists will be charged 0.1 percent of the cost for each day that payment is overdue. Vientiane Times sought opinions on the changes, which are intended to ease widespread financial hardship.


Mr Khonsavan Souksenboun, a resident of Vientiane: I’m glad the government is considering measures to make people’s lives easier. It would be good if the government can come up with some effective solutions to address the problems we face, together with all the parties involved. These days everything seems to be expensive and life is hard for people on limited incomes. It would be nice if the government can reduce other costs as well as postponing the payment of taxes, customs duty and other fees. I urge the authorities to implement this new system as soon as possible.

Ms Noy Xayavong, an official in Borikhamxay province: It’s good that the government is easing conditions for the payment of taxes and other fees. Many people are unable to work at present which means they don’t have any income. Meanwhile, there are still bills to pay, including loan repayments as well as rent and electricity and water bills. And when people spend more time at home they use more water and electricity, so the bills get bigger. It would be good if the government can ease, defer or reduce these payments to ease the burden on everyone until we can all get back to work.

Mr Khuanchai Xanaxay, a resident of Khammuan province: It would be very helpful if the government can give us a break on the payment of road tax and other fees because of course if we’re not working it means we don’t get paid. And I can’t work from home. I have very little money to buy food and other essentials. I not only have to pay taxes but also water and electricity bills. I’m worried about what will happen if we can’t work for a long time. It would be good if the government can step in to help us. And I would like to ask employers to pay our wages in advance when we do go back to work.

Ms Phoutsady, a worker from Luang Prabang province: I would like to give a million thanks to the government for delaying the payment of road tax from March until June. It’s so difficult for me and all those who live from hand to mouth. I do have some money, but I spent quite a bit when my children were ill recently. Now I have only a little and I don’t know how we can survive if I can’t go back to work soon. I call on all sectors of government to sympathise with our situation and help us to get through this difficult time.  

Ms Kham Xayasarn, an employee in Xaythany district, Vientiane: Yes, I’ve seen the news about the government postponing the payment of road tax and other fees. I think government intervention in this situation is a good thing and I hope there will soon be help for poor people and those who are unemployed. However, I urge all vehicle owners to pay road tax so that we make a contribution to the state budget and the government has more money at its disposal to make things better.

By Lamphone Pasanthong
(Latest Update June 10, 2021)

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