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What can we do to boost blood stocks?

The National Blood Transfusion Centre run by the Lao Red Cross is calling for more people to donate blood in order to meet the increasing need for blood transfusions at hospitals around the country. Blood supplies are running low because of social restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Vientiane Times asked around for opinions on the matter.


Mr Kien Vongvilaitham, an official in Vientiane: Of course, during the Covid-19 pandemic the number of donors is low because there are restrictions on people’s movements and gatherings. But there is still a high demand for blood each day especially as some people need fresh blood frequently. And there are more road accidents which means more people need transfusions. A mix of circumstances means supplies are now running low. I encourage people who are healthy to donate blood as often as possible. Every single drop of blood is valuable for life so any donated blood will help others.
Ms Vanna Thammavong, an employee in Xaythany district, Vientiane: I think giving blood is very important and people who are healthy should give their blood to those in need. I know that many people think it’s dangerous in some way but they are not well informed about this issue. There should be more information and publicity about blood donations and clear explanations about the benefits of donating blood. If people get more information, they will be confident and more will give blood. Doctors and the authorities should do more to convince the public of the benefits of giving blood.
Ms Da Philayvan, an employee in Sisattanak district, Vientiane: I think we should always recognise the importance of donating blood and help each other in this work. Many patients need blood each day so I donate blood often. Whenever I can, I am happy and proud to give blood because it means I am helping someone who is in urgent need of blood whether because of illness or an accident. I give my blood without expecting any compensation. I like to donate because I think it’s a good way to make merit. There are no dangers or side effects from giving blood and there are doctors there to monitor the session. Our blood supply replenishes itself quickly and the blood we donate is only a small part of the total blood in our body.
Mr Phaivan Buathong, a resident of Luang Prabang province: I’m interested in donating blood because giving blood is like giving life. But during the lockdown our movements are restricted so we can’t go out to give blood. I urge all those who can to donate blood, especially as doctors say that many hospitals lack sufficient supplies. As we all know, our lives depend on blood. Who knows, a member of our family or a friend may need blood at any time if they have an accident. The amount of blood that is stocked for supply to hospitals depends on how many people pass the blood test; if more people pass the test, more blood is supplied. Everyone, especially healthy people, should donate blood to help others.


By Lamphone Pasanthong
(Latest Update May 26, 2021)

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