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Why do you prefer fruit and vegetables that have been farmed organically?

Many of the food staples on sale today have been grown using a cocktail of chemicals, such as pesticides, fertilisers, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals may eventually cause health problems. One way to avoid the risks is to eat food that has been grown using organic methods. Vientiane Times asked some shoppers for their reasons for buying organic produce.


Ms Panita Ammalathithada, a resident of Sisattanak district: I run a café and restaurant so I come to the organic market every week to buy vegetables to eat and to serve to customers. I believe that the vegetables sold here are of better quality than at ordinary markets. We can tell the difference because the vegetables I buy at the organic market are not soaked in water and can be stored for up to 5-7 days. They are clean and healthy and the organic markets sell a wide variety of herbs and vegetables.
Ms Phonmany Naosavat, a resident of Vientiane: Organic crops are grown without chemical fertiliser. I’m someone who wants to be healthy so I eat organic vegetables. They are quite different to vegetables bought at other markets because they can be stored for longer. In my experience, vegetables and herbs bought at ordinary markets only stay fresh for a day or two but those purchased at the organic market stay fresh for five days to two weeks and fruit lasts for a month. I have confidence in organic crops because of the way they are grown and I have visited several farms. I don’t know where crops that are grown using chemicals come from, and it seems to me that growers don’t care about consumers’ health as they’re only interested in getting a high yield. I worry about the effects of chemicals on my body. I eat organic vegetables and I feel good so I advise other people to do the same.
Ms Hoy Vaenvongsod, a resident of Xaysettha district: I’m a cook for some foreigners who like to eat organic vegetables so I always come to the organic market. It’s true that the produce I buy here tastes good, is fresh, and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Vegetables and herbs will keep for a week or more in the refrigerator, which is much longer than for produce bought at ordinary markets.

Ms Noy, a resident of Vientiane: I feel there’s a definite difference between organic produce and vegetables that have been grown using chemicals. I know the things I buy at the organic market are clean, taste good and are healthy. I’ve seen officials making checks on the quality of the produce on sale. If standards are not met, vendors will be fined. Overall, I think the organic market is well organised, but it would be better if the setup could be improved or even if there were a permanent market.  On Saturdays, the market gets so crowded that there’s nowhere to park. But it’s good that we have this market at all.
Ms Vandala, a resident of Xaysettha district: I buy organic produce at Lao-ITECC twice a week. In my opinion the fruit and vegetables are cleaner, free of pesticides and sweeter. And they last longer when refrigerated and don’t spoil easily. They may turn yellow but they are still edible. Non-organic produce doesn’t keep for so long and turns dark in a few days, which could be a health hazard.
Mr Khamphou Fanthaboun, Head of the Vientiane Organic Vegetable Market: People who want to sell their produce at the Vientiane Organic Market must be certified by us. Today we have village groups involving 288 families in the districts of Phakngum, Xaythany, Xaysettha, Hadxaifong, Sikhottabong and Naxaithong. The Vientiane Organic Market takes place four days a week. Growers set up stalls at Dongnasok on Monday and Thursday afternoons, at Lao-ITECC on Saturday and Wednesday mornings, and at Huayhong market on Saturday morning.
Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days for farmers because they sell their produce at Lao-ITECC where they get most customers.


By Lamphone Pasanthong
(Latest Update March 26, 2021)

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