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DPM offers measures for Xekong to pursue robust growth

Xekong provincial authorities were told to translate the government's measures, outlined to boost 2017 socio-economic development, into the province's planning and projects to drive local growth and improve people's livelihoods.

Deputy Prime Minister Dr Sonexay Siphandone, during his working trip to the province last week, pressed on the need for the province to translate the government's 10 measures into its own plan and projects so the province can realise sustainable robust growth.

He offered the advice during a meeting with provincial governor Khampheuy Boutdavieng and other leading officials.

Highlighting measures for the province to comply with, Dr Sonexay told authorities to improve conditions conducive to business operations by resolving inconvenient procedures that added to investment costs and hindered businesses.

Additionally, he called for authorities to continue improving regulations that were no longer encouraging for investment attraction and business operations.

He suggested the need to upgrade the capacity of local businesses and encouraged them to make use of modern technology in their production processes to increase their competitiveness amid regional economic integration.

The province was told to promote greater investment in production and services based on local untapped potential such as the fields of agriculture, tourism, trade and transportation among others by promoting small and medium enterprises.

Given that some development projects in Laos have caused a negative impact on the environment, the DPM called for the province to ensure that development projects carried out were environmentally-friendly.

The authorities were told to review the province's obliged implementation of the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) and ensure a plan and projects to pursue the SDGs is drawn up to guarantee effective implementation by making full use of the province's potential.

Provincial authorities were told to attach great priority to strict enforcement of the country's laws and legislation along with taking concrete action to address bureaucracy and corruption issues.

The DPM called for great effort to alleviate poverty, expand education and health services coverage while improving their standards and nutrition, notably in the poor districts of Dakcheung and Kaleum.

The authorities were told to modernise revenue collection systems in a transparent and streamlined manner, while exploring new revenue sources along with following up on budget plan implementation to ensure efficiency.

On this occasion, Dr Sonexay praised the province for its achievements over the past year with gross domestic product (GDP) growth at 9.1 percent and total GDP reaching 1,404 billion kip equivalent to US$1,524 income per capita.

Poor villages have declined from 56 villages in 2015 to 48 in 2016 equivalent to 24 percent of the entire villages in the province. Poor families have declined from 2,400 in 2015 to 1,800 in 2016 representing 9 percent of the entire families in the province.

During his visit, Dr Sonexay also toured some production sites in the province including a coffee plantation.



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