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January 30, 2015


1. A man lights a candle to insert into a lantern along with hundreds of others adorning the ancient temple during the full moon day of the Vat Phou festival in Champassak province. (File Photo Phoonsab)

1. Entry fees rise at annual Vat Phou festival
Visitors must pay at least 70,000 kip to attend the Vat Phou Festival this year as payment for themselves and their vehicle, the Champassak district Governor said on Wednesday. . . More >>>

2. New project aims to ensure food security
Laos launched a new project at the National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI) on Wednesday aiming to ensure food security and encourage more agricultural production for commercial purposes.
. More >>>

3. International donors continue road maintenance in Laos
Phase-2 of the capacity building project for road maintenance in Laos (the CaRo l Project) was commenced in December last year and will continue through until September 2016, it was noted at a recent meeting on the project. . More >>>

4. Asean ministers discuss post-2015 vision for community building
Asean countries will finalise the formation of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) this year, while the regional bloc still needs to improve the bodies within it as well as the Asean Secretariat. . More >>>

New decree seeks better management of performing arts
The government is seeking to bring better management practices to the performing arts after realising more work needs to be done to improve the running and promotion of the sector. .. More >>>


January 30, 2015
- Lao Food Festival begins
The Lao Food Festival officially kicked off yesterday, offering domestic and foreign visitors a wide variety of quality food and other products produced all around the country. . More >>>
- Xayaboury on track to carry out census
Xayaboury province: Provincial authorities are readying personnel to carry out the 2015 national census in March, with the current group of trainee survey-takers set to become trainers in Vientiane next week. . More >>>
- Govt ignores Luang Prabang province border checkpoint move
The proposal by officials in Luang Prabang province to relocate the Lao-Viet border checkpoint from Naluang village, Phonthong district has gone unanswered by the government. . More >>>
- UK shares energy use, emissions decision-making tool
The British Embassy in Vientiane is partnering with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to build awareness within the Lao government of a UK methodology to aid policy decision-making on energy and reduce emissions causing climate change. . . More >>>

January 29, 2015
- Govt offices relocate from Vientiane old quarter
The offices of the Vientiane Mai newspaper, Vientiane Department of Information, Culture and Tourism, and the department's radio station, are to be relocated, as these adjacent sites are required for commercial development. . More >>>
- Hongsa historical museum progressing well
The historical museum in Hongsa district, Xayaboury province, which is supported by funding from Hongsa Power Co., Ltd is 45 percent completed after construction began in November last year. . More >>>
- Horror accidents claim more lives in Laos
In a horror week on the nation's roads 26 people lost their lives nationwide, highlighting the many dangers and road safety issues which are on the rise in Laos. . More >>>
- PeuanMit programme support ChildSafe Network members
The Friends-International PeuanMit programme in Vientiane, in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, is supporting its ChildSafe Network members to protect children who may be in danger of abuse. . More >>>

January 28, 2015
- Road accidents in Vientiane increasing
The number of road accidents in Vientiane has already gone up as all the different villages in and around the city celebrate their traditional festivals. More >>>
- Youth groups report on overseas activities
Youth groups met in Vientiane yesterday to summarise their activities in overseas cooperation and economic development, and discuss future plans. More >>>
- Borikhamxay police arrest brutal killer
Police in Borikhamxay province have arrested a Vietnamese man who allegedly entered a private house with intent to steal and killed the homeowner when she caught him in the act. More >>>
- IT officials discuss android development project
Information Technology officials from various ministries yesterday held a meeting at the Ministry of Science and Technology to discuss progress on the Tech Institute Android Application project that supports young Lao developers. More >>>

January 27, 2015
- Laos to observe Asia-Pacific cooperative alliance
Laos expects to become an observer for the International Cooperative Alliance Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) this year. More >>>
- Children's Hospital outlines future vision
The Children's Hospital in Vientiane plans to raise its status to become a child health centre that can support similar institutions locally by providing professional expertise. More >>>
- Young man found hanged in Vientiane
The Vientiane Police Office reported yesterday that a man was found dead apparently after hanging himself in a hut near a rice field in Nongphaya village, Xaythany district. More >>>
- Eye doctors have professional improvement in their sights
The lack of trained eye specialists remains the biggest challenge for the Association of Lao Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmic Nurses, despite gains in modern technology and equipment. More >>>

January 26, 2015
- Funding released for governance reform
The GPAR Capacity Development and Modernisation Fund (GPAR-CADEM Fund) has released grant monies to 13 government offices worth a total of 1.4 billion kip. . . More >>>
- New US$5 million Southern Bus Station just the ticket
A new Southern Bus Station in Vientiane costing about US$5 million (more than 40 billion kip) is currently under construction and is slated for completion later this year. . More >>>
- Canadian man dies at Wattay International Airport
Vientiane Police Office reported last week that a Canadian man was found dead on the second floor of Wattay International Airport, Vientiane, on Thursday morning. . . More >>>
- Sikhottabong authorities concerned over crime spree
Authorities are alarmed at the significant jump in the number of crimes in Sikhottabong district, Vientiane, with almost 420 criminal cases recorded by police last year. More >>>

January 23, 2015
- Nayoby Bank responds to accusations of poor loan management
The failure of Nayoby Bank (NBB) to recoup loans and interest has been called into question by members of the public, while bank officials claim they have adhered to the bank's objectives. . . More >>>
- Media strengthen tobacco control campaign
Lao media representatives have discussed ways to continue strengthening the tobacco control campaign with the death toll from smoking climbing each year. . More >>>
- Vientiane water enterprise breaks ground on new facility
Vientiane Water Supply Enterprise, known locally as Nam Papa Nakhone Luang, has marked the start of construction for its latest facility with a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday in Thadeua village, Hadxaifong district, Vientiane. . More >>>
- German-Lao help builds primary school in Xaysomboun
The German-Lao Association for Development (GLAD) has provided more than 200 million kip to construct a primary school in Namying village, Longxan District, Xaysomboun Province. . More >>>

January 22, 2015
- Tapioca factory calls for spaced deliveries of cassava
The KPN Tapioca Factory in Champassak province has decided on a solution to address the problem of excessive amounts of cassava being delivered to the warehouse. . More >>>
- Official responds to pesticide management concerns
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has worked hard to regulate the legal distribution and use of pesticides, but illegal channels for chemical imports still remain, according an official from the ministry. . More >>>
- Ministry issues guide for smokers, non-smokers
The Hygiene and Health Promotion Department of the Ministry of Health has published the first edition of a booklet titled 50 Questions and Answers', to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking. More >>>
- Donors provide clothing, books for disadvantaged people
Generous donors from the private sector in Vientiane have given a quantity of items of clothing and educational books for disadvantaged people in a remote area of Xayaboury province. . More >>>

NA closes after approving laws, policies

- PM calls for continuing infrastructure development assistance
- NA debates amendments to the constitution
- NA session opens amidst economic pressure
- PM visits projects in Huaphanh
- Investment in sanitation yields economic returns, study finds  
- Laos reviews 39 years of remarkable progress
Festival gives boost to Lao coffee industry
Traditional boat racing crown goes to Luang Prabang
Lao PM stresses energy security and sustainable future in Asean
Laos pushes for energy integration
Laos-Russia to deepen ties, cooperation
Vientiane AIPA adopts resolutions to boost community building
Lao Stock Market Information is available here

- Global markets end lower in a wobbly week
- EDL-Gen Friday surge buoys market liquidity


Hydropower major revenue earner for the country
As investment in the power generation sector continues to grow, the government is keen to see the hydropower industry produce 50 percent of the . More >>>


Phor Ngao Khamdiew captures a lover's loneliness
After an extended hiatus from the nation's radio waves and television screens solo singer JoJo will return to release his second single to follow on from the initial... More >> >


Voices of Viengxay: the people who told their stories I was stationed in Xieng Xeu where 25 women and 30 men provided village security. After the establishment of the security force, we had to be on duty and guard all day and all night. . More >>>

World news

Indonesian investigators: Crashed AirAsia flown by co-pilot
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- Indonesian investigators say the co-pilot of the crashed AirAsia jet was in control when he struggled to recover the aircraft as . ... More >>>


How are you enjoying the Lao Food Festival?
The Lao Food Festival 2015 is taking place at Chao Anouvong Park in Vientiane from January 29-31, organised by the Lao Businesswomen's . More >>>


Borikhamxay to build new stadium for 2017 student games

Borikhamxay province plans to spend some 224 billion kip this year to build a new football stadium as it anticipates the hosting of the National Student Games in 2017. . More >>>


Vat Phou festival: an enchanting celebration Thousands of candles will be lit at the Khmer style Hindu temple, Vat Phou Champassak, next week when the annual festival to celebrate Laos' second World Heritage Site reaches its ... More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Poverty Reduction Fund improves conditions in Huaphan
People in many districts nationwide are still living in basic conditions so assistance from the government and other parties is needed to improve their circumstances and enable them to rise above poverty. . . . ... More >>>

Arts & Culture

Kimono exhibition and Japanese tea ceremony
Despite the ever-changing fashion trends popular among young people, the Japanese also value their traditional dress, especially the iconic Kimono. ...More >>


Ensuring safe food for Oudomxay National Games
With 7,000 athletes and 12,000 spectators expected to descend upon Oudomxay province for the 10th National Games from December 13-21, the challenge is on to ensure safe and clean food in sufficient supply to cater to the influx. . More >>>


Mittaphab's MRI to boost diagnostic standards
Mittaphab Hospital on Monday opened Laos' first Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for service, making it the most modern diagnostic tool in the country. . . More >>>


Cold experience in a Lao hill village
Wearing many layers of clothing and several blankets on top, we are still frozen to the bone. The wind constantly streams through the slits of the wooden walls.. . ...More >>>


Cows and fish

Tou was a short man, and his back was bent from his lifelong work in the rice fields. However he was still strong. . . .More >>>

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