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December 9, 2016

Ministry of Health, UNICEF discuss nutrition project ## Authorities confer on agro-biodiversity initiative

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1. Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Saleumxay Kommasith.
2. Luang Namtha town in Luang Namtha province. -- Photo Khonesavanh

1. Country makes remarkable achievements in foreign affairs
The relations between the Lao PDR and great powers have seen positive escalation, while the nation has maintained normalcy in its relations with developed countries, reflecting some remarkable achievements in Laos' foreign affairs. More >>>

Laos-China railway awaits landmine clearance
Luang Namtha province: -- Construction of the Laos-China railway in Luang Namtha province has yet to commence as some UXO clearance activities need to be completed before the rail builders can move full steam ahead with the project. More >>>

Nayoby bank to increase loan amounts, expand branches
Nayoby bank will increase the maximum loan amount it releases to a customer from the current 30 million kip to 50 million kip next year and expand its service coverage in a move to enable more farmers to access finances for their production needs, a bank governor has said. More >>>

4. Ambassador highlights Laos-Russian cooperation
Reconstruction of health facilities, involvement in UXO clearance, and the maximisation of benefits from the use of natural resources in Laos are all fields in which the Russian Federation may provide assistance to the country under their cooperation efforts. More >>>

5. Foreign leaders send good wishes on 41st Lao National Day
Foreign leaders, including those of Asean member countries and the United States, have sent messages to their Lao counterparts expressing their best wishes on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of Lao National Day, which fell on December 2. More >>>

6. Govt, Microsoft to accelerate digital transformation
Software giant Microsoft has underscored its commitment to empowering every person and every business in Laos. More >>>


December 9 , 2016
- SNU-Lao Foundation provides dental training to students
Students and teachers from the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Health Sciences recently participated in a training seminar on dentistry aimed at improving and developing dental treatment in Laos, run by a representaive of Seoul National University, Dr Lee Jong-Wook. More >>>
- Authorities confer on agro-biodiversity initiative
Northern provincial authorities are focused on restoring biodiversity in agriculture to support production development for upland farming families as part of poverty alleviation efforts. More >>>
- Ministry of Health, UNICEF discuss nutrition project
The Ministry of Health and UNICEF are reviewing the progress of UNICEF's health and nutrition programme as they plan for the year ahead. More >>>
- Sericulture requires support
Laos needs to promote sericulture (the production of silk products) in the effort to create jobs for local people in response to labour market demands.More >>>

December 8 , 2016
- Laos needs to increase understanding of E-learning
The National University of Laos held a conference yesterday called the “2nd Dissemination Workshop on E-learning at the National University of Laos (NUoL)” in order to increase teachers' and professors' understanding of new electronic learning (E-learning) methods.
. More >>>
Vehicle fives rage in southern provinces
Khammuan provincial police are trying to determine the cause of a fire involving two fuel tankers on Tuesday at a petrol station in Phonsoung village, Thakhaek district, Khammuan province. . More >>>
150 Vientiane students receive scholarship from SCG
150 students from Vientiane received scholarships from the Siam Cement Group (SCG) yesterday, after the SCG announced the names of the recipients on Tuesday. . More >>>
- Australia seeks nominees for 65th Anniversary Awards
To help mark 65 years of Australia-Laos diplomatic relations, the Australian Embassy is seeking nominations for awards to recognise the substantial contribution by individuals or groups to Australia-Laos relations. . More >>>
- Australia continues to support Lao students
The Australian government is continuing its support for local students to further their education by studying at the National University of Laos (NUOL) this year. . More >>>

December 7 , 2016
- Xayaboury prepares for annual elephant festival
Almost 70 elephants will feature in Xayaboury's annual elephant festival from February 13-19, aiming to promote the province's colourful culture and local livelihoods. More >>>
This month, volunteer teachers will begin examinations
Volunteer teachers in Vientiane, along with newly graduated education students, will participate in an examination on December 10 of this year in the hope to become full time civil servants of government. More >>>
Laos reaffirms commitment to pursue Paris climate change agreement
The Lao government is determined to join hands with the international community in implementing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, a Lao senior diplomat told the international community recently. More >>>
- Luang Prabang Handicrafts Festival attracts more visitors
Luang Prabang Handicrafts Festival has attracted more than 3,000 local and foreign visitors since the event began on December 4. More >>>

December 6 , 2016
- Officials warn consumers about gift basket risks
The health authority has established a system for the inspection of expired goods mixed in markets in an effort to curb the growth in these products according to the regulations. . . More >>>
- Ministry seeks to strengthen home affairs
Administrative mechanisms which are not really serving to facilitate development, a lack of respect for the law by state administrative bodies and agencies, and non-compliance with organisational structures are the main challenges facing the home affairs sector. . . More >>>
- Three die on Vientiane roads over long weekend
Three people were killed and others sustained injuries in road accidents in the capital over the three-day period from December 2-4. . . More >>>
- Let's break down stereotypes in Laos: Australian volunteer
Gender stereotypes have resulted in serious impediments to the social, political and economic empowerment of women in Laos, an Australian volunteer has said. . . More >>>

December 5 , 2016
- Employees enjoy better working conditions, rights
More than 400 state enterprises and private factories in Vientiane have signed on to collective bargaining agreements to protect the rights and benefits of both employees and employers.. . More >>>
- Suspected drug dealers nabbed in provinces
Police in the provinces of Bokeo and Luang Namtha have made significant arrests involving large quantities of illegal drugs, local media reported.. . More >>>
- Entrance fees taking toll on Champassak tour operators
The imposition of entrance fees to tourist sites in Champassak province is causing a downturn in visitor numbers, according to local tour operators. . . More >>>
- Infant immunisation against polio falling short of target in Meun district
Only 70 percent of children under the age of five in 22 target villages in Meun district, Vientiane province, have been immunised against polio and given protection against seasonal diseases. . . More >>>

December 1 , 2016
- Nation urged to step up ICT rollout
Laos needs to increase development of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure to ensure more people have access and can bridge the digital divide. . More >>>
- Children in Meuangfeuang vaccinated against polio
Fully 93 percent of children under the age of five in 44 target villages in Meuangfeuang district, Vientiane province, have been immunised against polio and given protection against seasonal diseases. . More >>>
- Laos hosts regional APRC cooperation meeting
Laos and other Asian Peace and Reconciliation Council (APRC) members reaffirmed their continuing cooperation in security, economics-trade, peace and sustainable development at the APRC 4th annual meeting in Vientiane on Wednesday. . More >>>
- Fine arts association seeks new talent
The Lao Fine Arts Association has revealed its plans for 2016-2020, which include opening branches in Luang Prabang, Savannakhet and Champassak provinces. . More >>>

November 30 , 2016
- Villagers move to new homes to make way for dam
Twenty four households from Hatxaykham village in Bolikhan district, Borikhamxay province, have moved to new homes in Houay Soup, an area that has been developed by the Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project (NNP1) to accommodate the displaced villagers. More >>>
- Southern provinces seek ways to improve tourism services
Four provinces in the south of Laos are looking at improving tourism resource centres and signage, aiming to give visitors a better experience while touring the area. More >>>
- Low HIV rates depend on access to treatment
HIV prevalence in the general population in Laos continues to be low, thanks to the country's decisive and strategic HIV response. More >>>
- Lao scholars complete Master's degrees in Japan
A total of 20 Lao fellows have successfully completed their two-year Master's degree courses at various Japanese universities under the Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship funded by Japanese Grant Aid (JDS). More >>>

November 29 , 2016
- Walkers highlight need to end violence against women
Hundreds of walkers gathered in Vientiane on Saturday to take part in a mini-marathon to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which falls on November 25. . More >>>
- Trafficking of Lao migrants most common in Thailand
Laos is known as a source and to a lesser extent a transit country for human trafficking, with the main destination country for Lao migrants being Thailand. . More >>>
- One dead, more than 10 injured in Tanmixay crashes
One person was killed and several people sustained injures in a double collision that took place in Tanmixay village, Xaythany district, in the early hours of Monday morning. . More >>>
- Handicap Int'l marks 20th anniversary of action in Laos
Handicap International Laos (HI) held a celebration at Chao Anouvong Park last Friday to mark the 20th anniversary of their activities in Laos (1996-2016). . More >>>


Boonchai Boonyanurak: CEO of the Year 2016
‘Be patient and keep walking on your path. One day, you will reach your goal.' More >>>


Party marks the launch of Tuborg beer in Laos
Lao and foreign officials, as well as Lao celebrities from different fields enjoyed some great performances on the stage from both Lao and foreign DJs at the Tuborg official launch party held at World Trade Center‘s Dome. More >>>


Luangpaseuth Corporation; helping to build Laos over the past 27 years
Private sector companies are playing an increasing role in infrastructure improvements in recent times, contributing to achieve the social and economic development objectives of the Lao government. More >>>

World news

Aid groups descend on Indonesia quake zone; deaths reach 102
MEUREUDU, Indonesia (AP) -- Humanitarian organisations descended on Indonesia's Aceh province Thursday as the government in Jakarta .... More >>>


Are you worried about how you will perform in the civil service exam to become a government teacher?
More than 1,200 volunteer teachers in Vientiane, including newly graduated students from the Teacher Training Colleges, have registered for an exam tomorrow at the Vientiane Education and Sports Department to be...More >>>


Attapeu to sit out school games table tennis
With its junior player ranks deemed too thin, the Attapeu province table tennis team will not be attending the 6th National School Games in Borikhamxay province from February 1-9 next year. More >>>


Anhui province: the next destination for your travel list
When thinking of visiting China, we usually immediately think about the Great Wall and a few other famous places, but the huge country of China has plenty of other wonderful cultural sites, historical attractions and landscapes to offer the traveller. . .. . More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Mushroom grower earns sustainable income
Mr Suansanam Lathsabanthao is a model family in Xaythany district, earning a sustainable income from growing mushrooms. . . . .. More >>>

Arts & Culture

Beautiful Hmong culture celebrated in Xieng Khuang
The traditional Hmong New Year Festival which is held annually in northern Xieng Khuang province saw the area welcome more than double the number of visitors . . .More >>>


Japanese volunteer judo coach helping local fighters
Lao national judo fighters across all levels are developing and growing in confidence for international competition thanks to the efforts of Japanese volunteer Mr Kan Murayama. . . . More >>>


Partnership, protection, response and empowerment: ending gender violence
Governments, civil society and the United Nations family in Asia and the Pacific are strengthening efforts to respond to the persistent scourge of gender-based violence against women and girls in the region, with the roll-out of an essential services package that incorporates prevention and response underpinned by strategic partnerships, impactful laws and policies, and justice and healing for survivors. . More >>>


Young finance graduate carves out a living in home decor business
Seeing people making furniture is not unfamiliar to Ms Saykeo who has been around woodworkers since she was just a little girl as furniture making is her family's business. More >>>


Temples lead the way in creating green spaces
Planting trees in urban areas is very important because it creates green spaces and helps to preserve the natural environment amid large areas of concrete buildings. . . . More >>>

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