26 March 2019

E-visa to go online in June


- New vision for Vientiane’s future unveiled
City authorities have unveiled a new vision for the capital, aiming for it to be a city of peace and happiness in the coming years. According to the vision statement, which was this week issued from the Vientiane Mayoral Office and published on the Lao Official Gazette website, five strategic goals need to be worked on for Vientiane’s advancement towards 2030.
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- Allegations of tourism police misconduct dismissed
The Tourism Police Department has dismissed an allegation accusing police officers of unlawfully fining and charging some Korean tourists. The dismissal came after a video clip of an incident, which was apparently made by a tour guide operator, was posted and circulated on social media with commentary accusing the officers of breaching ethical standards.
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- Experts tackle integration of int’l development goals
Various government sectors are facing challenges in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially the integration of the goals into indicators for the national socio-economic development plan (NSEDP). This issue was a key topic tabled for discussion among experts from government sectors and organisations during a meeting in Vientiane yesterday to
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- E-visa to go online in June
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to launch an electronic visa (E-visa) service in June that will enable foreign visitors to apply for entry visas online. All international visitors to Laos will be eligible to apply online for a single entry visa with a planned maximum ... More >>>

- Vientiane, Korean firms sign on riverside project second phase
Vientiane authorities have signed a joint venture agreement with Korean consulting firms for the second phase of the Mekong River Integrated Management Project with construction expected to start in 2020. Department of Vientiane Public Works and Transport (VPWT) on Friday signed .. More >>>

- Ministry to strengthen disaster warning systems 
The government is focusing on capacity building in warning systems with the aim to prevent and control disasters after the country was hit by several tragedies in 2018. A disaster prevention and control meeting to summarise efforts in the sector reported on Friday that disaster risk management .. More >>>

New task force to help Lao road accident victims in Thailand
The Lao Embassy in Thailand has created a task force to help Lao nationals involved in road accidents in the neighbouring country.“The embassy has assigned officials to be in charge of this matter,” the Lao Ambassador to Thailand, Mr Seng Soukhathivong said yesterday. ..  More >>>

- Malaysia continues scholarship support for Lao officials
The Embassy of Malaysia to Laos is continuing to provide scholarships for Lao government officials with short-term training courses under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP). The fully sponsored training courses held in Malaysia enable Lao officials to experience and improve ..  More >>>


Experience one of the longest ziplines at Somphamit Waterfall Park
Si Phan Don or four thousand islands is a location in Laos that is well known among travellers around the world, and its attractions include Somphamit Waterfall Park, which has one of the longest and biggest waterfalls in Southeast Asia.  ... More >>>




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Deputy minister highlights Laos’ tourism growth, global cooperation on international stage
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