31 March 2020

20 houses destroyed by fire in Attapeu

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A Guide to protecting yourself against the Coronavirus

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- Xayaboury opens Border Liaison Office to counter drugs, crimes 
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- 20 houses destroyed by fire in Attapeu
Twenty wooden houses and eight rice houses in Dakyok village of Sanxay. ... More >>>

- Korean Buddhist Foundation donates face masks to Children’s Hospital 
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Some shops still open, don’t care about preventing Covid-19

Some entertainment venues, karaoke shops and massage parlours in Vientiane continue to be open to service customers and authority must do more and use strict measures against people who don’t respect orders to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
The government is working harder to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and authorities have ordered the closure of entertainment venues, karaoke shops and massage parlours nationwide as part of measures to combat the virus. In Vientiane, authorities ordered the closure of such outlets on March 18.

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Metro lines and malls reopening in Wuhan
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Free vaccinations for girls
The Ministry of Health and UNICEF are offering free vaccinations for girls aged 10-14 as protection against the human papillomavirus (HPV). 
When: March 10-20
Where: Vaccinations can be had in schools, villages and local health centres.
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