18 September 2020

BOL, Attapeu hold Party committee meetings


- Ministry, IOM partner to strengthen Covid-19 response at border crossings
The government and the International Organisation for Migration have launched the project “Responding to Covid-19 Cross Challenges at Points of Entry in Laos”, to prevent a second wave of the virus.
Agreements on the project were signed in Vientiane on Thursday by the Director General of the Department of Immigration under
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- Tropical storm Noul on track to hit southern Laos today
The Meteorology and Hydrology Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, has issued a weather alert to provincial departments across the country, warning that Tropical Storm Noul could pass over Laos today and Saturday. The storm passed over Vietnam on Thursday and is expected to track towards the south of Laos before moving to central and northern regions,
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- BOL, Attapeu hold Party committee meetings
The Bank of the Lao PDR (BOL) has been instructed to improve both its professional responsibility and Party organisation, by more closely overseeing financial discipline and minimising undesirable conduct within Party units. National Assembly President Mrs Pany Yathotou, representing the Politburo, issued the instruction when addressing a Party meeting of the bank on September 15.
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- Govt shores up efforts on ensuring dam safety
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- US commits to further support Lao education sector
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