18 October 2019

New scheme targets social security for all 

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- NUOL, Hanoi university making progress in reducing plastic use
The Faculty of Environmental Sciencesat the National University of Laos (NUOL), Hanoi University of Sciences and other organisations are reporting progress in efforts to reduce plastics use under the“SEA Plastic Edu Erasmus+ Project”. The European Union is supportingthe project from 2018-2020 with funding of EUR 989,043 to help decrease the use of plastic and improve the environment.
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- Dharma Yatra pilgrimage bolsters Buddhism in Mekong nations
Chiang Rai province, Thailand: The Dharma Yatra, a pilgrimage of peace, which brings together 100-150 monks and Buddhists from Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar, on Monday set out from here on a journey through these countries. The convoy is scheduled to end its journey in Siem Reap province, Cambodia.
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- New scheme targets social security for all 
All Lao people, including general workers and farmers, who are not government officials or private sector members of the National Social Security Fund will be eligible for benefits under a new scheme.
The Fund has announced the establishment of the Voluntary Social Security Project For All to target people who are not already government or private members of the Fund, affording them access to pensions.

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- Laos learns latest waste management technologies from Japan
Waste management officials have been getting lessons in Japanese technologies used in the collection and transportation of waste, to improve environmentally friendly waste management in Vientiane. .. More >>>

- New Grade 2 primary curriculum to roll out in classrooms next year
All Grade 2 primary school students will start next school year with a new improved curriculum and new educational materials. A meeting of the Committee for Approval of Curriculum and Instructional Materials (CACIM), government officials and Australian Embassy staff is taking place this week to approve the new Grade 2 textbooks and teacher guides.. ... More >>>

- India highlights educational support for Laos
The Indian government has provided scholarships to more than 110 Lao officials and students through the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC) programme to strengthen education in Laos. .. More >>>

- Laos updates region on its investment, progress in nutrition
Laos has reaffirmed its commitment to investing in nutrition as it aims to address poverty and maternal and child health issues, a leading official has told a regional conference. ... More >>>

- Lao-Japanese friendship park in Xayaboury opens to visitors 
The Lao-Japanese Friendship Park in Xayaboury province has officially opened to the public after almost two years in the making, providing an attractive green space in the provincial capital. ... More >>>


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Saravan farmers harvesting wet season rice crop

Farmers in Toumlan district, Saravan province, are harvesting their wet season rice crop before they start sowing seeds for the dry season crop. Head of the district Agriculture and Forestry Office, Mr Kouynaly Boudtalard, said farmers had planted rice on 5,706 hectares, equalling  96 percent of the target area. The start of the season was plagued by water shortages which affected 400 hectares and rice was damaged on 14.9 hectares.

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Unitel awards 148 scholarships to underprivileged students 
Star Telecom Co., Ltd. (Unitel) has awarded 148 scholarships worth 296 million kip to underprivileged students across the country.... More >>>

Art exhibition explores the problems caused by poor quality and fake medicines
The art exhibition “What’s in your medicines?” explores how substandard and falsified (‘fake’)...More >>>

Girls: It’s time to fight for your rights and equality
The ‘#GirlsGetEqual’ message has been delivered publically since the International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC) was established. Over the course of 2019 Plan
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South Korean, Asean officials look ahead to special summit, stronger regional ties
BUSAN (The Korean Herald/ANN)--Ahead of the highly anticipated summit in Busan next month between the leaders of South Korea and the.. More >>>

What can be done to ensure the government achieves its poverty reduction targets?
The government is doing all it can to significantly reduce poverty so that Laos can soon ... More >>>

Copa Coca-Cola finals decide local U-16 champs The winners of the boys’ and girls’ football competitions in the 3rd Copa Coca-Cola Laos U-16 ... More >>>




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Stupas: must-see historical gems in northern Laos Laos is well-known among visitors for its wealth of natural and historical tourist sites ... More >>>

Every week the staff of Reading Elephant Laos organise a book festival for primary schools in Huayxai district, Bokeo province. At the start of the school year students and schools need more new ... More >>>

Agriculture fair 

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is holding a fair to mark World Food Day and Poverty Eradication Week. The many stalls will display and sell products and there will be demonstrations and question-and-answer sessions on different aspects of agriculture.
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