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April 24, 2014

Asean nations to improve customs officers' skills ## 150 Vientiane schools will be ‘drug free' next year

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1. Students attend to their answers during the examination.

1. Excellence exam highlights educational strengths and weaknesses
The atmosphere was quiet at the meeting rooms of the Education Science Research Institute as 51 students from across the country wrote down their answers carefully during the National Excellent Students Examination (NESE) yesterday. More >>>

2. Govt mulls suspending salary increase
The government is considering whether to suspend the salary increase for state employees scheduled to come into effect next year amid the current budget tensions, according to a draft budget plan from the Ministry of Finance. More >>>

3. Laos, Belarus parliaments to join forces
The National Assemblies of Laos and Belarus have agreed to deepen cooperation between the two parliaments, Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BelTA) reported. More >>>

4. Asean nations to improve customs officers' skills
Asean customs officials are gathering in Vientiane to discuss cooperation and improvements to customs technology. More >>>

150 Vientiane schools will be ‘drug free' next year
The Vientiane Education and Sports Department plans to eradicate the use of drugs in 150 secondary schools in Vientiane in 2015, with 52 already announced as drug free. More >>>

Laos best at implementing Korea's village development model
Laos has become a model for implementing village development initiatives under a concept that has been applied by the Saemaulundong Centre from the Republic of Korea (ROK) for decades. More >>>


April 24, 2014
- Hot weather brings spike in food poisoning, diarrhoea
Authorities have advised the public to only eat fresh, clean and cooked food to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal illness after the incidence of food poisoning, diarrhoea, typhoid and dysentery rose by two thirds this summer. More >>>
- Govt takes steps to control food pricing
The government is focused on controlling the price of more than 30 different types of food products in order to keep prices in markets and restaurants stable. More >>>
- Oudomxay Police seize illegal rosewood
Oudomxay police recently seized more than eight tonnes of rosewood being transported by truck to Luang Namtha province. More >>>
- Vendors offer merit makers the chance to give
Making merit is considered an essential part of life as a Buddhist devotee and every day people can be seen visiting local temples to pay their respects to the Buddha, the monks and their departed and living relatives.More >>>

April 23, 2014
- Vietnamese companies eye rubber-processing in Oudomxay
A Vietnamese company has shown interest in building a rubber processing factory in Oudomxay province despite high competition from Chinese investors. More >>>
Fire danger increases as the mercury rises
People are urged to be aware of fire accidents due to the expected hot weather over the coming days, as fires may occur easily as temperatures continue to go up. More >>>
Saravan highway link to cut travel times to Attapeu
Travelling to Attapeu province from the central and northern regions will soon be around 100 km shorter after the sealing of Road No. 15A, linking Saravan provincial capital to Road No.13 South in Napong village, Khongxedon district. More >>>
S. Korea helps develop Lao medical therapy
Teaching at the University of Health Sciences and medical services in Lao hospitals should be advanced in the years to come after more teachers and doctors completed medical training at Seoul National University Hospital in the Republic of Korea. More >>>

April 22, 2014
- Local economic development to boost Greater Mekong Sub-region
The Mekong Institute (MI) is focusing on capacity building and local economic development in order to boost economic cooperation along the East-West Economic Corridor. More >>>
Lao representative takes up post at UN
Former Department of Asean Director General Dr Khien Phansourivong last week presented credentials to the United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to officially take up his post as new Lao Ambassador and Permanent Representative to UN. More >>>
Young girls protected from cervical cancer
Female students living in Vientiane, who are 10 years of age or in their fifth-year of primary school, are invited to receive their third HPV vaccination, with a ten day campaign underway from April 20-30. More >>>
ADB, IFAD allow smallholders to embrace machinery
Most farmers in Laos prepare their land either by manual labour using hand tools or ploughing with buffaloes while a smaller number use power tillers for land preparation. More >>>

April 21, 2014
- New ‘Laos on Canvas' drawing competition launched
Primary and Secondary school students from all over Laos are invited to enter their paintings for Laos on Canvas – Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the Arts drawing competition, which launches this week. More >>>
- Road deaths prompt renewed safety campaign
Officials from various involved sectors are currently undertaking a road safety campaign focusing on teenagers and the youth, aiming to reduce the disturbing incidence of road accidents in Vientiane. More >>>
- Murder-suicide marrs New Year celebrations
Vientiane Police Office reported on Friday that there was a murder-suicide in Vientiane during the celebration of Lao New Year 2014, after a man shot his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself. More >>>
- Huaphan to check overloaded trucks
Huaphan officials have proposed to the provincial governor that they set up a mobile unit to check on the weight of vehicles that they suspect are overloaded. More >>>
- Car wash services doing a brisk trade after Pi Mai
After all the splashing, spraying and sloshing of the Lao New Year celebrations, many people need to wash their cars and make sure they are shiny and clean again after driving around town to join the holiday festivities. More >>>

April 18, 2014
- Farmers relieved at rice price rise
The price of rice is rising in various provinces as the number of producers has reduced. . More >>>
Recessions at home dampened tourists' spending in Laos last year: officials
The fact that many overseas visitors to Laos last year were experiencing recessions in their home countries may have contributed to them limiting their expenditure during their travels in the country. . More >>>
Anti-corruption authority moves to new office space
The construction of a new building to accommodate the office of the Government Inspection Authority was completed and handed over to the authority for use last week. . More >>>
Rabies risk rises in the hot season
The Vientiane Health Department is warning people to be on guard against rabies during the hot season as dogs and other animals are easily irritable and more likely to bite. . More >>>
Overweight truck causes bridge collapse in Luang Namtha
An overweight truck has caused a 33.5 metre bridge to collapse in Luang Namtha province. . More >>>

April 17, 2014
- HIV infections, drug injecting: Health sector needs funds
Drug injecting and HIV infection are still problems in some provinces in Laos and need the availability of funds to be overcome through treatment, training and raising public awareness on the dangers and negative impact of illegal drug usage. . More >>>
Lao, Thai companies eye standard certification service opportunities
GGM Company Ltd, a Thai-based company has partnered with Lao Global Mark Company Ltd to provide services in certifying international standards on management and services in Laos after learning of the local potential. . More >>>
Nam Ngum 5 provides assistance to affected villagers
Nam Ngum 5 Power Company Ltd has provided US$43,000 worth of assistance both in kind and in cash to people who were affected by the construction of the hydropower project. . More >>>
Brainstorming to aid women's rights
Officials from various ministries and related sectors gathered to brainstorm their ideas to improve the National Commission for the Advancement of Women under the CEDAW treaty at a consultation workshop held on Tuesday in Vientiane. . More >>>

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With parades and water, Laos welcomes Year of the Horse

- Xaysomboun to catch up with other provinces: Governor says
- Book on Laos a hit with both local and foreign readers
- English teacher devoted to serving the nation
- Miss Laos aims to improve dental health
- Villagers wait for dead fish findings
- Community values make heritage town best tourist destination
- Recovery team has been able to lift the plane
- Plane crash victims mourned...
- Govt demands prompt rescue operation after ...
Lao Stock Market Information is available here

- Global markets end lower in a wobbly week
- EDL-Gen Friday surge buoys market liquidity
- Dodgy week ahead for gold
- EDL-Gen stock rallies in first day's opening trade
- Tuesday trades a slender improvement


Attapeu airport ahead of schedule
The two year construction project to develop Attapeu International Airport is 50 percent complete after beginning in May last year. More >>>


Focus on the development of the Lao film industry
The Department of Cinema is working to develop Lao films to a higher stander in order to boost their popularity and try and compete with those from neighbouring countries. More >>>


UXO hinders national development in Xieng Khuang

It is now common knowledge that during the Indochina war, more than half a million bombing missions were carried out over Laos resulting in over two million tonnes of explosive ordnance being dropped.
... More >>>

World news

Anti-Obama protesters clash with police in Manila
MANILA (AP) -- Philippine police armed with truncheons, shields and water hoses clashed Wednesday with more than 100 left-wing activists who rallied at the US Embassy in Manila...More >>>


How do you protect yourself against mosquito borne diseases?
Friday April 25 is World Malaria Day, raising awareness about the mosquito borne parasite which proliferates throughout most tropical and sub-tropical countries throughout the world. Globally there are more than 219 million cases each year, with more than 660,000 people dying from the disease. More >>>


Lao junior athletes up and running for Myanmar tournament
Two new Lao athletes are ready to compete at an upcoming track and field tournament in Myanmar for competitors aged 15-17. More >>>


Champassak moves to attract more tourists Rich in tourism resources Champassak province is trying hard to attract more people to visit its popular sites after the province was listed as having the second largest number of tourism sites in ... More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Residents' contribution essential in Savannakhet
Poverty alleviation in Xepon district, Savannakhet province is moving forward as villagers actively contribute to improving their living conditions. . . . . . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Celebration of Lao New Year: a time of happiness and getting wet
Walking or riding on the major streets of Vientiane, such as Samsenthai and Setthathirath Roads, during the three day celebration of Lao New Yea. . . More >>>


Previously treated as waste, coffee cherries may be new superfood

The Bolevan Plateau in southern Laos is rapidly growing into one of Asia's major coffee-producing areas. . . . . . . .. . . More >>>


Vaccinate all pets against rabies this summer
Pet owners are advised to vaccinate pets against rabies this summer as many animals become irritable and are more likely to bite during the hot season. . . . .. . . ... More >>>


Rescued macaques find home at Lao zoo
Walking in the Lao Zoo at Keun village on the outskirts of Vientiane on a weekday was not a tour in a park, but like a jungle adventure. While the 20-year old zoo might be a little short on amenities for visitors wanting to relax.. More >>>


Volunteer journalists gain greater understanding of environmental issues Vietnamese and Lao volunteer journalists have a greater understanding on issues related to the environment, especially in hydropower and mining, after a fieldtrip to the northern ... More >>>

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