27 May 2019

Attracting one million Chinese tourists ‘achievable’: report 


- Global Fund gives boost to battle against malaria
The Global Fund has forecast a budget of over US$2 million in assistance to Laos from 2018 to 2020 to assist with the elimination of malaria and reduce the impact of multi-drug resistance in five southern provinces.
A funding agreement was signed on Friday in Vientiane between the Deputy Director General of the Department of Communicable Disease Control under the Ministry of Health, Dr Sisavath Southanilaxay, and the Country Director of Health Poverty Action, Mr Ronaldo Estera.  . ... More >>>

- Renovated Bokeo vocational school reopens with German support
The official handover ceremony of the renovated Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) School in Bokeo province took place recently. The school’s modernisation and extension was financed by grants from the Lao government and the German government through KfW, amounting to nearly EUR 1 million. .. More >>>

- Attracting one million Chinese tourists ‘achievable’: report   
Meeting the target to draw one million Chinese tourists to Laos in 2019 is achievable, according to a report. Efforts to achieve this ambitious target are being boosted by various promotion campaigns undertaken by Lao and Chinese authorities during the course of Visit Laos-China Year 2019.....More >>>

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- Advertising of dubious medical products persists
The sale and advertising of bogus medical and related products through newspapers, television, and radio is continuing, even though the authorities are carrying out regular checks in an attempt to rein in the practice. Health authorities have admitted their concerns about the sale and advertising of ineffective medical products and other items that falsely claim to improve people’s wellbeing. These advertisements are still common, including on billboards and social media.. More >>>

- Most people coming to Laos are here for a holiday: survey
By far the majority of foreign visitors to Laos said they were coming to the country for a holiday, a new survey has revealed. The survey was carried out by the Tourism Development Department of the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism. The results obtained relate to information gathered from 2,918 overseas visitors entering Laos from April-December 2018. ... More >>>

- Asian support group extends assistance for  disabled people in Huaphan
Asian Development with Disabled Persons (ADDP) has pledged to continue supporting people living with disabilities by creating more job opportunities for them in Huaphan province. ADDP signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in support of the second phase of a project on Friday...
More >>>

- Champassak preparing to go green on Arbor Day

Champassak provincial authorities are planning to grow trees on 950 hectares this year, in a bid to rehabilitate the environment and contribute to the government’s goal to increase forest cover to 70 percent of land by 2020.
... More >>>

- Arson suspected as cause of fire in National Protected Area
Authorities believe that arson caused the destruction of almost 1,000 hectares of forest after a fire raged through the Nam Kan National Protected Area in Bokeo province.. ... More >>>


Bad road keeps tourists away from Meuangfeuang district For Visit Laos-China Year 2019, Vientiane Times is publishing a series of feature articles and
... More >>>




APA, J&C ink partnership agreement to protect more customer groups
Phongsavanh Insurance (APA) Co., Ltd. has taken another big step to expand its insurance business in Laos as it has signed a strategic partnership ... More >>>

Designers dazzle audiences at Wow Fashion Week 2019
Lao and Thai fashion designers put their best styles on the runway at the Vientiane WOW Fashion Week event at the Don Chan Palace hotel last week......More >>>

Signature foods from Xanakham district are a hit Xanakham district in Xayaboury province has been famous for its rich and fertile soil and its premium ... More >>>




New candidates vie to succeed UK’s May with focus on Brexit
LONDON (AP) -- The race to succeed British Prime Minister Theresa May is heating up, the field of Conservative contenders is quickly growing and the focus is squarely on how to handle Brexit....More >>>

Deputy minister highlights Laos’ tourism growth, global cooperation on international stage
Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Lao PDR, Mr Savankhone Razmountry, was invited to attend the Asean ....... More >>>

What do you think of the government’s ban on promotional beer waitresses?
The government wants to ban the advertising of alcohol which would effectively end the employment of many young women who work as promotional sales staff in bars and restaurants. ... More >>>





Government praises courageous spirit of U-15 girls’ football team
Senior government officials on Friday expressed their admiration for the determination shown by the national girls’ U-15 football team after they placed second at the Asean Football Federation (AFF) . ... More >>>

Home owner turns house and garden into popular eatery  With so many restaurants opening up in Vientiane it’s becoming harder and harder to make a choice, . More >>>

Upcoming e-Library expected to provide faster, more accessible information A quick glance into the library and one might not see many  ... More >>>





Waste management remains a challenge for Lao hospitals Waste management in hospitals remains a challenge because most health ....  More >>>

The well diggers
All living things, plants, animals and humans, need water to survive.  But despite an apparent abundance of water and river systems in Laos, during the dry season many people and villages struggle to access . More >>>

Pingu’s English, British Embassy announce international education partnership for English language training
Parents will soon be able to enrol their children into the globally popular Pingu’s English language training system from the UK, thanks to a .... More >>>





Young man passes on his love of English in the classroom The ability to speak English is increasingly important in Laos because the country ... More >>>

Poisoned fish worries village as Sangthong district promotes good agricultural practices The people of Kua village in Sangthong district, ...  More >>>

Commemorating the courageous spirit of Battalion 2
Sixty years have passed since the night when the Lao People’s Army’s Battalion 2 broke through an enemy blockade, averting a clash that would have meant almost certain death.... More >>>




New road paves way for development A 32-kilometre road running from the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge to Dongphosy and Huaymarkhiew has been ... More >>>

Buddhists strengthen faith as they observe Vesak Day
Buddhists in Laos recently took part in events to mark the annual Vesak Day, including rituals and activities organised in temples and arranged by local communities.... More >>>