16 August 2019

Workshop upgrading study of microprocessors in robot design

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- Paratrooper misses target, crashes on house roof
A female paratrooper from the 306 Military Unit was off target and landed on a resident’s roof in Wattay-Noy village, Sikhottabong district, during regular training at Vientiane’s Wattay International Airport on Wednesday. According to the unit, most of the paratroopers touched down safely on the target, but one landed on a house roof and sustained some injuries. ... More >>>

- Int’l Youth Day celebrations seek to transform education
More than 300 young people from around the country met at the Lao Youth Union in Vientiane on Wednesday to celebrate International Youth Day (August 12) under the global theme of ‘Transforming education’.
With support from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Lao Youth Union, this year’s International Youth Day provided an opportunity to celebrate and promote youth contributions to education and the empowerment of young people to make education more inclusive and equitable. .. More >>>

- Workshop upgrading study of microprocessors in robot design
Lecturers and students from the National University of Laos (NUOL) and colleges in Vientiane and Luang Prabang province are attending a workshop on the use of microprocessors in robot design.
.. More >>>

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- PM visits disease outbreak areas in Saravan
Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has told ministries and local authorities to remain vigilant as they attempt to control the outbreaks of dengue fever and African swine fever in Saravan province. .. More >>>

- Senior officials urge more funding for HR development
The government should allocate more funding for training and education so the country has a qualified workforce to meet the needs of the job market, including in new fields. ... More >>>

- NA stresses need for law enforcement
The National Assembly has been actively inspecting the enforcement of laws as the country yesterday celebrated the 28th anniversary of the Lao PDR Constitution Foundation Day.  .. More >>>

- Police pursue killer of Khammuan prosecutor
Khammuan police are searching for the gunman responsible for the murder of a prosecutor, who died in a hail of bullets as he was driving to work in Thakhaek district, Khammuan province, on Wednesday morning. .. More >>>

- Breastfeeding best for reducing infant mortality
Every year in Laos an average of 11.6 percent of children under the age of five die because they have not received the benefits of breastfeeding.. .. More >>>


Discover the charm of the Bolaven Plateau in the rainy season If you have no idea where to travel in Laos in the rainy season, consider trekking up to Dan Yai and camping on the Bolaven Plateau ton.... More >>>




Lao Front, Phongsavanh Group make donations to Mahosot Hospital
The Lao Front for National Development (LFND) and the Phongsavanh Group organised a ceremony to hand over donations at Mahosot Hospital in..More >>>

Mister Global Laos to compete in world final
Mister Global Laos 2019, Mr Kiengkai Suansuandao, 19, a second year student at the Faculty of Architecture at the National University of Laos, will join contestants from around the world at the Mister...More >>>

Liberation of Korea: A turning point in its history
August 15, 1945 is the day of Liberation of Korea.More >>>




Violence at HK airport condemned
China (China Daily) -- Two organisations of the central government expressed strong indignation and condemnation on Wednesday over violent acts
... More >>>

Deputy minister highlights Laos’ tourism growth, global cooperation on international stage
Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Lao PDR, Mr Savankhone Razmountry, was invited to attend the Asean ....... More >>>

What can mass media do to address challenges during a time of constant change?
More than 300 people came together on Wednesday to mark the 69th Mass Media and Publishing Day. Outlets are currently upgrading from analogue to digital technology amidst seismic shifts in the media landscape. .. More >>>





Laos knocked out of AFF U-18 Championship Laos has been eliminated from the group stage of the Asean Football Federation (AFF) U-18 Youth .. More >>>

Home owner turns house and garden into popular eatery  With so many restaurants opening up in Vientiane it’s becoming harder and harder to make a choice, . More >>>

Upcoming e-Library expected to provide faster, more accessible information A quick glance into the library and one might not see many  ... More >>>





Dengue fever outbreak reaches alarming level Major hospitals in Vientiane are grappling with an overwhelming number of patients suffering ...  More >>>

Fertiliser project to help Lao farmers Lao Art Media and the fertiliser brand ‘Two Horses’ are offering discounted fertiliser to farmers .. More >>>

Not many students interested in construction work or carpentry
In today’s world, it is essential to develop the skills of youngsters and create jobs for them. For these reasons, vocational schools are popular ... More >>>





Differing sizes of Plain of Jars artefacts remain a mystery The varying sizes of the numerous stone vessels scattered throughout the ... More >>>

Climate change results in early dengue outbreak in Laos say health officials
The Ministry of Health says climate change is partly to blame for the early outbreak of dengue across Laos this year, with abnormal rainfall ahead of rainy season creating breeding grounds for the mosquitos that carry the disease. ...  More >>>

The early life and times of President Souphanouvong
Even though President Souphanouvong passed on many years ago, his revolutionary spirit still burns bright among successive generations of Lao people today.
.... More >>>




USAID promises to extend support for Laos’ development San Francisco, California -- Even though many non-governmental organisations More >>>

Lao artists showcase beauty of China’s Guangxi
Two artists from the National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA), Mr Phonesith Yernsensouly and Mr Sisavath Bounmany, recently showcased the beauty of Guangxi province in China through their colourful paintings. ... More >>>