5 June 2020

UNFPA lends support to women and girls during Covid-19 outbreak


- Prominent tourism entrepreneur eyes Vientiane province’s hidden potential
The relatively quiet districts of Xanakham, Meun and Meuangfeuang in Vientiane province have tourism development potential to lure more local and international visitors like the better known Vangvieng.
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- Luang Prabang authorities conduct spraying to control locust outbreak
Authorities in Nambak district of Luang Prabang province recently began spraying insecticide  to kill locusts after swarms of the insects devastated more than 30 hectares of crops in 11 villages. The spraying of chemicals is also aimed at preventing further destruction of vegetation. A team led by the Governor of Nambak district, Mr Somevang Phonekhamvongsa, and representatives of the villagers affected by the locust outbreak are overseeing the work.
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- UNFPA lends support to women and girls during Covid-19 outbreak
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) recently handed over contributions consisting of hygiene and dignity items as well as essential food supplies for use by women and girls during the Covid-19 outbreak.
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A Guide to protecting yourself against the Coronavirus

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- Khammuan’s Khoun Kong Leng Lake to offer multiple eco-adventure activities
Visitors with a penchant for nature and adventure can expect a variety of fun activities and high standard facilities at Khoun Kong Leng Lake in Hinboun district, Khammuan province when a new development opens. ...More >>>

- Northern farmers utilise stink bugs in fight against caterpillars
Lao Farmer Network, in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, is continuing to help farmers in northern Xieng Khuang province by utilising stink bugs to rid their crops of caterpillars. ....More >>>

- Laos declares success in controlling spread of Covid-19
The National Taskforce Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control has thanked the Party, government, friendly countries, development partners and Lao citizens for the part they played in bringing the Covid-19 outbreak under control.“This initial achievement has been possible due to strong supervision on the part of high-level Party and state leaders as well as the relevant authorities,” the Deputy ..More >>>

- Foreign ministry meets for upcoming Party Congress
Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs met on Wednesday to discuss ways to improve administration at the local grassroots level, reform of public administration ...More >>>

- Fire damages 4 houses in Vientiane
A fire that broke out in Sikhaitha village of Sikhottabong district in Vientiane damaged four houses, officials have said.  The fire started within a house at 8.10pm on Saturday, when fire fighters and volunteers from Vientiane Rescue 1623 were called to the scene. . ....More >>>

- China premier delivers speech at global vaccine summit
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Thursday that China will continue to support the ...More >>>

- China's foreign trade to regain momentum in H2
China's foreign trade is expected to show a stable recovery in the second half of the year on the back of a notable improvement in the ...More >>>

- Driverless tecnology gives helping hand to Panzhihua-Dali Highway construction
With China's booming driverless technology, construction projects on ...More >>>

- Mengla: poverty-strcken Yao village turned into tour destination
In the Hebian village of Mengban town in south Yunnan’s Mengla County, ...More >>>

- A hidden gem in the mountains of SW China
Yubeng Village in southwest China's Yunnan Province sits at the foot ofc ...More >>>





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Real estate market expected to drop sharply this year
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First online audition held for Pepsi Singing Contest
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No new infections, but virus prevention measures must continue
Every day a media briefing on the coronavirus situation in Laos takes place at the ... .More >>>


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WHO resumes hydroxycholorquine trial after ‘threat’ queried
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Are we doing enough to prevent a second wave of Covid-19?
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Cartoon Covid-19

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All tourist sites temporarily closed in Luang Prabang [5:23 PM, April 2, 2020] Luang Prabang officials recently announced the ... More >>>

The Korean Foundation for International Healthcare on Monday hands over medical supplies and cash worth 334 million kip to ...More >>>

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