25 June 2019

Lao PM urges Asean to implement prioritised work


- UK provides over 36 billion kip for UXO clearance
The United Kingdom government will provide grant aid worth 36 billion kip (US$4,274,709) for clearing Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and developing capacity in the UXO sector of Laos. The funding will be provided to HALO Trust and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) to support UXO clearance in Savannakhet, and a capacity development project under the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) for
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- New training facility to enhance Vangvieng tourism  
Vangvieng district, Vientiane province: -- A new tourism and hospitality practical training facility will soon run upgraded vocational education programmes in the popular visitor destination. The ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of the modern training facility was held at the Vangvieng campus of the Vientiane province Technical College yesterday.
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- Lao PM urges Asean to implement prioritised work
Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith has urged Asean leaders to push for the translation of the Asean priorities into practice so regional community building can be realised. The Lao premier made the call to regional leaders while attending the 34th Asean Summit,
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- Lao government reacts to UN expert's misleading report
With the consent and at the invitation of the government of the Lao PDR (GoL), the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty ... More >>>

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- Laos, Vietnam relations climb to new heights
Political relations between Laos and Vietnam have soared to new heights, while the two parties and governments have persistently encouraged bilateral and economic cooperation. Leaders from the parties and governments gave this assessment during their meetings in Vientiane this week. ... More >>>

- New mother and child centre opens in Phongsaly
A new mother and child centre recently opened in Phongsaly to serve local communities following cooperation between provincial authorities and a Korea foundation. Construction of the mother and child centre, valued at about US$96,300, began on January 30 this year .. More >>>

- NA urges govt to enhance disaster management efforts
The National Assembly has called on the government to enhance efforts to better assist victims of natural disasters and to minimise loss of life and property in such incidents. While debating the disaster management law at the ongoing National Assembly session yesterday, .. More >>>

- Govt to kick off agriculture survey next month
The nation will begin carrying out an agriculture survey next month to help determine the government’s policy on agricultural and social development. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mr Somdy Duangdy led discussions at a national ... More >>>

- Saravan pig movements banned to prevent spread of African swine fever
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry called on Saravan authorities to closely monitor the provincial ban on pig movements in the frontline against African swine fever following confirmed outbreaks last week. Deputy Director General of the Department of Livestock ... More >>>


Pakbaeng - one night is not enough in this picturesque town Pakbaeng is known as a boat station town because most folks get there by river and it sits midway between.... More >>>




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Workshop promotes development of Lao dance The National School of Arts of Laos last Friday presented certificates to artists from different art ....More >>>

Lao government reacts to UN expert's misleading report

With the consent and at the invitation of the government of the Lao PDR (GoL), the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty

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China, Russia, Mongolia meets to reinforce trilateral tourism ties ULAANQAB (China Daily/ANN) --With the aim of deepening trilateral cooperation in ..More >>>

Deputy minister highlights Laos’ tourism growth, global cooperation on international stage
Deputy Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Lao PDR, Mr Savankhone Razmountry, was invited to attend the Asean ....... More >>>

What more should be done to crack down on drugs?International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed on June 26. This year is the 32nd . More >>>





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Upcoming e-Library expected to provide faster, more accessible information A quick glance into the library and one might not see many  ... More >>>





A critical factor to reduce maternal death in remote areas? Deploy midwives!
"I feel very privileged that there is a midwife to help me through my pregnancy. I have every confidence in the skills of the midwife to support me....  More >>>

Fertiliser project to help Lao farmers Lao Art Media and the fertiliser brand ‘Two Horses’ are offering discounted fertiliser to farmers .. More >>>

Pingu’s English, British Embassy announce international education partnership for English language training
Parents will soon be able to enrol their children into the globally popular Pingu’s English language training system from the UK, thanks to a .... More >>>





British expertise advances Lao research
Prof Paul Newton has spent the last 20 years carrying out ground-breaking tropical medicine research at the Lao Oxford Mahosot Hospital Wellcome Research Unit (LOMWRU) in Vientiane, which he founded.... More >>>

Poisoned fish worries village as Sangthong district promotes good agricultural practices The people of Kua village in Sangthong district, ...  More >>>

Commemorating the courageous spirit of Battalion 2
Sixty years have passed since the night when the Lao People’s Army’s Battalion 2 broke through an enemy blockade, averting a clash that would have meant almost certain death.... More >>>




Solar power helps farmers in Attapeu save on electricity payments Solar energy is one of the best alternatives for green power that is environmentully ... More >>>

Young designer has sweet concepts Lao designer Ms Manithip Vongphachan was recently named one of the top... More >>>