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April 24, 2017

Children to receive free healthcare in 2017

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1. Cabinet approves direction of seaport project, discusses work plan
The cabinet agreed last week to establish a private-state joint company to develop the Vung Ang project after Vietnam gave a green light to utilise the seaport in its central Ha Tinh province. . . More >>>

2. More funding sourced for construction of Phongsaly provincial capital
A total of US$200 million has been sourced through a loan from China to finance construction projects relating to the new Phongsaly provincial capital in Bounneua district in the far north of Laos. More >>>

3. Historical bomb shelter in Xieng Khuang being developed
The historical bomb shelter that served as a bunker for former President Mr Khamtay Siphandone in the face of escalating war and imperial aggression in Xieng Khuang province decades ago is being developed as a tourist site.
. More >>>

Laos participates in European cultural marathon
There has been participation from Lao representatives at this year's Pan-European Festival Marathon being hosted by Russia and held throughout April in a variety of European cities. . More >>>

Gov't seeks to realise outcomes of sub-regional summits
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday hosted a meeting to discuss the outcomes of the three latest summits held under the cooperation frameworks between Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. . More >>>

Children to receive free healthcare in 2017
Children will receive free healthcare treatment at government hospitals this year according to a new government policy aiming to reduce the rate of mortality of children under five. More >>>

Home news
- Plantation venture cooks up opportunity for charcoal exports
A white charcoal manufacturer expects to grow an additional 250,000 mai tiew trees (cratexylon prunitfolium) this year after a receiving land concession from the government. More >>>
- Quality rice production still remains a challenge
The country is still facing many challenges around the production of rice for both commercial and domestic use despite Lao farmers having a long tradition with the crop. . More >>>
- First Lao team to compete at Microsoft's Imagine Cup
Team BUG5, a group of three young innovators has earned the nomination to represent Laos in the South East Asian Regional Final Round of the 15th Microsoft's Imagine Cup. More >>>

Camping the best way to experience reservoir's pleasures
The reservoir of the Nam Ngum hydropower dam in Vientiane province is a wonderful place to spend a day or two in the fresh air enjoying nature's pleasures. . .More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Small farm helps rural family make the move from poverty
Rural residents across Laos have been working in agricultural production and animal husbandry for centuries and it has played a central role in creating better living standards and helping them move away from poverty. . . . . . . . . . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Lao New Year is back with even more colourful fun
Lao New Year or as it's called in Lao, Pi Mai Lao , is back again this week with more wet fun, including world class DJs, but is still looking to preserve the charm of its traditions. More >>>


Singer embraces celluloid, studies ahead of expected graduation
Singer Ms Phonesavanh Inthavong (Namfon) is busy juggling her role on the musical stage and music videos while extending her range to film and preparing for her university graduation. . . . More >>>


Killing for Traditional Medicine
Wildlife trade means the sale of wild animals or plants - either alive, dead or as processed parts. It includes food such as fruit and fish, forest products, leather and furs or medicinal plants. Wildlife trade can be . . . More >>>


Laos, Switzerland trade remains moderate
The export of diamonds has largely contributed to the bulk of trade between Laos and Switzerland with around US$60 million out of almost US$77 million in exports over the past 4 years, officials have reported. . . More >>>


Lao puppeteers showcasing nation's culture at Thai-Asean exhibition
Performers and officials from the National Puppet Theatre Group are currently taking part in the Exhibition of Thai-Asean Contemporary Puppets being... More >>>


Dota Restaurant provides simple food satisfaction to diners
Visitors wandering around the walking street in Vientiane are in for a pleasant surprise in the evening when they visit an open-air restaurant with its selection of simply delicious dishes and drinks. . .More >>>

World news

US carrier heading for Korea trains with Japanese destroyers
TOKYO (AP) -- An American aircraft carrier heading toward the Korean Peninsula began joint exercises Sunday with Japanese naval ships in the Philippine Sea. . . More >>>


How can we make the public more aware of the prevention of seasonal diseases?
As the weather moves into the rainy season, while still being very hot during the day, many people are at risk of getting sick.... More >>>


LFF imposing stricter standards to improve local football
Lao Football Federation (LFF) is enforcing tougher licensing standards on all participating clubs in the Lao Premier League in an ongoing effort to improve the overall . . . More >>>


Make ‘End Malaria for Good' a shared reality
Malaria still continues to harm or end many lives in Laos and elsewhere each year even though the disease is preventable. . .. .


Woman supports family with Island handicraft shop
As many people from the countryside move to Vientiane seeking more opportunity in their work and hoping to improve their living standards, Ms On Phimphisone's family are attempting to live in a different way.
. More >>>











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