23 October 2018 Workshop nurturing management of environment, protected areas  

- Laos receives FAO Model Farmers Award
Laos was one of five countries in the Asia-Pacific region to receive a 2018 FAO Model Farmers Award, with the awards ceremony held at the FAO regional office for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok on October 19. The award recipients for 2018, which are given to mark World Food Day, are the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Laos, the Maldives, Thailand and Vanuatu.
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Homeless flood victims to have 500 modular houses
Dam construction companies have ordered 450 modular housing units, worth over 29 billion kip, from overseas to accommodate families who still have nowhere to live after they lost their homes in the flood that hit Sanamxay district, Attapeu province, in July. Homeless families will also have an additional 50 modular housing units provided by the companies, some of which will be sent to Attapeu in November, district authorities said.
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- Govt presses for progress in dam collapse enquiry
The government cabinet has told an ad hoc committee to remain focussed and to make progress in determining the root cause of the collapse of a dam in southern Laos in July which left dozens of people dead. The cabinet issued the instruction at its monthly meeting for October, which ended on Friday. Outlining its main work for November, the cabinet asked the committee, which was
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- Workshop nurturing management of environment, protected areas
Government officials from the capital and northern provinces are meeting in Thalath village, Keo-Oudom district, Vientiane province to discuss management of the nation’s protected areas, aquatic animals and other wildlife. The workshop is taking place from October 22-27 with Monday’s official opening ceremony attended by Deputy Head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr Viengsavanh Douangsavanh.
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- Laos showcases attractions at Asia’s biggest travel fair
Laos’ many and varied charms were on show at the recent ITB Asia 2018, the largest tourism trade fair held in Asia and this year hosted by Singapore. Laos’ private sector highlighted all that the country has to offer tourists at the fair, which ran from October 17-19 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore.
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- Fisheries Development Centre opens
The National Fisheries Development Centre officially opened in Vientiane last week, with the construction financed by the Japanese government. The facility is part of the Project for Strengthening Research and Development on Fisheries and Aquaculture in Laos, supported by grant aid from the Japanese government worth 54 billion kip (714 million yen). ... More >>>

- New mineral, gemstone laboratory to be mine of technical information
Laos plans to build a laboratory to assess minerals and gemstones, with a view to monitoring and ensuring the quality of mining products. An agreement to build the laboratory was signed in Vientiane on Friday between Acting Director General of the Department of Standardisation and Metrology under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Mr Viengthong Vongthavilay, and .More >>>

Student activities mark Global Handwashing Day
Teachers, students, officials and GIZ representatives last week gathered in Vientiane to mark Global Handwashing Day, aiming to increase awareness about the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective and affordable way to prevent disease. The event took place at primary schools in Chanthabouly, Hadxaifong, and Pakgnum districts from October 15-17. .. More >>>


Inthira proves a fine perch for views over verdant Vangvieng
Standing on a private balcony of a unique cosy hotel room facing the Nam Xong River in the early morning I admire fog over the adjacent mountains and inhale the refreshing aroma of nature.
Feeling the fresh air touch my face and the sound of early morning birds and a small motorboat approaching, the moment grabs my mind to be in the here and now.    ..... More >>>


Asia Lifestyle Expo to spur trade between Hong Kong,  Asean

Hong Kong: A huge expo to be held in August 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, aims to boost trade between Hong Kong and Asean countries and will enable manufacturers from these countries to tap regional markets... More >>>


Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International Laos 2018 to join pageant abroad

The Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International  Laos 2018, Saengsavan Sihalath, will join the final round of the pageant in China to promote Laos and its culture on an international stage.
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Laos’ diplomatic relations continue to grow after 73 years
The nation continues to reach out to other countries and its international relations are growing steadily as the Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs marks the 73th Anniversary of Diplomatic Ties. Laos has many friends in the neighbourhood and across the world - friendships built from October 12, 1945.. More >>>

world news

Seaplane to boost China’s maritime capability, firefighting
China (China Daily) -- China will have better capability in maritime search, rescue and firefighting as it moves closer to putting the world’s largest amphibious aircraft into use. Developed and built by State-owned aircraft giant Aviation Industry Corp of China, ... More >>>


France offers diversity of cooperation with Laos

The historical ties between France and Laos make the two countries special partners in a variety of important fields. France assists Laos in its development through support for urban and rural development, the health sector, and the preservation of heritage. .... More >>>


What is the appropriate way to celebrate the Boat Racing Festival?

Boat racing festivals started nationwide in August, with the biggest competition being the Vientiane boat races, which take place on October 25, while celebrations linked to the event start from October 22.
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Over 1,600 runners pound pavement for charitable Luang Prabang Half Marathon

More than 1,600 runners from over 40 countries gathered in the World Heritage city early on Sunday morning to take part in the 6th Run for Children - Luang Prabang International Half Marathon.
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dining out

Good value plates for delicious dining beckon kip-wise in capital
Lao people love to eat out with friends and family and are often seen at the best restaurants whenever they have a chance. While most restaurants offer fresh meat, seafood and vegetables at reasonable prices, WP Joum 103 Restaurant is fast becoming popular for serving a combo of fresh seafood, pork, beef and vegetable at just 5,000 kip. .... More >>>


Upcoming e-Library expected to provide faster, more accessible information

A quick glance into the library and one might not see many people there. But nowadays that’s not such a strange sight because fewer people enjoy reading books at the library. ... More >>>


Clean hands always a recipe for health

As part of her daily routine, Ms Vannapha Keokham helps her two-year-old son to wash her hands with soap before they eat lunch together. A resident of Somsanouk village, Hadxaifong district, Vientiane, .... More >>>


Flower growers see sales bloom

Laos’ capital city of Vientiane is home to an intriguing village where most of the land is brightly coloured by various blooms, as almost 80 percent of the families living here grow flowers for sale.
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Lao computer whizz proves Microsoft Office skills in US contest

Somsith Phonphakdy, 18, has become one of the top 10 contestants in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Champions 2018 held in the United States..... More >>>


Dr Somphou Douangsavanh receives Japan’s Order of The Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star
It is not often that a person receives an award from a foreign country for making significant contributions to relations between two nations. The Chairman of the Cultural and Social Committee of the National Assembly, Dr Somphou Douangsavanh, is one person who has been honoured with such an award.. ... More >>>


Gardener her love for traditional trees species

Ms Manivanh Chanthalangsy is a diligent gardener whose love and quest to preserve traditional plant and tree species encouraged her to start a conservation campaign from her Chantha garden.  By growing these endemic varieties ... More >>>


Lao Independence Day tale a treasure younger generation must know

October 12, 1945 was a critical day in Lao history as it marked a turning point in the country’s struggle for liberation from foreign domination.
Celebrated on that date every year since, this year marks the 73rd Lao Independence Day.
Retired Major Sisouk Inthavong, a veteran of Xieng Khuang province Military Command, shared his thoughts on the importance of the day.

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Tapioca factory creates jobs in Vientiane province

The Hinheup Cassava Flour Factory in Vientiane province is installing a second machine to ensure sufficient production to meet customer demand in the years to come.
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Festival fever takes hold as annual celebrations loom
Boun Ok Phansa (End of Buddhist Lent Festival) falls on October 24, and everyone around the country is eagerly preparing the traditional colourful festivities that mark this auspicious occasion. As every year, the end of Buddhist Lent falls on the full moon day of the 11th lunar month and is celebrated by Lao people. The celebrations are traditional and .... More >>>